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Make Me Want It:Chapter2

I Don’t know whats next …

“You bitch, stop all your fucking whining” Alex yelled at me
His hands continually hit me. I felt like i was in hell. My skin burned and i couldn’t do anything about it…

I screamed and woke up
“Swazz” I screamed
“Y/N, babe are you ok” Swazz called out
I cried loudly cause thats all i can do right now. Swazz pulled me into his arms and i cried.
“Shh shhh its ok, your ok. I got you Y/N he wont hurt you no more. I promise.
He pulled me into his lap and did his best to calm me down.

12:00 pm

I patted the side of the bed next to me but it was empty. I started getting worried until I get heard voices down stairs…I got out of bed and walked down stairs just enough for me to hear what was going on.

"John why the fuck was she in your bed with only one of your shirts on”

“She had a rough night Veronica, I’m not gonna leave her out like that”

“Swazz how do i know you didn’t fuck her last night. God I knew she was a slut. Just friends my ass”

I started to get upset again. I’ve got tired of the word slut and Veronica

“Why would you care if I fucked my best friend, everyone knows you fucked mine.” She just laughed in his face

“We’re done. Don’t ever fucking call me or talk to me. If you see me walk the other way. And don’t ever fucking call her a slut again or we’ll have problems. Do you understand” Swazz yelled

I heard footsteps and then a loud slap noise. I ran down the stairs because i know she just hit him. I tapped her on the shoulder and when she turned around I punched her. She was shocked and i was deciding if i wanted to keep hitting her or not.

“Thats for calling me a slut, bitch”

“Oh Fuck you. Just forget all of you. Your gonna regret this Swazz, have fun with that cheap hoe”

I ran to go hit her again but Swazz came and held me back. She left and it was just me and Swazz.

“Hey Thank you for what you said” I said while walking up to Swazz and wrapping my arms around his neck
“Well I meant every word. I cant have no one disrespecting my best friend like that”
We both laughed and just stared in each others eyes.

“Woah what did i walk in on” A familiar voice spoke.

I turned around quickly, knowing that it was my other best friend Nate Maloley.

“Is that my little rapper” I screamed
“Is that my little model over there” Nate said
I ran up to him and he hugged me tightly. I haven’t seen Nate since his last concert.

“Yo what up with your face, who did this shit” Nate asked
I told him what happened and then went to take a shower.

When i was about to walk down the stairs i heard them talking

“Bro its crazy what happened to Y/N”
“Yeah I know man I know”
“So when are you gonna do it”
“I don’t know if i should bruh, She is going through a lot”
“Well you need to do it soon before its too late”

I genuinely didn’t know what they were talking about and got bored of the conversation so I continued my journey down the stairs. The smell of weed growing stronger as I walked down stairs.

“Why y'all hittin joints without me”
When I walked down Swazz eyes were locked on me. I just ignored it and payed no attention. There is no way Swazz can like me. Get over it.

I sat in Swazz lap and took the joint out his hands to puff a couple.
“Y'all are goals” Nate said

“Shut up Nate we are just friends” Swazz said.

“Yeah cause "Just Friends” get cuddled up in their friends lap. They also look like they wanna fuck each other every time they are around each other.
I blushed

“Nate friends do that stuff”

“Exactly she is my best friend”

“Don’t lie to yourself Johnny boy” Swazz gave Nate a warning look and Nate laughed.

Just friends…
Swazz’s POV

Just friends…
So this is part 2 and I told youuuuu i was gonna write it 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊. Pt3 is coming tommorow and its gonna start on Swazz’s POV. Rememberer i take request. I want y'all to Request…….. Buttttt i love Y'all ❤️❤️❤️