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The Flash

Happy Birthday Emma ! Sweeney Todd was amazing, I have no words for Emma’s performance. And it’s funny that one year after our video I got to sing her happy birthday live, I (we) totally freaked out (that’s why the video is shaking, if you wondered…). Also I was kinda having a heart attack so I sing like crap and I deeply apologize for your ears. And yes this is Alan Rickman at the end, he was sitting like 3 meters from me, don’t ask I died.

What I heard when working in a primary school today.
  • Child A: Miss.... Child B just said that boys can marry boys, that's wrong isn't it?
  • Child B: No, my mum says that they can!
  • Me: Child B is right, boys can marry boys and girls can marry girls if they want to.
  • Child A: really? Well that's really cool actually. Like you wouldn't have to worry about that big frilly dress and could get like matching suits and have a batman cake.