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Jonathan Byers head canons

These are my head canons for Jonathan Byers from Stranger Things , if you don’t agree with them thats okay everyone has there own! Just please don’t shout at me;;Also feel free to use these in fics or head canon posts too if you believe/ like them!! I have no problem with that these are just my thought! If you do use these could you tag me, not because I’m mean i just love to see what people create about Jonathan !

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okay steven universe, you win.
i actually cried. not like on the verge of tears cry i mean literally bawling my eyes out crying at how fucking sad mindful education was like god damn.

this one just hit really close to home for me okay. i think it was a really good representation of how anxiety feels like, at least for me i don’t know i hear it’s different for others.
like just the idea of how when you can’t/didn’t solve a problem in a way you thought was helpful and how it affects the relationships around you and it’s like incredibly stressful just not thinking about it. but you really do have to say something about it otherwise it’s just going to get worse. i’ve been through that kind of situation numerous times and it does feel like you can barely breathe. it’s a huge deal at least for me.

so yeah that’s my review on the new episode 10/10 tears shed.

isn’t it silly how after all this time i’d still do anything for you? i’d drop everything if you needed me too.. i guess that’s my problem

I wish they could stop...

I don’t know how many times this is but, do not repost my artwork on instagram!! Some people don’t even give a credit to me, some people edit them and put their mark on, some people even delete the comment  when I tell them.

Now that I think I should go and report them all for real!!

  • <p><b>me before Pokémon Go:</b> eh I like tall boys with dark hair and similar interests as me i dont care about much else<p/><b>me now:</b> we have to be on the same team. Any other team and my competitive ass will straight up murder him<p/></p>

The thing that actually bothers me the most about ichiruki is (at least in it’s fandom) that it reinforces the trope that two people of the opposite sex have to be in a relationship if they’re important to each other. That you can’t romanticize a relationship and not actually make it romantic. You can romanticize platonic relationships.

Just because it’s manga/anime doesn’t mean that strong opposite-sex relationships have to be romantic. I actually commend Kubo on what he’s done with the ships. Sometimes, guys, friendship can be the thing that dries the ran. A friend can be the person that’s your black moon. Not being with your best friend in the whole wide world for a long time can depress you.

And all of that doesn’t mean it’s one step to being romantic. You can love someone deeply and not be deeply in love with them.

My problem with ichiruki is that a lot of it’s fans who are going “but there was so much content for them and poems and color spreads and their BOND. I don’t get why they didn’t get together!” seem to help reiterate that old trope “men and women can’t just be friends” that the rest of society likes to talk about as if it’s a fact.

Ichigo and Rukia love each other deeply. Just not as romantic partners. It’s deeper than friendship, oh yes. It’s a comradeship practically. It’s honestly more like a psuedo sibling relationship.

See, important friendships are a thing too.

this post really got me thinking lmao…like the invention of cameras has got to be such a pain in the ass for the nations in hetalia? cameras that are now everywhere & capturing facial features with crystal sharp, good-enough-to-be-used-in-biometric-passports-clarity. i mean…

‘you don’t see the problem? cameras today are different, grasshopper, different. sure, i’ve been depicted in art at least ten thousand times because i’m older than the wheel, or so you like to claim. the fifth terracotta soldier in the second column from the left in the first emperor’s tomb is me, they based them all on real soldiers you know—you can’t tell? exactly! because the guy didn’t get my face shape right! even if he did, who’s going to notice since they fucked up the preservation and all the coloured paint came off & it’s sort of stylised a little?

nobody knows that painting of a court official holding a half-bitten peach in that awkward pose hanging in the nat’l art museum in beijing is me. again, stylised and whatnot. but photos? photos—yes i know those of you standing outside your tent with that constipated expression during the civil war are so grainy nobody goes ‘isn’t that the white house intern???’ but come on now, during ww1 you just had to get yourself photographed, beaming with that obnoxious smile in your uniform amongst a group of people who are almost very assuredly all worm food by now, or at least not still looking buff and youthful and not a day over nineteen. and even that’s not so bad because they didn’t put it in those coffee table portraits of ww1 books and it’s just gathering dust in some back archive in the imperial war museum. like nobody knows the guy photographed holding one end of the banner at that shanghai labour union protest in the 1920s is me ‘cos the quality’s crap. 

like how you could probably fake the whole ‘oh my! i really look my great-grandpa!’ thing you did when you ran into that poor guy from your squadron who kept excitedly shoving the yellowing photo of you posing next to your mustang in everyone’s faces. not a chance with digital photos today. nobody’s going to buy that when they run into you fifty years from now and come across a fifty-year old digital photo of you standing next to the UN Secretary General, crisp and sharp as the day it’s taken—when they can distinguish every single pixel of your jawline and down to your individual nose hairs!’

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How do you think Fushimi would manage the aftermath of his first time with Yata? I had a dream where he was crying and couldn't stop saying "Misaki, Misaki, Misaki" and Yata was like what the hell xD it was cute, heartbreaking and funny all at once.

Honestly I kinda love the idea of Fushimi having a little breakdown the morning after, like when it’s happening he’s into it, he’s happy, they fall asleep cuddling and then the next morning Fushimi wakes up to the sound of Yata making breakfast and has a ‘oh fuck I’m having emotions I don’t know how to handle emotions how do I turn them off’ moment. Yata I imagine wakes up first and there’s Fushimi all asleep and cute next to him in the bed and Yata has a bit of a ‘wow I can’t believe we did that…ha, who’s a virgin now’ moment before getting up and deciding to make Fushimi a nice post-coital breakfast. He starts to wonder what’s taking Fushimi so long though, like even for Saruhiko this is sleeping late. So he peeks his head back into the bedroom and there’s Fushimi curled up the bed with his head buried in his knees and shaking a little. Yata’s immediately all worried and running over to him like are you okay I didn’t hurt you last night did I, just freaking out that he did something wrong. Fushimi just shakes his head but doesn’t look up, making little irritated strained noises and not moving. Yata just starts trying to calm him down and ask him what’s wrong and maybe was the sex bad and finally Fushimi’s just like repeating Yata’s name a little as he clings to Yata’s shirt. Yata’s probably starting to think oh fuck I broke Saruhiko when Fushimi hiccups out that it was really good. Yata’s like wait what and Fushimi kinda stumbles out that he liked it and he likes Misaki and he likes Misaki’s smell and Misaki’s taste and Yata is so very very confused before he finally figures out that wait, you’re freaking out because you’re happy. Fushimi manages to glare at him through a very red and tear-filled face, just imagine him giving this sullen little 'shut up’ while Yata laughs and tries to tell him that no, Saruhiko, this is okay, emotions are good, feel the emotions. They probably end up cuddling on the bed a little longer until Fushimi feels better and finally he kinda gives this heartbreaking little sigh as he mutters that he must look pretty pathetic right now, Yata holds him tighter and is like nah, you’re fine, you just love me too much. Fushimi glares at him but snuggles closer anyway.


in light of all the amazing things the boys have been doing for us, i’d like to address something I’ve been seeing a lot all over my dash. 

so biasing. this whole “he’s my bias”, “switching lanes”, and “he’s the only one for me” blah blah blah- are all fun and games and admittedly things I say occasionally too (emphasis on the fun and games). but my problem with this whole setup within all this stanning/biasing business is the extent to which we as a whole seem to take it so seriously. I understand favoring one person out a group of many for your own specific reasons, thats cool thats dandy. but what I fail to understand is why people seem to think policing others into biasing one person is ok??? why jump on anon and question someone about who they like most? why is it a problem for someone to scream and shout about how talented hoseok is and then proceed to shower yoongi with a lot of praise?? why put yourself into the mindset that you can only bias one single person and glorify one single person and only one person??

my problem with this, is that this kind of mindset is the reason so many fans grow so possessive over idols. when you take biasing too seriously, and you begin to believe you actually know the idols, and you begin to feel like your say in their personal lives matter- then thats an issue. because that kind of mindset is toxic and will eventually leads to suffocating behaviors against an idol (that can lead to even bigger problems because possessiveness over another human being you don’t even know is unhealthy!!!). because do you understand, that you may favor one member of the group over another member, but by taking it so seriously it leads to exclusion of other members?

you can stan bts as a group, and you can have a single bias, but I am tired of people blowing the whole biasing and “switching lanes” out of proportion. they are idols, you aren’t married to them or in any sort of relationship with them, you are a FAN! there’s no such thing as ‘loyalty’ towards a certain member because you aren’t in a committed relationship with them so don’t make a fuss about who you apparently bias or who your “bias wrecker” is. the entire concept of biasing is made up!!! its a silly thing we fans do to show affection, but don’t take it so far. 

so stop harassing people about their bias/biases, stop making a big deal about who you bias, stop jumping into people’s asks boxes and questioning people’s so called loyalty. stop policing people into having a single bias and heckling them about how they distribute their attention amongst the boys. and take a step back to realize that you are a fan and thats all you will ever be.  

stop being delusional. you’re here only as a fan to enjoy their music and support them. 

none of this is that deep fam. 

you know the ep where chandler is looking for a ring to propose to monica with? yeah so he’s having problems finding a perfect ring until he sees one he likes and asks the jewelry shop salesman, who is a MAN, to play-propose to him ‘to see if it’s the one’. the salesman ‘proposes’ and chandler immediately goes “OHHH THAT’S THE ONE! THATS THE RING”. so then the perfect ring gets sold to another guy. and phoebe tries to show chandler another equally beautiful ring.. . but chandler complains to phoebe by saying “but when he [the salesman] proposed to me with THE RING, i got… goosebumps!” CHANDLER YOU ARE GAY! YOU ARE GAY! ITS NOT THE RING! YOU ARE GAY

Ash vs. Emotions

Ive heard arguments for both for and against this and I felt the need to get this out now because Ash is a extremely important character to me and so when I feel his character is done dirty I need to talk about this.

One of my major problems with the Kalos League (besides the obvious) is how Ash, on a emotional level is given no attention whatsoever, even up till the climax theres no care in how he’s reacting to anything at all for me. I mentioned it before but yes it does bother me that Ash pretty much had no significant reaction to losing 

Ive heard folks bring up the Greninja Arc as an argument, saying how because Ash had developed and learned to not let losses effect him/not obsessed with power/winning he shouldnt have any negative reactions whatsoever to him losing. On the one hand, yeah I understand that fine and that is consistent characterization, but on the other hand emotions dont work like a light switch, you can’t just turn them on or off whenever it’s convient, and maturity doesnt mean you arent still prone to negative thoughts, emotions feelings, etc. Because that’s just simply being a human being, and ill get back to that in a sec.

Right from the beginning it was clear that the Kalos League put all the emotional focus on Alan because he’s basically the main character of XY now and so building up his character for the TF arc stuff made more sense to the writers, it’s his baggage with Sycamore, his strained relationship with Manon, his dynamic with Lysandre that’s put on the forefront, and in the case of Manon is what ultimately led him to victory. 

Ash though? He’s pretty generic and you dont feel like you’re really watching the League from his perspective most of the time, it’s weird to explain but it’s like your an outsider looking at Ash rather then seeing it through his eyes (this is weird to explain but watch the Sinnoh League and how everything led up to his confrontation with Paul and i think it would make more sense). The most we get is his relationship with Sawyer, because that actually has some emotional roots because it tied back to how he acted during the Greninja arc, and the consequences from there get resovled when they have their battle, Ash was determined to show Sawyer “the real him” that he deserved and I thought that was pretty cool, but like I said, that’s pretty much it. There’s also the fact that his battles at the League were mostly skipped because they dont matter (but lets make sure Alan’s first battle is shown) and there was no continuity references (an overall problem with XY) because honoring Ash’s history doesnt matter.

Even in the filler League episode that was about character depth and development, guess who the lion’s share of that went to? Alan and most TSME related characters (Lysandre, Manon, Sycamore, Malva). And what did Ash get?We got an explanation (but not really) for Ash-Greninja, and him making his usual “lets do this team!” speech, before having a talk with Lysandre (which at that point is basically more TF hype). The fact that he shows no amazement or even really mentions he’s going to the finals IS a big problem that I have honestly, because it makes light of Ash’s accomplishments and makes it unintentionally seem like he doesnt care that much and that brings me to the finals..

I don’t even feel like I have to to mention just how “nothing” Ash and Alan’s relationship is honestly, it certainly didnt have the emotional gravity to really feel like a bonafide final challenge for Ash besides the fact that Alan just being really strong and physical challenge for him to overcome. Alan is nothing more then a strong opponent to Ash, they havent interacted off the battlefield. Again though, emotionally Ash means a lot more to Alan then the other way around, from his narrations he sees Ash as some weird outlet to vent his frustrations by finding fun in battling him because everything else about his life sucks right now, and for Alan that makes sense but again, it’s not a interesting two-way dynamic.

And then finally there’s the loss, the loss that didnt really effect Ash in anyway. Like I said earlier just because he’s had his growth doesnt it mean it wouldve been completley ooc for him to be looking the least bit melancholic, not front of Alan of course but maybe in the locker room by himself, maybe wistfully starring at Greninja’s pokeball with Pikachu comforting him before getting back to his usual spirits. This is not a huge thing im asking for, I just want some validation that these constant League losses actually matter anymore, that Ash truly wants to do better and achieve his dreams because right now I dont get that feelings whatsoever, and that’s so weird to me considering how well he done, he was the runner up but I feel like the narrative doesnt want us to even care. I guess you could make the argument that there’s simply no time for emotional focus because, once again, Team Flare’s arc takes precedent (seeing the problem here)

Im not saying other characters arent allowed to take the forefront of the show over Ash from time to time but I still want the writers to care about having Ash’s role/goal not being totally disregarded for that focus.

All I can hope for now is for XY to do the BW thing and try and salvage Ash’s emotional investment in his dreams after straight up acting like they didnt matter and shove it all into its last episode(s).

Im glad Ash can walk away feeling satisfied by the battle Alan gave him and not harbor any negative feelings towards the guy, im not just not happy he gives no apparent fucks at how he failed again, how ‘broke’ the promise he gave to his mom, how he failed his Best Wishes self who made a solemn vow to achieve greatness and victory after a Saga of setbacks, none of that matters because Ash’s character right now doesnt matter, and to me that’s a huge injustice to him.

my adhd is so hard to handle sometimes like goddamn can i please not ruin the day by being obnoxious and brash just this once, like, just this once can i please remember to think before i say things and not end up in a giant silent conversation in my head having never said anything out loud

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as a lesbian, it pisses me the fuck off when people fetishes wlw relationships and belittles them to sex and only sex. yeah thats a problem, but that doesnt give women, lesbians or not, the right to sexualize mlm relationships because it "expresses their sexualities" or "is cute and harmless!" like this exact shit happens to wlw why is it "mansplaining" for mlm to be upset about the same thing????

thank you, my thoughts exactly

Me, talking with the hairdressing teacher at my new job, about my partner’s education as a hairdresser and the problems hairdressing students face after graduation: *carefully avoids mentioning any pronouns in order to not out myself my second day at work*

New colleague: *enthusiastically* Do you think he’d like to come talk to our students about his experiences?! They would love getting a chance to ask questions about their future prospects!

Me, sighing inwardly, because I am now apparently unable to heterosexual.