thats right

*puts this here and moonwalks away while singing* 

Oops, I did it again

Theory: Finding Nemo is just a kid friendly remake of the first Silent Hill game.


-Single dad looking for his lost child.

-Said child is in an unknown to the dad place.

-Dead wife.

-Teams up with a lady in blue.

-Scary monster(s) found in darkness

-Meets bizarre people/animals on his quest. Some help him out, some don’t.

-Nemo and Cheryl are both “missing” something (Nemo with his lucky fin and Cheryl being a part of Alessa)

-Scary children r there.

-The ocean is scary and so is the town Silent Hill.

There u go, case closed.

Magnus: Nobody will want to marry you if you keep being so violent.

Alex: [punches him]

Magnus: [pulling out a wedding ring] Anyway.

The zodiac signs as who they love and appreciate

Aries: Hwang Hyunjin

Taurus: Hwang Hyunjin

Gemini: Hwang Hyunjin

Cancer: Hwang Hyunjin

Leo: Hwang Hyunjin

Virgo: Hwang Hyunjin

Libra: Hwang Hyunjin

Scorpio: Hwang Hyunjin

Sagittarius: Hwang Hyunjin

Capricorn: Hwang Hyunjin

Aquarius: Hwang Hyunjin

Pisces: Hwang Hyunjin


Call out post for Travis Willingham: so supportive???

“We’ll fight them together.”


+ at first everyone thought you hated each other
+ but you guys were actually good friends
+ you guys would totally sneak out to the forbidden forest
+ and you would steal Remus’ chocolate stash
+ you would be in the Gryffindor common room sooo often
+ and you’d make bets about what couples would get together
+ you were with jily from the beginning
+ you guys would sneak into the kitchens late at night
+ and you two would’ve been low-key responsible for the squid in the Black Lake
+ and you’d frequently get Sirius out of detention
+ or you would go to detention with him
+ he’d always have an arm around your waist
+ cuddly Sirius Black
+ you guys would sneak up to the Astronomy Tower
+ you’d have some sirius inside jokes
+ and whenever the two of you meet in the hallways you greet each other by obnoxiously singing muggle songs
+ no one else knows what’s going on 99.99% of the time
+ Sirius would be protective of you
+ but not too protective
+ and he’s always so warm
+ and you’ll never admit it but his hair always smells so good
+ you’re a little jealous
+ and he’s kind of short
+ so you make jokes about it
+ and he pretends to hate it
+ but he loves it
+ you guys frequently star gaze
+ and you just laugh as he talks about the family members he hates
+ and pouty Sirius Black
+ like, he needs a lot of attention
+ and if he doesn’t get it, he get’s all pouty
+ his eyes are like, three times as wide
+ and his lower lip pops out
+ and you think it’s sooo cute
+ and he knows this
+ so he uses it to his advantage
+ but there are also hard times
+ like when his family is a little too much
+ so the two of you will just cuddle
+ for the whole day
+ your full-time job would be ruffling his hair
+ and he mumbles in his sleep
+ and sometimes he talks about you
+ but you never tell anyone
+ and he’s just a super cute lil’ thing


  • James: what?! and you all know?
  • Sirius: ya
  • Remus: yep
  • James: what?! why didn't you tell me?
  • Lily: im sorry i didn't think you could keep it a secret
  • James: what?! i am an excellent secret keeper, i have kept all of our secrets
  • Sirius: what secrets?
  • James: oh no no padfoot, im not gonna tell you because i am an excellent secret keeper
  • Sirius: *lower* tell me later?
  • James: *lower* you already know