thats such a problem for me

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If I may put my thoughts on Jumin's route, he only acts like that because of his dad. I love Jumin and understand why he acted like that, I mean, he's kinda mentally ill because of the neglecting by his dad and the emotional abuse by his dad's previous girlfriends, and your job in the route is to help him past it and learn how to actually be in a relationship. I mean in the bad route you don't help him and just directly replace his feelings for Elly and Rika but ya. I respect your feelings tho.

ok i mean i get that, i knew while playing his route that he only acts that way bc of how he grew up nd i totally agree that he needs help but?? that doesnt excuse his actions, i mean its not fucking okay for him to “fix” his problems by traumatizing someone else. like to me it felt as if in order to help jumin i had to get myself abused/”sacrifice” myself and thats NOT how helping someone else should be???like?? at all??? idk everything abt jumins route felt wrong imo


Met up with Christian to speak about Jax and work. Jax told us both the same exact thing but thats not why Christian wanted to speak to me… 

“Idc how he feels, I’ve been on my game and always is. I don’t know what Jackson’s problem is nor do I care. I really like you Malaya and I want to take this one step further…” he said.

I couldn’t resist his warm touch and sweet kiss. We’ll have to be more discreet about this until we can figure it all out I guess. Both of our careers are on the line but we can’t fight the obvious. I’m going to give this a chance, I like what this is.

youre not over me and thats fucking fantastic but also not my fucking problem. deal with it on your own, stop trying to make me feel bad for you because youre obsessed withr me? you betrayed my trust, overstepped my boundaries, guilt tripped, deadnamed, and practically fucking stalked me when i turned you down, i obviously dont want anything to do with you. just get the fuck over yourself


Just you and me, buddy. Just you and me. 

I've noticed a difference in the way I write stories and the way I tell stories...
  • me (writing):And so she resolved to journey to the ruins of the north, for it was there, in the heart of the castle that the enchanted stone resided.
  • me (aloud):And then she's like, "I'm gonna go north to where there's all those broken buildings and shit" cause there's, like, a castle there in the castle there's this weird magic crystal or something.
  • what she says:im fine
  • what she means:ok but how exactly did blink even shoot the music video for always? like it seems like a relatively basic concept until you break down the specifics of the video. obviously each member has their own frame at the beginning but the video is shot in a four-walled room that they walk around in with a camera crew in it and everything is precisely timed to fit because the video is only one take for the first two minutes and then they have tom in three different segments playing the guitar with different backgrounds but all matched up perfectly then they do that with mark and travis is too but then it gets to the end and the three frames MATCH UP INTO ONE FRAME HOW THE FUCK IS THIS VIDEO NOT APPRECIATED MORE

I’m alone
i’m unwanted
i’m undesired
i’m worthless
i’m a burden
i’m a freak
i’m an anomaly
i’m the problem

“you’re not alone. you are loved. I’ll always be here for you”