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Prologue Film - JIN

Second Update ^-^

First of all, hi! I hope you’re all having wonderful days and know that I love you lots :)
Second of all we have left that house (^-^)/ we’re headed to my aunt’s house right now. It was a mandatory evacuation apparently o.o it’s really windy and water levels are supposed to be around 9 feet I think? Dunno where though so our house could be fine ^-^ and we moved most of our stuff to the upper floors and we’re bringing a lot with us so it should be mostly okay if the water does get that high.
Please don’t worry too much ^-^ we’re being safe and should be out of the area soon so I’ll update you guys again when we make it to my aunt’s house. I love you guys!! Lots and lots!!! I hope you have a really wonderful day :)

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I am sorry if that's sounds creepy but i want to ask you You are a man right and i saw the pic on Divenart and saw the symbol for gays so i want to ask are you gay?


surprise! i am gay  

what a revelation. i’m sure nobody saw this coming
who could’ve possibly figured that one out

i’m so glad we finally solved this particularly mysterious mystery

MC stopped replying to me. Well. I guess it was either gonna be this or me sabotaging myself by not talking to him anymore.

Rough translation of Owari no seraph Chapter 53 part 2

Page 16
Narumi: You know that your emotion is decreasing, so you cannot rely on Ferid nor Crowley.
Mika: Ferid killed our family
Narumi: There is no need to bring this back. It’s more important to talk to increase your humanity.

Page 17
Narumi: Yu was overwhelmed by his emotions after he saw the head of his family  (Akane)
You remained rational. Is it because of your decreasing emotion?
Mika:…I don’t know. Well…I felt anger
Narumi: How much?
Mika: …..
Narumi : Your attachment (obsession) for your family is vanishing

Page 18
Narumi: But in comparison to your feelings for Yu?
Are they also vanishing?
Mika: …That’s….odd. My feelings for Yu-chan haven’t changed at all.
Narumi: What about the other feelings?
Mika: …….Everything, is completely growing dim in a scary way……

Page 19
Narumi: I see. This is an important information.
That means that vampires have still a little humanity….
Does that mean that those are emotions from their human years. Then there is still possibility of digging there.

Yu: Wh are they taking so long and not coming?

Page 20
[You came until here safely, Crowley-kun. I’m thinking to put the next command in a [riddle]]
Yu: More important we aren’t done. Why are you killing humans when you were one yourself
[What red hat decreases your height when you wear it?]
Crowley: Uhm-What could it be. But first of all isn’t it unfair to set the riddle in Japanese?
Yu: Ey, don’t ignore me.
Crowley: Hmm-
Yu: He seems like a airhead but- Huh-

Page 21
Crowley: Hmm~~?Shouldn’t it be natural for a vampire?
Yu: That’s too cowardly!!!

Page 22
Yu: Uahh!!
Crowley: You’re too weak
Yu: Haaa!!?
Crowley: Compared to your dexterity your skill cannot live up to it.
You can become stronger with sword skill training alone
Yu: Yeeep-!!!

Page 23
Crowley : See, you shouldn’t make unnecessary movements.
Yu: How strong~~
Then did you take sword skill lessons?
Crowley: I did
Yu: Even as a vampire?
Crowley: I did it in the human years 
Yu:…You what kind of person were you as a human

Page 24
Crowley: …When I was human…
Hm-it’s now an old story. Do you know history? Then you would be suprised
I was a crusader, a holy knight who fought for God. Now I’m a vampire, isn’t this ironic?

Page 25
Crowley: As expected, you lied about that (about knowing history)
Yu: Ah, no that’s
Crowley: Then why are lying when you don’t know
Yu: No, because you shouldn’t stop to tell the story 
Crowley : From now I won’t tell anymore
Yu: More important you should answer the question
Crowley: I don’t like talking with idiots
Yu: Isn’t it weird to kill humans when you were one yourself.
Crowley: No-look closely in history. It’s the humans who killed the most humans.
Me too I killed more as a human, if you compare this too vampires, their killing is as low as almost reaching 0

Page 26
Yu: …Uhm?
Crowley: Ah enough, next time learn better about history. More important. Can you solve this?
Yu: Hm? When you wear the red hat your height will decrease….
That’s easy
A candle isn’t it?
Crowley: Eh. Ahh! Incredible, you’re so smart.
Yu: Eh? Ah~ Actually that’s right~

Yu: What’s this?
Crowley: A command set up by Ferid
Yu: Ferid? A riddle?

Page 28
Crowley : Ooh
Yu: Ah, you guys are late
Shinoa: You must have waited so long
Narumi: There aren’t any other enemies?
Kimizuki : Moreover, we’re lacking blood. ((pretty sur they mean that theyre hungry))Is there any food here?
Yu: Hey Crowley
Crowley : In the kitchen. Ferid sorted everything anyway.
Yu: There should be
Kimizuki : Then let’s go!
Mitsuba: Ah! I’ll come to!
Yu: Ah Mika, you should slowly be…

Page 29
[The corpses of Yu-chan’s family is located in the basement]
[When you show him that he might go crazy]
[Protect the/your comrades and restrain him without killing him]
[Sincerely Ferid Bathory]

Crowley : …He must be kidding me
Comrades? What does he mean with comrades?

Yu: What’s wrong? Crowley
Crowley: …That’s, I’m flustered because I got comrades in 800 years

Page 31
Yu: Hmm?
Crowley: Nothing
Alright, we should go to eat
After that, let’s go to the basement  ((well thats sound kinda creepy))
Yu: Basement? What’s in there?

Page 32
Crowley: I will tell you that, after the meal

((A/N: UGGH so much text but I did it!! And tbh Im feeling that Narumi is going to something really stupid ine th future :“"D
And Im starting to like Crowley although I don’t know his motives he seems like a nice guy //3))