thats soo true

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So I think its important that we keep focusing on smaller things in voltron because they always turn out meaningful, for eg: keith in s1 tending to his knife --> the knife was important. The belly of the weblum Coran mentioned to Hunk ---> Episode 9/S2. Now the little hint we got of Sniper Lance in S1, easily missed. Episode 1/S1 Pidge, Lance, Hunk sneaking. Lance was sprawled on that hill with binoculars, he was litterally in that particular position snipers take before making a shot,soo yeah😏

thats so true lmao

The first time Eliza sung Philip to sleep, he was 4 days old. He hadn’t stopped crying in a day, she couldn’t figure out what was wrong, and Alexander was no help. She hadn’t slept for days, but she stayed up with him every minuet of his relentless sobbing. Finally she thought of what her mom, and later Angelica, did to calm her when she was upset. They would sing. So Eliza sang her favorite song (a beautiful french lullaby) to him. He was asleep within the minute.

The last time Eliza sang Philip to sleep he was 19 years old.