thats the evilest thing i can imagine

One truly sadistic RollerCoaster Tycoon player made “Mr. Bones’ Wild Ride”, a 30,696-foot-long coaster. For comparison, the longest real roller coaster is Japan’s Steel Dragon 2000, at 8,133 feet. More importantly, Steel Dragon hits a top speed of 95 mph, while, in a cruel mockery of its name, Wild Ride tops off at 5 and averages 3. In real time, Wild Ride takes 70 minutes to complete. In game time, it takes over a year. Riders are simply bored by the glacial pace at first. Then they’re confused. Then they want to get off. They all want to get off. They grow hungry and thirsty but never die, because the park won’t allow it, the ride itself somehow giving them just enough sustenance to continue their wild ride.

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