thats so 70s

i’m LOVING the 70s/80s(?) aesthetic of the netflix a series of unfortunate events but i couldn’t help thinking about a modern version………..


Bethyl Appreciation Week 2017:

↳ ‘Day 4: Favourite Underrated Moment’


Zenmasters Week 2017: Day 5 – Creator’s Week/Free Day
I BELIEVE IN UNICORNS  ❥ For all the shit he’s lived, Hyde never saw Jackie dying before him, and at such young age, coming. Or that’s what he thought until he is called one night to be told his younger daughter, Alison (Natalia Dyer), was taken out the water in a failed attempt at killing herself. Not sure of what to do, Hyde takes her and her brother Dave (Milo Ventimiglia) back to Point Place where Alison befriends a girl her age named Julia (Sarah Hyland). Hyde soon starts noticing too many similarities between her and his late wife. When he meets Julia’s mother, Paige (Natalie Portman), who even shares Jackie’s birthday and a too similar background, he’s sure something beyond this world is happening as he confirms Alison may not see the world the same way most people, included himself, do.

Alison always thought herself a mermaid since she had memory.

No one around her saw it her way and that was fine. Her hair was wet as well as the rest of her body, slowly dropping into Jonathan’s kitchen while the adults yelled at each other in his livingroom. 

He was looking at her, though. His soft mapple colored eyes were full of sorrow, like wondering what had gone wrong with her, did he had something to do with her frustrated suicide attempt?

Someone desperately knocked at the front door and she recognized the steps that followed the silence after Jon’s mom opened. Soon, passing the kitchen’s door was her dad. He had stopped being daddy that summer, when Alison realized she was sixteen years old, soon to be seventeen, and he didn’t even noticed.

“Mr. Hyde,” Jonathan started, but her dad got a hand up, silencing him immediatelly before Jon’s mom entered the room. “I’m sorry.”

Alison’s dad was clean shaved like every year on this day. He constantly said her mom had liked him better when she could see his face and Alison understood that as she studied her dad’s features. He was so handsome. And still young. Why was him alone?

“What have you done, Alie?”

Her eyes moved around his face, then looked at Jon and his mother took him away from her once more. Mrs. Drapper always did that, she didn’t like her at all and always talked shit of her dad, like if he was the same seventeen years old stoner she always talked about, and no this man pale as dead.

“I went swimming.”

I BELIEVE IN UNICORNS, Chapter I: Submarine.

Y’all, what should I look for in someone’s chart in terms of financial fraud and, like, stealing people’s money (a.k.a. being manipulative) but also being really good at it lol 

  • Jeonghan: They went to an X-rated movie?
  • Joshua: Didn't Seungcheol tell you?
  • Jeonghan: No. God, why would Seungcheol go see something like that? I mean, is our sex life so boring that he has to sneak around and watch other people do it?
  • Joshua: Jeonghan, of course it is. It's okay.

David Bowie on the cover of the October 2016 issue of Uncut Magazine, and an article on Bowie’s previously unreleased album The Gouster, which is a spiritual predecessor of his 1975 album Young Americans; includes anecdotes from Tony Visconti, Carlos Alomar, and Ava Cherry.


Katsuki: Just don’t ask for weird adult stuff, y'hear?
Yamikumo: You almost sound like you’re concerned for my well-being.
Katsuki: And only one outfit per ask. Have some mercy on Yami.
Yamikumo: Thank you, Katsuki.