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From SKayLanphear’s fanfic Serendipitous Fate, Chapter 22:

“As the water was pulled forcibly from her body, the skin around her eye began to pale. It turned a papery white, each centimeter of water that was drawn out only spurring the pallor to spread outward across the rest of her face. Until all the color was gone, leaving behind darkened, shriveled veins sprouting visibly beneath translucent flesh.”

I’m usually not that interested in drawing fanart of fanfics, but Skaylanphears writing is just SO fantastic, and this last chapter contained so many inspiring moments that I just had to draw something! Ended up drawing this scene with Volpina, which was both terrifying and awesome. I feel so bad for the poor girl behind the mask…

If you’re not already reading this fanfic, then I strongly recommend it!!!

i’d say i am sorry but then i’d be lying

ok so...

I started watching Ninjago as a joke with my friend at a sleepover and it’s not as awful as I thought it would be AND THEN we watched the trailer for the Lego Ninjago movie and THAT looks Super Tight™ and now I’m lowkey in the Ninjago fandom 👀👀👀


Fun idea: make a cute dress, be your own valentine; take yourself out for lunch and don’t share the sundae!

Featuring my apparent love for the Valentines puppy filter and my crappy attempt to emulate one of Kibum’s shower selfies.


my bottom teeth bc no one can ever see them because of my stupid overbite (I hate it so much)

I should be doing so many things but instead I took a stab at some profile practice with an oddly bright isona (who belongs to @theronsham hope it was okay to have borrowed him! :> ) clearly I really need the practice

person: so Valentine’s day is coming up, how’s Myles with that?
me: Myles and Valentine’s Day??
person: Yeah! how do you tame the untamable 
me: uhhhh punch him?
person: ???
me: seriously, just like… punch him. He’ll be angry but hard and like, if that’s not a gateway to him then idk what is


very rushed scribble because some friends haven’t been doing so well and these two are a sweet counterbalance

big boy kevu belongs to @darth-brendol-hux , littler boy iso belongs to @theronsham ! they’re not even close to the same height, iso’s probably in heels again or getting lifted into that hug

fatnastytrash  asked:

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wow finally found time to do more of these here we go
a vague (of someone): how fucking Dare you treat my girlfriend like she’s beneath you while playing all coyly sweet. you really think she wouldn’t notice or even that *i* wouldn’t notice from the distance i’m at? you’re so, so obvious + you’re a two-faced snake like? you make me sick, you’re abusive + nasty + have such a martyr complex it’s gross. you don’t deserve the time of day from her so you should feel lucky with what you have but of course, being the entitled brat that you are you expect more. : ) also your makeup looks like shit but it looks worse when you refuse to close your mouth thinking it’s a #look to pose like a shiny ass carp like. my girlfriend applies her lipstick entire circles around your trash, it’s messed you think you’re better, i legitimately thought you were fugly as sin until i saw you without makeup + like , generally that’d make us help or ask questions but you Sincerely Are That Smug about how hot ur sephora brand looks are that you cop a fucking attitude when we even talk makeup ur not aware of existing bc it’s some personal affront or some nasty victim complex garbage? so yeah uh please do yourself a service and just. throw it all out or alternatively fuck off + die honestly ??????? :/// tbh ?????? like ???????? i hate u kys
a confession (of someone): you seem chill + like we’d have a bunch in common so it’s too bad you can’t communicate/listen very well? if things just felt more two-sided i think you could be a nice friend to have. as it is, i don’t think i’d talk to you again intentionally. 
an honest opinion (of you): nice trash possum who rly makes genuine effort in talking to me. i need 2 talk to u more. u seem chill + like u give mad decent advice + are a good listener? also v patient. glad 2 have as a metamour, would smoke w/ u n watch hamtaro most days. ur a mystery to me but a cool one. i like ur aesthetic. i don’t think we’re that similar interests/aesthetic-wise but i think we are personality-wise more-than-meets-the-eye-similar in a way that could make us rly solid friends. official napstablook. 10/10 would stab in a no mercy run.

You know how you get to pick the jewelry you get for your engagement? I would definitely get all gold everything lol! And I would get the most obnoxious shade of gold too, like that deep gold? Idk how to describe it, it’s like yellow gold but richer. It looks so good with my skin tone. I would get two sets of gold stuff, and if he was rich enough I would get a set of pearls too