thats the fun game we play tonight

good as hell night tonight… went to a smash tournament, had fun, then afterwards i got invited by a bunch of guys to go to dennys and play board games so i did that. then one of them gave me a ride back to campus and we talked about movies the whole time and he said his favorite movie is cinema paradiso which made me SO happy because thats one of my faves too and ive never really gotten the chance to talk about it with anyone. anyway things are good, gonna go to sleep happy soon.

anonymous asked:

A scenario please? Jungkook is your coworker at a cafe and you are a noona. He keeps flirting with you on the job but you think hes too young for you. Can jungkook be like 20 for this? And you are like 23 or 24?

(In a case like this we will make Jungkook legal.)

*10 seconds till my break….7…….4…..2….* “Okay I’m going on my lunch break!” you yelled to your coworkers in the kitchen. 

“Here _________! Think fast!” The Lead chef called to you as he threw your favorite sandwich and a bottle of juice. You caught them swiftly as per usual.

“Thanks Chef!” you said as you made your way out of the kitchen.

“Mind if i join you?” the newbie you were training asked you.

“Jungkook! Uh….no. Besides your break isn’t until another 30 minutes and you just arrived like 2 minutes ago from University.”

“It was actually 5 minutes. And besides you don’t want to eat lunch alone do you? Give your favorite Newbie some leeway.” He said with a pout.

“Alright kid, listen. First thing, I enjoy eating my food alone. Second thing, you are the only newbie here so there are no favorites. Third thing, I have a street cred here as assistant manager and i cant have fresh meat screwing that up. okay?”

“I understand.”

“Good boy.”You said as you ruffled his hair and left to go to the outside tables.

You opened wrapper on your sandwich. *Cuban sandwich. Chef knows me so well.*  You had started eating when you saw Jungkook out of your peripheral vision. “Do you need something?” you asked.

“Well if you could lift up your legs so I could sweep the deck that would be nice.”

“Oh. Sorry.” you said.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Ms.Has-been.” You knew that voice all too well.

“And now I’ve lost my appetite.” you said as you put your sandwich down. “What do you want?”

“I came to make an offer with you. I want you back _________.”

“Well, I don’t want you back so why don’t you take your mooching butt away from here okay? I don’t have time for you. Not now not ever.”

“I didn’t here you say oppa when addressing me.”

“That’s probably because I don’t give a crap about honorifics when addressing people who act like they’re five!”

All of the sudden the side door slammed open. “What is all of this racket out here!?” Chef said. But then he saw your ex. “YOU! _________ and Jungkook go inside. I’ll take care of the trash.”

“C’mon Jungkook.” you grabbed his hand and ran inside.

“Who is that guy noona?”

“No one significant in our lives, don’t worry about it.”

“Well chef obviously new who he was!”

“He was my ex that’s all okay? It was a stupid relationship that ended really bad.”


“Just get back to work.” You said as you were about to walk off, but jungkook grabbed your arm. “You turned around to see him place your wrapped up sandwich and your juice in your hands. 

“Your lunch break still isn’t over noona.” he said and went back to work cleaning tables. *Jungkook….* you smiled to yourself. *good boy…*


“Alright Chef I’ll see you tomorrow! And thanks again!”

“No prob.You be careful now alright?”

“Okay chef.” you walked out of the cafe and down the street. “Hey! __________ noona! Wait up!” You stopped and waited for him.

“What you want me to walk you home so i can talk to your mom about your work ethic? Or you want me to make sure you get home safe? I can do that.”

“No.” He stepped in front of you and you stopped walking. “I….I want to hang out with you tonight.”

“Like a date?”

“Well it doesn’t have to be like a date if you don’t want it to be i mean…”

“So… like a date?”

“Yeah i guess, like a date.”

“Haha. No.” You pushed him out the way and kept walking.

“Chef told me about your relationship.”

“What?” *I’ll kill him.* 

“And how you you only date older guys and stuff.”

“So? What about it? I’m done with males in general. They’re all jerks.”

“Older guys maybe.” Jungkook took your hand. “but how about giving a younger guy a chance?”

You sighed. “If I “hang out” with you tonight, will you stop using your little smooth moves on me at work?”

“If you don’t have fun with me tonight, i will leave you alone. ill just be Newbie Jungkook to you.”

“Okay. So what are we doing?”

“Having fun.” Jungkook grabbed your hand and dragged you around the streets. You two ate street food, played games, the noob even got you to dance with him. You hated to admit it but you were in fact having fun. By the end of the night Jungkook decided to walk you home. “So? how was it?”

“It was alright.” you said not looking at him.

“That’s it? Because your dancing said otherwise.” Jungkook imitated your lame dance moves. You pushed him. “Okay. Okay. I admit it. I had fun tonight.”

“Thats what i thought.” you too walked up the steps to your apartment complex.

“Welp. Here’s my stop. Thanks Jungkookie. I’ll see you at work tomorrow.” You ruffled his hair and punched in the code to get inside. As you opened the door you said “Maybe next time you can teach me to dance as good as you.”

“Okay.Wait. Next time? THERE’S A NEXT TIME?!?!?!” He fist pumped the air.

“Don’t push it kid.”