thats the correct way of spelling it

What went down in Dislocoeur
  • Ms. Bustier: in many fairy tales the prince breaks the spell by kissing the princess, can anyone tell me why?
  • Ms. Bustier: that's not really an answer
  • Max: technically this only applies to 87% of fairy tales
  • Ms. Bustier: there's no way that number is correct
  • Ms. Bustier: maybe like 7% or 8% at most
  • Ms. Bustier: yes Rose we got that
  • Ms. Bustier: who are you even talking to
  • Ms. Bustier: are you saying that in the imperative
  • Rose: pls do the smoochy thing :( #ladynoir
  • Adrien: well I just wrote this poem time to toss it in the garbage with the rest of the fandom
  • Marinette: hmm I wonder what that hot guy threw in the trash
  • Marinette: ooh it's a poem!
  • Marinette: "roses are red, violets are violet, poetry is f**king hard, do the smoochy thing pls"
  • Chloé: hmm why is Marinette looking through the garbage
  • Sabrina: did you know there's an entire fandom in there?
  • Chloé: wow she must be really desperate
  • Max: kk Kim it's time for you to run along this route and meet your crush on a bridge
  • Kim: why is her route so convoluted
  • Max: idk but if you meet her on that particular bridge and give her this particular jewel you've got a 87% chance of success
  • Kim: there's no way that number is correct
  • Kim: maybe like 7% or 8% at most
  • Marinette: I say go for it!
  • Kim: kk, running now
  • Marinette: now imma write a poem to Adrien
  • Chloé: and imma break the hearts of a buncha tweens
  • Chloé: hey tweens! you see how fabulous I am? well I'm never gonna date you
  • Chloé: do you see what you're missing out on
  • Chloé: well that was fun anyway I hope one of you gets akumatized now
  • Chloé: b**ch I'm out
  • Kim: *goes to bridge*
  • Kim: this is the Pont des Arts, right?
  • Kim: so where did all the locks go
  • Kim: it's just panes of plexiglass
  • Kim: this is way less romantic now
  • Chloé: hey Kim
  • Kim: hey Chloé lemme smash
  • Chloé: are you for real
  • Kim: I got you blue AND yellow
  • Chloé: you're as pathetic as that meme
  • Kim: she doesn't want blue and yellow
  • Chloé: look I've got a buncha tweens clamoring after me now
  • Chloé: so you're like fourth in line at best
  • Chloé: BYE
  • Kim: what has my life come to
  • Hawkmoth: wow this is even more sad than usual
  • Hawkmoth: like, I actually feel really sorry for you
  • Hawkmoth: so here have an incredibly cool transformation
  • Dislocoeur: now we're talkin
  • Dislocoeur: I've got a bow and arrows!
  • Dislocoeur: pew pew pew!
  • Marinette: and now it's POETRY TIME
  • Alya: whaddaya got
  • Marinette: "roses are nerds, poems are easy, lemme smash pls bc I think you're hot"
  • Alya: wot
  • Marinette: wow romance really isn't all that great when you're honest about it
  • Alya: wow and here I didn't think you'd ever have enough experience with romance to figure that out
  • Marinette: ooh sweet burn
  • Marinette: btw that flying guy just shot you with an arrow
  • Alya: yeah that's where the sweet burn came from
  • Alya: and now I'm suddenly tempted to go confront Nino in a rap battle
  • Marinette: YES DO IT
  • Marinette: ok Tikki let's kick that flying guy's butt
  • Dislocoeur: hey it's Ladybug!
  • Marinette: no not yet
  • Dislocoeur: oops sorry
  • Marinette: Tikki, spots on!
  • Dislocoeur: there we go!
  • Ladybug: welp running away now
  • Dislocoeur: pew pew pew!
  • Chat Noir: hey Ladybug I've got a confession to make
  • Ladybug: look I already know you love me ok?
  • Ladybug: please don't endanger us by confessing what's already incredibly obvious when there's a supervillain trying to shoot us
  • Dislocoeur: *shoots Chat Noir*
  • Ladybug: that one's on him
  • Dislocoeur: yeah kinda
  • Chat Noir: now imma kill you
  • Ladybug: why
  • Chat Noir: because hate always wins
  • Ladybug: citation needed
  • Chat Noir: citation: the US election
  • Ladybug: ok fair point
  • Chat Noir: you just accepted anecdotal evidence as proof of a general claim
  • Ladybug: oops you're right
  • Chat Noir: now prepare to die
  • Dislocoeur: *tracks down Chloé*
  • Chloé: wow and here I thought you couldn't get any more ridiculous
  • Dislocoeur: imma shoot you now
  • Chloé: and give me the ability to make even sweeter burns than usual?
  • Dislocoeur: wait nvm that's a terrible idea
  • Chloé: wow even as a villain you can't succeed in anything
  • Dislocoeur: hey Hawkmoth can you Tier 2 akumatize me?
  • Hawkmoth: sorry buddy you're on your own
  • Ladybug: I gotta figure out how to dehateify Chat Noir!
  • Brain ghost Ms. Bustier: the prince breaks the spell by kissing the princess
  • Brain ghost Rose: DO THE SMOOCHY THING
  • Ladybug: disclaimer—the following kiss is intended solely as a means of counteracting Dislocoeur's akuma-granted ability, and should not be interpreted in any romantic or otherwise non-platonic context
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir: *do the smoochy thing*
  • Chat Noir: I don't remember any of that
  • Ladybug: good now end that f**ker
  • Chat Noir: *ends that f**ker*
  • Ladybug: well I guess we're done here

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Had some guy stand at my till for ten minutes until I admitted I didn't know how to spell my own name. My name is Holly, it appears on my badge as Holly, but according to him the correct way of spelling it is 'Hollie' as that's how his daughter's name is spelled.

You could always get more name tags and wear one for each spelling of your name.


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hey, so i've been following the independence movement of catalonia (i'm not sure which spelling to use, sorry) for a while and i just want to say that i hope you're doing okay considering everything thats been going on today. if there's any way i can help, please let me know.

Thank you very much. (“Catalonia” is the correct spelling in English)
I’m going to make a post on how to help Catalonia from outside the country as soon as my computer works again!
Thank you very much for your interest

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I need more of dyslexic Jim! It's so adorable and fitting! Maybe with Bones being his learn therapist or something?

omg, I know right? It’s been one of my personal headcanons for so long.

  • “I’m going to be a Captain,” Jim says, curling up on Bones’ couch with a beer in his hand. “I’m sure you will be,” Leonard replies, “did you start studying for the exams yet?” “Yeah, been studying for weeks,” Jim replies, and Leonard frowns, a little confused. “Really? Wanna practice together?” Jim briefly hesitates, but then nods. “Okay, sure.“ 
  • And Jim knows everything he already studied by heart. Bones really is pleasantly surprised. They have Introduction to Command, and Conflict Management classes together. Jim can talk smoothly, knows his stuff. Until he’s in the chapters he hasn’t studied yet. Leonard just sits next to him as Jim reads it out loud, though, he struggles immensely to do so. He reads words wrong, which isn’t so hard to do in a lot of classes with those Alien words and sigils. But even smaller, simpler words he just reads wrong, and Jim being aware of that, too, makes him increasingly uncomfortable. “Hey,” Leonard says eventually, “are you dyslectic?” Jim shrugs casually. “No.” “Because that’s not on your medical form,” Leonard continues. “I don’t want that on my form,” Jim says, “people think low enough of me as it is.”  Leonard frowns, reaching out to gently squeeze Jim’s shoulder. “I don’t think lower of you, neither do the people who are actually important to you. I’m gonna help you with this.” “Can you cure it?” Jim asks curiously, and Leonard shakes his head. “No, but I can help you get better. Makes reading a little easier on you. And you can just be my personal school project.” 
  • Jim passes his tests because he records all their chapters being read out loud, and he remembers a lot from the lectures. Bones passes his classes, too, of course. After that, Jim suspects he’s mostly forgotten about Jim’s condition, which would be the easy way out of admitting his own flaws, but Leonard hasn’t forgotten. He sits Jim down in the campus coffee shop, full hipster, and doesn’t take Jim complaining about it. They sit together with coffee and Jim finds out he’s actually quite okay with being treated to cake and coffee after each successful chapter in his book.
  • But then they both start following different classes, and Jim postpones the heavy reading for as much as he can because now Bones can’t really practice it with him as much as he would like to. Bones notices, too. And when they study together in Bones’ room, Jim struggles to concentrate because Bones is scribbling on paper like it’s the 20th century. Jim tries to focus on the words in front of him, but it doesn’t work as quickly as he wants to. “Coffee and cake no longer a good motivator, huh?” Bones asks, and Jim shrugs a little. “I want coffee, sure,” Jim says, “do you ever feel that with research papers, they use those fancy words on purpose?” “I mean, they’re all academic papers, so yeah,” Bones shrugs. He puts his own work aside, to instead focus on helping Jim. “Is there anything we can do that’ll help you focus?”  Jim thinks about that for a few seconds, but then the way he grins tells Bones enough. “Fine,” Bones says, and Jim raises an eyebrow. “What?” “You finish that chapter, and I’ll go down on you,” Bones says casually. Jim stares at him, trying to sense the joke in his voice or his expression, but then he opens his books again. “Now thats a good deal.”
  • It turns out, sex is actually a really good way to motivate Jim to study. Even when finals are over, Jim takes the initiative to practice his theory classes way on time. Of course, he only takes that initiative when he’s near Bones, but it seems a pretty decent arrangement for both of them. Jim’s grades improve, so do his reading skills, but his spelling is still horrible. Bones spends time correcting those in Jim’s papers, and then Jim thanks him by getting naked.
  • “What’s the matter?” Bones asks when Jim enters his room. He looks a little upset, especially because he immediately reaches out for Bones’ t-shirt, lips chasing the scruff on Bones’ cheeks. “Nothing, I need a distraction,” Jim says. Bones reaches out, grabbing Jim’s hands and tugging them away from his shirt. “Talk to me,” Bones says, sitting down on bed. Jim sits down next to him, sighing softly. “For the Federation History classes we have to write a paper,” Jim says, and Bones sighs. “The one where we have two hours to research and write it? Yeah.” “And I can’t prepare because we won’t actually get a topic until the day of the exam,” Jim grunts. “So, you need more time. You’re eligible for more time,” Bones says. “I would have, if I updated my medical documents,” Jim admits, and Bones narrows his eyes at him. “You didn’t?” “No.” “God damn it, Jim. I told you to do that!” “But I didn’t,” Jim shrugs, reaching out for Bones’ shirt again, but Bones, again, turns him down. “Don’t,” Bones says, “what are you even doing? See if you can get that extra time!”
  • Jim doesn’t get that extra time. And when Jim comes over to Bones’ dorm room after the exam, he looks visibly upset. “Didn’t go well, then?” Bones asks, and Jim falls down next to Bones on bed. “No, I fucked up,” Jim sighs. Bones turns to his side, sliding his arm around Jim’s waist. “I’m not gonna say I told you so,” Bones says, and Jim frowns. “By not saying that you literally just said it,” Jim replies. Bones huffs. “Go fix your medical report first thing on Monday,” Bones says, “you can do a retake of this exam and you’ll do fine next time,” Bones says. Jim smiles, reaching out to run his hand over Bones’ cheek. “I should’ve listened to you.” “Yes,” Bones agrees, leaning in to press a soft kiss on Jim’s lips, “you should’ve. Always.” “I don’t like feeling less smart than the others.” “It’s actually a really common thing, Jim,” Bones says, “only about 15% of people may actually be diagnosed, but they think over 70% has some form of reading disability.” “Look at you, gettin’ all doctor on me,” Jim replies with a smile. Bones shrugs, leaning in to kiss Jim again. At least Bones really knows how to make Jim feel better.
  • Neither of them really know how things turned from casually sleeping together to something more serious, but it just happened. It feels good, so neither of them make the attempt to stop it. Jim gets the opportunity to take that exam again. This time, with the extra time, an he passes it. Not the best grade, but sufficient. He buys a big bottle of bourbon and comes over to Bones’ room. “I passed,” Jim says, and Bones doesn’t even look up from his computer. “Good job, bud.” That’s real friendship. Jim sits down, one hand holding the bottle. The other on Bones’ leg. “Let’s celebrate,” Jim nudges Bones’ attention away from his device and towards Jim instead. “C’m here,” Jim says, pulling Bones closer and leaning in to kiss him. Bones obliges, kissing Jim until he’s breathless. “God,” Jim breathes against hot lips, shivering pleasantly as Bones’ hands slides under Jim’s shirt, “I love you.” That stops Bones’ actions, and Jim only then realizes what he’d just said. “You what?” Bones asks. “Nothing,” Jim mumbles, “slip off the tongue. Heat of the moment. Didn’t realize-” But Bones leans in, lips brushing over Jim’s again. “Can’t take back what you already said,” Bones says softly, “unless you spell it for me.” “Wow, rude. Fuck you,” Jim laughs. Bones shrugs, hands on Jim’s shirt to take it off. “I mean, if you want to.”

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do you even care about grammar

grammar and spelling are really important to me. I actually study grammar and spelling in typing styles. It’s not important to me as “WOW THEY SPELLED A WORD WRONG” or “WOW THEY USED THE WRONG YOUR” but rather I look for repeating themes in typing styles and can link that to a grapholect–or an internet dialect/register [typing styles unique to certain parts of the internet]

For instance a common grapholect is the doge meme speak shit.

“Much grammar, so spelling, very grapholect. wow”

thats a very specific and deliberate way of typing. There is a correct way to type in this grapholect and an incorrect way to type in this grapholect, and I think that’s fucking cool.

How about we look at language rapidly evolving–due to constant need to type and communicate via text, and stop clinging to classist/ableist/racist/sexist/etc. old white guy’s language wet dream.

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I have a character whose name is spelled in a way that's much different from how it's pronounced in English because it's from a language that uses English letters but not English sounds. Can I have someone repeat it back to them with the English pronunciation and them say 'yeah, that's my name'? How would you handle this?

My preferred method is to have the person correct their pronunciation or spell it out. For example:

“Wait, how do you pronounce that?” said Professor Rawlins. “Sorry. I hope I’m not being rude.”

Siobhan laughed. “You’re not. I get it all the time. It’s Sha-”



“Ah. I see.” He smiled and handed back her paper. “It’s a beautiful name.”