thats right sally


Sally: “Awesome. Welcome to the club.”

James: “Club? How do you call yourself? Winx?”

Zara: “Using that word probably wasn’t the best idea.”

Hayley: “Okay…club. Yeah, we’re a club and our club activities include sleepovers, making fun of the super popular mean bitches, being jealous of the cool rich kids…fun stuff, you’ll enjoy it! My favourite activity is stealing Zara’s mum’s alcohol and trying to get drunk. I’m aspiring to be A+ bad girl.”

Sally: “You’re far from that. What’s fun about being an A+ bad girl? What does it mean anyway?”


The Rich Man’s Daughter - 1x01 - “Has this ever happened to you? Where you see someone for the first time but when your eyes meet it’s like there’s something there that you just can’t grasp? It’s like you can see…and feel the person’s soul.”

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: will nathan byrn actually actually kill annalise o'brien? Or will the teenage love that he used to feel for her overcome the love he had for an absent father who pulled a bullet out of him and took him camping in the woods one time?? Will he go through with his plan or will the nostalgia of a past love stay his hand? Will the sense of betrayal he felt be enough to take the life of the girl he once loved?? or can nothing change his mind now that her betrayal has ingrained itself on his conscience??

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Lauren, Kevin and Daniel are essentially the Team Rocket! Which motto would they use?

Prepare for smiles,
And Make it efficiently!
To protect Strexcorp from bankruptcy,
To unite Night vale and Desert bluffs within the metropolitan area,
To denounce the evil of unproductivity and nature,
To extend our warmth to the sun above,
Team Strex blast off at the speed of light!
Sell out now or prepare to be added to our value!
Daniel, Thats Right! 

  • Dean: Oh, are you kidding me? Dick move, pigeon!
  • Pigeon: Screw you asshat!
  • Dean: Wait a minute. Can I hear all animals?
  • The Colonel: Yup. Animals have a universal language like Esperanto, but this one actually caught on.
  • Pigeon: And I'm just getting started too. Brewing a real big one, ha! Bet your ride is going to look sweet in white.
  • Sam: What's he saying?
  • Dean: He's being a douchebag!
  • Pigeon: Who you calling douchebag, douchebag?
  • Dean: Oh, shut it, you winged rat!
  • Sam: Dude. Just calm down. Get in the car.
  • Pigeon: Heh heh! That's right Sally, go cry to mama!
  • Dean: Oh, that's it you son of bitch!