thats such a problem for me

i just want everyone to know that anyone talking shit about @saladsaladnovski deserves nothing but scorn. they are bullies. if you have a problem with me send me anon hate or some dumb bullshit but dont do shit to her, she did fucking nothing. jesus christ. thats the only thing that fucking bothers me right now. shes 100% innocent so lay the fuck off her

i find some of the vagues about me and people associated with me are always like “you CREATE this FAKE PERSONA of someone who doesnt CARE” like you little single celled thots cannot fathom not having a blubbering mental breakdown on the dash at the slightest hint of a problem, thats not my promble. you really find it so unbelievable and it says something. it says that youre like jackie chan but a little faggot and just because youre like… that and you follow people that are also like…. that doesnt mean that someone not taking your 2014esque anon hate about racefaking seriously = theyre faking not being offended. i may have no life but ill be damned if i livestream my suicide over an anon saying “ur whitey”. if you do different that is a you prolebm, sweatervest not an issue with the entire internet

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Hey! I'm totally for you posting whatever you want on your blog but I was wondering if it would be asking too much for you to tag the porn gifs as "porn"? I don't want to blacklist NSFW because artists and stuff... Sorry if me asking is bothersome! ><

Hey thats no problem at all, will do!!

like the competition to be the most traumatized and sick really needs to fucking stop. it is a good thing to not be seriously mentally ill. i knew a girl in middle school who pretended to be schizophrenic and said she talked to dead people to seem cool and wanted to hang out with me after i was hospitalized because it was like sooooo cooooll…and like tbh we were like 13 then so thats one thing but most of yall are adults waving around ur 15mg prozac and throwing a fucking fit whenever people try to talk about problems that aren’t yours. and getting so caught up in self-important hype that you legitimately don’t see the difference between other people in your wider group also trying to be treated fairly and big meanies attacking you and daying you have never expirienced sadness or a problem in your whole life

its the same thing as fucking femmephobia
its the same thing as white gays getting pissy when we try to talk about racism in the community
its the same thing as mentally ill non-disabled ppl getting pissy when disabled people try to talk about their issues at all for some fucking reason
it ultimately the same thing as white people pissing about the idea of priviledge because one time they scraped their knee and they’ve been called a cracker twice and and and they’re POOR
“so how could anyone possibly have it any worse when i also have problems? you must be insinuating i have no problems”

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Oh boy the talk is going to kill me. The biggest problem I have right now, how will Bucky react when he finds out Steve knew all along what he has done...... Natasha crying just broke me

I think Natasha crying broke everyone. It was so hard to write omg. That scene with the family killed me, especially because body language wise, Tony made it very “me against you” with the way he sat by himself and had every one else sitting facing him” Thats why it was such a big deal when Clint held his hand out and was like, stop keeping away from us.

And remember– Steve hasnt known all along about WS/Tonys parents. He only found out a few weeks before they found Tony and brought him home!

when you have a deep nd meaningful conversation with yourself n you end up sobbing in bed at midnight

I don’t understand people who are really baffled by other languages like “wAit!!!! This letter…. makes a DiFfereNt sound in ThAt lanUuuauuage wAT???! The rulEs for garammmer and spilling is diFfrrfrent???” like yes Sharon those things are what make it…. a different language

hey i’ve seen a bunch of j*hanna//the/mad on my dash lately and here’s a reminder she ships sh//eith (a ~25yo and a 16yo) and draws g/nderbends (i’m sure there’s more but that’s all i can remember off the top of my head)


The Tragic Love Song of Destiny 

  • random person: how do YOU write romantic scenes?
  • me: what
  • random person: like, you've never kissed someone or been in love. how is it possible you describe it in your writing, then?
  • me: ...
  • me: how can JK Rowling describe Hogwarts if she's never been there?
  • me: how can Rick Riordan describe how Percy Jackson commands a hurricane if he's never done it himself?
  • me: how can George RR Martin describe the death of every single one of his characters if he hasn't died?
  • me: how can JRR Tolkien describe what an elf looks like when he's never seen one?
  • me: YOU. UN. IM. AG. IN. AT. IVE. S. WI. NE.

I just recreated my blog and I need more Swifties to follow. If you’re an active Taylor Swift blog reblog this post so we can all follow each other!!

Help me

If I had a dollar for every time I was in my wheelchair and someone continued to help me after I explicitly told them I don’t need help I’d have enough money to not be personally affected by Republicans trying to destroy healthcare.