thats terrible oh god

  • research: young people today are more anxious and depressed than ever
  • society: oh my god that's terrible why
  • research: well they're under more pressure at school, they're worried about the political climate, they're more diverse and more aware of social injustices than past generations, their job prospects are poor, trends like helicopter parenting and increasing surveillance of kids inhibit their ability to develop a sense of being in control of their lives, there's an increasing cultural disconnect between generations, they're increasingly criminalized for minor offenses or even just being out in public, they're overscheduled and lacking in free time, they-
  • society: it's because of selfies isn't it
  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: Ok, but, like...who owned the Potters’ house after they died? Why didn’t it go to Harry? James and his family were wealthy, and the Potters had been well-established in Godric’s Hollow for a long time, so presumably their modest little house was not bank owned or under mortgage. I feel pretty confident that they owned it outright. And there was a war going on, they knew they were targets...there’s no way they didn’t have a will. Why didn’t their house go to Harry? Did the Ministry just, like...take it? Because they wanted it to be held in stasis as a memorial? That's creepy af. But what gave them the legal right? Is it because baby Harry didn’t pay property taxes for a few years, so the Ministry used that as an excuse to claim it? Who was the executor of the Potters’ will? Why didn’t someone take care of that and ensure the house was held in trust for Harry until he came of age? Was it Dumbledore who screwed this up? I bet it was Dumbledore. It's always Dumbledore... And what about all of their belongings??? Harry might not have wanted the house, but you can be pretty damn certain that he would have wanted some of his parents’ things...James’s old quidditch gear, Lily’s jewelry, family recipes, old photo albums...where the hell did everything go?? Is it all still there....? In the house....? Oh god, that's a terrible creepy thought! Is it all just sitting there, in Ministry-owned suspension, while Hagrid has to beg James and Lily’s old school friends to send pictures because 11 year old Harry doesn’t know what his parents looked like??? What the hell is wrong with Wizarding society, and why did everyone treat literal angel child Harry James Potter this way???!!

Oh God, I thought of angst where like

Cullen dies on Lavellan and Lavellan watches horrified when they put his body on a pyre and it begins to burn every piece of him away.

And it’s not the burning that makes her quake and sob–she’s seen bodies before, she was well aware by now that this is how Chantry’s funeral rights work, but it’s the fact that without a body, with an oak staff and a cedar branch, Cullen will never be able to find her in the Beyond when she dies.

This is where they truly end–with him to his Maker and her, some day, to her Beyond–and it’s a pain that destroys her, more so than his death, because she’ll never have him again. 

She’s lost him forever.

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i might actually kill to read your leverage and/or stargate fics. jsyk.

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my biggest fear in life is that by the time I finally get the money to go to playlist live or vidcon, dan and phil will have stopped doing youtube


…. I had a strange dream…

Why Jacob Clifton's Pretty Little Liars Recaps Were Basically the Best Thing The Internet Had to Offer
  • Cousin Nate: Sadly, Nice Guys—also, often, Crazy People—are so into their own stuff that they don't really see you at all, just the stuff they're projecting onto you. So vague girls like you, and flighty artsy girls like Maya, are the two kinds of person that most often become Dream Girls to us. It doesn't matter if you say no or how hard you Friend-Zone me, because I wasn't listening to you before and I'm certainly not going to listen now, so at the most what you're doing is dicking me around and/or being a bitch. But because I put you on this pedestal, it seems to myself and sometimes even other people that I'm being a feminist, or at least I'm not a misogynist, when the truth is that I am a worse thing, which is a person so consumed by his own self that he honestly thinks women are objects put on this earth to carry his psychological burdens, and has never known a person he didn't demonize or divinize in this way. It's kind of like being Neo in the Matrix, except you're the only real person.
  • Emily: Oh my god, that's terrible! Are you some kind of horrifying space-age monster?
  • Cousin Nate: No, I am most guys.
  • Emily: So you killed Maya because she didn't play along with your weird fantasy that she was in love with you?
  • Cousin Nate: You're not listening. It didn't matter if she was in love with me, because I didn't need a cosigner. I was in love with her. The end.
  • Emily: Are you sure this isn't a deep psychological problem specific to you?
  • Cousin Nate: No. I promise you this is how most guys are. Especially under 25. We are socialized to feel entitled to everything—it makes us feel good when we get things—and you are socialized to constantly give away everything—it makes you feel good to give things—and when you add those things up, it's real easy to see how the Madonna/Whore complex became what it is today.
  • Emily: I hate the things I learn on this show.

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Ok, so what if Cas has to go to the eye doctor for something, and he is like temporarily blind for a couple hours and Dean just makes fun of him and laughs when Cas bumps into stuff.


dean would SOOO be unsupportive and move furniture around. then just laugh as he hears cas run into the couch….

but dean not thinking it through when he forgets where he moved all the furniture, so he keeps running into shit as well.

Next thing you know dean and cas are on opposite sides of the living room, arms flailing…JUST TRYING TO GET TO ONE ANOTHER WITH OUT RUNNING INTO A BLOODY COFFEE TABLE. then thats when sam walks in to see a train wreck of a house and two people flailing their arms around.

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Terrible Choices II
  • "I don't suppose you could fill me in on what happened last night..."
  • "Or, or, third option, we could not do neither of those things."
  • "You're acting like a jerk!"
  • "I am a fully grown adult. I can fuck up if I want to."
  • "You bought that used? Do you really think that was a good idea?"
  • "You don't have a shut off switch, do you?"
  • "I know I did wrong but I want to make this right."
  • "It was their fault, not mine."
  • "Maybe if you had listened to me none of this would have happened."
  • "I have a brilliant idea..."
  • "A Band Aid is not going to fix this."
  • "That's not a totally terrible idea."
  • "Oh God no, please no."
  • [text] I could use some help here
  • "That was an abomination."
  • "It's not your fault."
  • "I didn't know it was going to be so hard!"
  • "I can't hide from this any longer."
  • "Screw you."
  • "Let's just watch it burn."

Was inspired by this :) Where Pyrrha and Yang are Co-workers at Starbucks! XD;; 

Sorry if its sketchy OTL;; Doodled this at work! 

With all these theories going around about who le Papillon is, I have a new theory. If Gabriel Agreste isn’t le Papillon, here is the next suspect:

How have we been so blind?

What really fucking kills me about OTPs is how much better plots would be if they were canon, like oh cool a film about a guy who becomes a super soldier but then his best friend dies which is sad but then he comes back as a brainwashed soviet killer but can’t actually bring himself to kill his old friend okay BUT WAIT imagine a film about two guys in love in 1930s Brooklyn but always having to hide it and then one of them gets drafted but only one of them and the other will do anything, ANYTHING, to be there on the front line with him even taking part in some medical experiment. Then this guy risks everything to rescue the man he loves but in the end he can’t keep him safe and he slips through his fingers and after that nothing matters very much and crashing into the ice is a blessing really and then suddenly he wakes up decades later and it’s strange and wrong but mostly he misses his lover who suddenly turns up as a brainwashed soviet assassin set to kill him BUT HE CANT because the power of their love breaks through fucking years of conditioning and then they have lots of sex and are together for the rest of their lives the end THAT IS A BETTER MOVIE OKAY BYE