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Good morning, everyone! ☀️❤️
Can I ask you a favour? Anons, mutuals, friends! I’d like to read a really good fan fiction, one that’d leave me completely and utterly satisfied and heart eyed, full heart and peaceful soul and everything! I’m just not skilled enough to properly navigate the immensity of our archives (thanks to the impressive amount of quality our authors spoil us with😍) and after a full day of fruitless research, I give up, as I just keep on messing up with tags and filters. I really like angst, as long as the eventual resolution is fulfilling and able to make up for all the previous pain and both harry and louis never stop being good people deeply in love with each other even trough difficulties (even if circumstances happen to keep them apart). Happy ending, obviously! Don’t care if it’s a classic or a new brilliant work!
Thank you so much, you’d be a blessing! xx

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Hi! I love your blog and the best information I can find on the newer chapters is here, so thank you! Along with that, what do you think the relationship between ourCiel and realCiel is? I know we will find out in due time, but ourCiel doesn't look shocked when he finds realCiel, he looks afraid and that's concerning 🤔

Hi! No problem and thank you!

I think our Ciel was shocked and scared because (assuming real Ciel’s soul was devoured by Sebastian and our Ciel’s question to Sebastian “You have never lied to me, right?” in ch128 was about that) he knew that real Ciel can’t be a living human being, but must be a “bizarre doll”.

Back in Campania arc our Ciel was totally disgusted by the concept of bizarre dolls

so the fact that his own brother was turned into one probably freaked him out.

As for their relationship, judging from their conversation in ch90, 93, 95 and the bonus chapter “That butler, nursing”, it seems they got along quite well? When Ciel was traumatised and returned into his old, weak self due to the mustard gas in GW arc, he said

“Ciel!! I don’t want to be hurt anymore!!” (*Note: As always, the phrase is a little bit vague, so it could be either “Ciel doesn’t want to be hurt anymore” or “Ciel! I don’t want to be hurt anymore”, but now that we know that the boy in the cage was real Ciel and not some imaginary friend, I think the latter one makes more sense.)

and probably mistook Finny for real Ciel. So I believe our Ciel trusted and depended on his brother and was comforted a lot by his existence during their captivity. At least imo there’s no scene so far that suggests that the twins hated each other, so until it’s disproved, I’ll go by the headcanon that they got along well and cared for each other! :D

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That anti is stalking you and reblogging your some of your posts to add shit to them. Embarrassing.

hahaha, really? 😂well, i blocked them, so i don’t get the notifications, i just saw they reblogged one of my posts… it worries me that it seems like these people never had real problems in their lives to be worrying so much about hating fictional characters.. I’m sure they’re very young… hopefully they’ll grow up someday *sighs*

singing to drown out the trolls

Look, folks, there’s been a lot of random anon flaming going around the Stormpilot tag. If it happens to you, I’m so sorry. Come message me for a hug and/or for some help in figuring out whether the commenter is a troll or a genuine critic. 

If someone on here has a genuine problem with my work, please, for the love of mercy, tell me clearly, calmly, and politely. Commenters who accuse without having read the fic, who repeat their accusations without having read my response to their first comment, are just trolls looking for attention. 

Don’t feed trolls. 

The only way to beat trolls is to sing more loudly. One comment from a troll on a fic with no comments is scary and painful. One comment from a troll on a fic with many kind comments is laughable. I’m fine, right now, thank god. Another fic author might not be, and that scares me. 

So COMMENT ON FICS! Tell authors how much you like their work. Tell them which lines were your favorite. Tell them how happy/sad/moved their story made you feel. Give them a pile of emojis that express your joy upon reading the fic. Tell them clearly, calmly, and politely what you would prefer they do better next time. Keyboard smash. Whatever feels right to you. 

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would you be horribly upset if i got 'night bloom ' as a tattoo? you make money off of them but i love the image so much i wanted to ask first. because omg, i want that in my skin!

thats actually no problem, as long as the tattoo artist provides clear credit to me if it’s posted anywhere online! :D please show me when you have it done! and thanks for asking, because not everyone does.

my dad basically said i have to deal with my rapist coming over and deal with the constant fear, panic, nausea, lack of appetite and all the other symptoms of my ptsd that spike when hes around, or get fucking kicked out :’))) i wanna fucking die why does he do this to me why does he fucking hate me

i told him what he says makes me wanna fucking kill myself and he said thats ‘my problem’ 

 mMMmmmmMMmm i love being abused i love it its so fun i fucking wanna die i wanna die i wanna die i wanna FUCKING die 

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Hey.. I've been struggling with depression for quite some time now and I'm constantly scared that my best friend will grow tired of me and my negativity.. Although she says she doesn't care about it and wants to support me I feel like a bother whenever I talk with her about my problems.. I can't stop thinking about it and I've been losing sleep because of it.

Don’t overthink something that not even happened. She is there for you and she cares about you, thats what counts!

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you said you are bi but dont want to date women. so you hate woman? youre just a straight bitch looking for lgbt points?

wowie alright let me take a second

i did not say i dont want to date women, i would fucking love to be able to love a woman again. women are fucking beautiful i dont hate them by any means.

i have massive trust problems primarily towards women because of a previous borderline abusive relationship i was in. which was actually mentioned in that post i believe you are talking about if you had actually taken a second to read and think about something other that “wow u hate women”

as for that second part, what the fuck are lgbt points? some kind of frequent flyer points what a mess

no, im not “a straight bitch looking for lgbt points” thats fucking disgusting of you to insinuate (and biphobic, may i just say.) i have distrust towards women, i dont feel i would ever be able to fully trust a girl i were dating and thats none of your fucking business. would you say this shit to a bi woman who didnt want to date men for the same reason? im going to guess no.

so uhhhh yeah fuck you anon

I don’t understand people who are really baffled by other languages like “wAit!!!! This letter…. makes a DiFfereNt sound in ThAt lanUuuauuage wAT???! The rulEs for garammmer and spilling is diFfrrfrent???” like yes Sharon those things are what make it…. a different language

hey i’ve seen a bunch of j*hanna//the/mad on my dash lately and here’s a reminder she ships sh//eith (a ~25yo and a 16yo) and draws g/nderbends (i’m sure there’s more but that’s all i can remember off the top of my head)


The Tragic Love Song of Destiny 

  • random person: how do YOU write romantic scenes?
  • me: what
  • random person: like, you've never kissed someone or been in love. how is it possible you describe it in your writing, then?
  • me: ...
  • me: how can JK Rowling describe Hogwarts if she's never been there?
  • me: how can Rick Riordan describe how Percy Jackson commands a hurricane if he's never done it himself?
  • me: how can George RR Martin describe the death of every single one of his characters if he hasn't died?
  • me: how can JRR Tolkien describe what an elf looks like when he's never seen one?
  • me: YOU. UN. IM. AG. IN. AT. IVE. S. WI. NE.