thats right i gif now

al and artie sitting in a tree


yep. that’s definitely how it goes.

Meenah… you think YOU’RE 8ad?
Don’t you have 8ny 8dea who the FUCK you’re t8lking too????????

Me when the author keeps >implying things and I have no idea what to make of this information and I just want sOME GOD DAMN ANSWERS RIGHT NOW WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?!? GIVE ME SOMETHING!!! ANYTHING!!!

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled Dragon Age Ancient Elvhen time with semi-immortal elves from ANOTHER universe! But they’re equally badass. And oh so fabulous.

Hipster Thranduil would sooner die than give up his Pabst Blue Ribbon. Got an issue? DEAL WITH IT.

Me this morning when I went to go watch Jack’s latest vid during my sketch warm up time. This was literally my face when I was watching the video because ironically about two weeks ago, my co-workers and I had been playing this game during our breaks. When I was playing it I was thinking “You know what’d be cool? If Jack or Mark did a let’s play of this game.” and now my wish has come true lol.