thats right you heard me


“Maybe it’s a usual answer, but I’d have to say my mom. I think I think of my mom always. She always behaves with, like, the most kindness and consideration for other people.” (x)


Good Evening! I am bringing you guys some good news! There is a new kpop blog that was born today, Dec 4, 2016 and it is a joint blog between me and my friend Zai,a fellow kpopper, and must I add a wonderful writer. I have decided that my story will go on that blog instead of this one. Please support us because we need it! Thanks for supporting me and this blog! The new blog is and our selca ships and personality ships are open so SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT!! Oh and yeah request some fluff, drabble, one-shot (zai is good at those), and even smut! Thats right you heard me…SMUT!! Come on y’all!! SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT!!