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hi!!!!! can I please request for a minhyun college au? I am addicted to your writing (・´з`・) thank you in advance xxx

for nu’est ive decided it’d be cool to make them all medical students!! so consider it residency-college!au LOL~

  • specialty: minhyun is doing his residency in dermatology  
  • is known as the “pretty boy” of the unit and other residents are always joking that patients favor him because,,,,,,,,well one he has gorgeous skin,,,,,,,but everything else about him is literally just as gorgeous
  • is really sweet and tries his best to be polite,,,,,,even if taking another 10 hour shift is literally going to Kill Him,,,,,minhyun just smiles and is like : ) it’s fine : ) im fine
  • his superiors like him the most and their favoritism shows because guess who doesn’t get yelled out for taking a five minute snack break? it’s minhyun
  • but even though he comes off so mannered and mature,,,,,he has a lil nerdy side,,,,,like his phone background is always his cute niece and him but one day someone noticed that his lock screen was literally a screenshot from the transformers movie,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,,
  • everyone keeps asking if he’s dating and minhyun is just like,,,,i,,,,,d,,dating?!?!?!?! and they’re like oh my god you have the face and you’re telling us you haven’t used it yet
  • and minhyun is like ?!?! i use it everyday to eat, to read - and everyone is like oh jesus no that’s nOT WHat we MEANT
  • but if anyone as much as dares to try to do ‘corrupt’ minhyun (as dongho affectionately refers to it) minhyun just turns pink and bites his lips and is like i!! don’t know anything about that,,,,,
  • boy is already in residency and sometimes if a patient get too close he has to excuse himself,,,,,,,soft boy
  • speaking of dongho and the rest of nu’est they all do residency in the same hospital so every now and then they’ll meet up to eat lunch outside
  • and everyone swoons because they’re the ~visual residents~ a group of goodlooking guys in white doctors coats,,,,,,what a dREAM
  • and then dongho gets crumbs all over his scrubs and minhyun is like come here i need to clean it - don’t you dare run from me- come bacK
  • is really good at his job though, so much so that people are like he doesn’t even need to do residency he knows sO MUCh
  • graduated at the top of his class in med school, still studies as diligently as before, literally takes notes on e v e r y t h i n g the doctors say
  • jr jokes that when minhyun opens his own dermatology clinic he should give all of them face lifts but minhyun is like,,,,,,,,im not doing that im doing immunodermatology wanna hear what i learned about leprosy-
  • jr: i gtg rn i was just trying to make a joke i am so sorry
  • anyway you also work in the hospital,,,,,but not as a resident or anything you’re actually in the tech department
  • and you know about minhyun because how can you not,,,,,but also,,,,,,,,he’s called the tech department like a minimum of twenty times a week because for some reason he’s super smart
  • but takes like ten years to type in a patients chart notes and he’s always getting a bit confused with the hospitals interface
  • and you,,,,,,,dont mind being the one called to help him i mean like have you /SEEN/ him  
  • just standing beside him is like basking in the sunlights glow and u dont mind. not one bit. tbh u r not gonna like lie when u see a call from the dermatology dept u basically fight people for the phone
  • buuuuut you also know that it’s a one sided kinda thing,,,because minhyun could have anyone,,,,,,,literally 
  • u can tell from the fact that his lab coats pockets are always full of candy, letters, and more that both patients and staff give him and yeah it makes ur heart sink a bit but like,,,,
  • whatever the short moment where you get to stand beside him at the desk and tell him (for the 15th time) how to reset the scheduling system works like,,,,,it’s enough
  • which is why when you get called down again, minhyun voice sounding apologetic over the phone u cheerily tell him it’s no problem - you’ll be right down to see what happened 
  • but since the elevator is taking too long u decide to go down the stairs where,,,,you hear voices echoing as you get closer to the floor ur supposed to meet minhyun on
  • and???? they sound familiar,,,,,one is obviously dongho’s,,,,,and the other???? minhyun?
  • and u stop your steps,,,listening to their echoing words 
  • “are you going to ask them? minhyun it’s been two weeks since you decided to say something and you’re still putting it off.”
  • “,,,,,what if they don’t like me-”
  • you blink,,,,wondering if you’re hearing another voice,,,,,and it is,,,,this one belongs to another resident. ren
  • “minhyun, seriously you’re handsome. i dont say that a lot. but ur handsome. very handsome. look at me minhyun does it look like i would lie.”
  • and finally,,,,the calmest voice of the bunch belong to jr: “you should go for it. i think they like you too.”
  • and you’re not sure what else they say because the door opens and a couple of nurses rush by you, their footsteps making noise
  • and in your head you’re wondering,,,,,,who is it that minhyun likes,,,,,,,
  • but not wanting to get lost in your thoughts you rush down coming out into the dermatology dept and seeing minhyun leaning against the wall near the elevators. 
  • you pat his shoulder,,making him jump a bit and the both of you breaking into blushing apologizes but then he mumbles that he’s pretty sure something is going on with the vital monitor
  • and you go inside the room to check it out
  • and as you’re doing your work,,,,you don’t notice minhyun bite his lip,,,,shy eyes trying to avoid your figure in the center of the room
  • quietly fidgeting with his name tag pinned to his collar
  • and when you turn, smile on your face “done! it just got unhooked-”
  • “are you free,,,,,on sunday?”
  • minhyun’s sudden question catches you off guard and you’re like w-what?? and he’s like,,,,,,,, “i-,,,,i have a shift,,,,but i can- it ends at 8 so i could take u to dinner,,,,,maybe,,,,,-”
  • minhyun,,,,with all his pretty features and polite personality cannot seem to stutter out a date invitation 
  • but,,,,you also cant believe ur ears???? the person minhyun liked?????was you???
  • and you’re like “d-don’t you not have many free days? you should rest-”
  • “it’s ok! i want to,,,,,spend it with you.”
  • there’s something of a shy smile on his face,,,,but his eyes are nervous and you’re always feeling your palms sweat
  • because god u really want to say yes,,,,the happiness in your stomach is turning to butterflies,,,,,but you also know that minhyun should rest
  • so you go “ok,,,,,but how about we do something simple,,,,like watch a movie at my place?”
  • and minhyun almost turns cherry red at the mention of coming over and he refuses,,,,,saying it’d be un-gentlemen-y of him but ur just like pleassse it’s fine
  • safe to say you guys do have that date at your place but you purposly pick a boring movie so minhyun falls asleep fifteen minutes in and you let the tired med student sleep soundly on your shoulder as you do your own thing
  • and ofc when he wakes up minhyun is a mess of “im sorrys” and “im not a creep i promise” but u just laugh and tell him it’s ok,,,,,it was a perfect first date because u were able to see him rest
  • which honestly just makes minhyun’s heart flutter even more about you,,,,,on the way home he texts ren and is like “i think they’re an angel,,,,,,,”
  • dating med student!minhyun is slow at first because he’s surprisingly shy about pda or skinship,,,,,to the point where when he first holds ur hand he has to let go 5 minutes later and be like “its not that i dont want to,,,its just,,,,,my hand got sweat and i didnt want u to think thats gross-” and u had to grab his hand back and be like idc if its sweaty i want to hold it forever, minhyun once he gets more comfortable has a habit for always dusting off your uniform or tucking strands of your hair back because he thinks u look cute when ur all neat and whatnot, tbh dongho and jr tell minhyun it might be a lil weird but u like it,,,its minhyun’s personality so u accept it, since he works super long hours u dont really get to see each other often but minhyun really likes it when u text him what ur doing after work esp if u include pictures, at first he’d just be like oh! cool :D or looks yummy! but as you two get closer he’ll kinda be a little sappy saying things like even your silhouette is pretty or i wish i could be beside you right now, a constant struggle is showing people photos of you and minhyun together looking cute in the hospital lobby doing peace signs and ur like that’s my boyfriend! and people are like no no no thats a celebrity honey and ur like,,,no,,,,,no he’s my bf,,,,,,,basically people r just really shocked because minhyun’s visuals are no joke, whenever someone confesses to minhyun whether it’s a patient or a staff he gets all embarrassed but also secretly reaLLY likes saying he has a significant other that he is head over heels for, ren makes fun of him so much for it he imitates his voice and calls out ur name and is like head !!! oveR HEELs~~~!! and minhyun is like pLEASE and ren is just kiss kiss love love u two are sooooo corny, on an anniversary minhyun had work but he sent you a video of him playing on the piano and singing your favorite love song and it legitimately made you tear up, does this thing where when he gets really really tired he’ll never admit it but one kiss from you makes it feel like he can take on the WORLD, an exchange resident named aaron comes to visit and minhyun introduces you to him and is like he’s my bff and aaron is just like “so what base have you and minhyun reac-oK FINE I WONT ASK”, those rare times where residents get more than a day off minhyun always insists on doing the absolute most for you and sometimes you have to literally argue with him to let you do something because he works so hard you want to support him and make it easy, you cooked for him once and you can’t tell if him telling you he LOVED it was fake or real,,,,,,,you guys got matching sweaters from the nu’est boys as a gift and they’re bright pink and corny and minhyun refuses to wear them until you giggled and put it on and minhyun melts for anything you do so he was like ok FINE, surprised you once by pulling you into a storage closet at the hospital and letting a hand slip up your shirt and you were like minhyun?? ?against his neck and he,,,,,couldn’t keep it up you felt his cheeks go hot and he was a stuttering mess like ten minutes in but he was also like i just,,,i really wanted you i dont know what came over me ,,,,,WHAT A FREAKING CUTIE AMIRIGHT THO,,,,promises that once he is done with residency he’s going to get a good job and take you on vacation for never leaving his side through the hardest years of his life and you just kiss his nose and tell him not to worry about it,,,,,but seriously the only thing on minhyun’s mind sometimes (which he finds fascinating) is how much he really rEALLY wants to make you happy,,,,,,,,,,he wants a future,,,,with you 

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boyfriend! park woojin


I never knew the wanna one fandom was so desperate for park woojin writings LOL

hopefully you guys like it!!

  • at first it seemed like he was terrified of you bc he always tried to be as FAR away from you as possible but no he’s just an incredibly shy bean
  • after a few meetings ofc you two would become friends but honestly the bnw boys thought he was nEVER going to confess
  • donghyun wanted woojin to say it himself so that he and youngmin could have a proud parent moment but after like three months donghyun texted you and was like hey woojin loves you pls date him
  • afterwards donghyun went to woojin and put his hands on woojin’s shoulders and said “don’t freak out or scream but I told you-know-who that you like them and your date is tomorrow at six pm.”
  • woojin: collapses
  • he was sOOO nervous he spent the morning and afternoon wondering what to wear and how to act like “what drink should I order so I don’t seem too babyish? maybe they like babyish?” and he texted like nine of his friends for help but they all turned out to be either useless or useless
  • for example: hyeongseop told him to spark a conversation he should show you his dark past
  • woojin: blocked reported and deleted
  • he tries sO hard to make sure that you’re satisfied and freaks out when you seem the slightest bit inconvenienced like he caught you rubbing your arms and threw his jacket on you s o f a s t
  • it’s only six seconds after you smile and thank him that he erupts into a million shades of red and thinks he overdid it
  • whenever you call him by a pet name he gets embarrassed bc he’s not used to many displays of affection and half of him is like pls don’t do that and the other half is Y E S
  • he’s DEFINITELY not used to calling YOU pet names even though donghyun and hyeongseop tells him to every six hours
  • hyeongseop, after getting a new number: call them sexy lady like you did on that one stage LOL
  • he rly tried to call you babe at one point but he stuttered for a whole minute straight and so you just took pity and said it’s ok :’)))
  • he felt so bad man he was like I……promise to do it one day
  • you saw his photoshoot for innisfree and after screaming into ur pillow you were like “you’ve never made a single heart for me yet look at what you’re willing to do as an idol smH” and he felt so bad that he made a finger heart on the spot
  • and immediately fainted afterwards help him
  • is EXTREMELY protective of you it’s not an act of his to look cool or manly it’s just who he is
  • if someone ever so much as glances at you with weird eyes he scowls and holds you close
  • your heart goes doki doki every time and you almost want it to happen more often LOL
  • he refuses to let you walk home at a late hour no matter how much you insist on it 
  • you: woojin my place is literally across the street from here
  • woojin: but what if someone suddenly jumps out of a car and kidnaps you on the way????????
  • he just really wants you to be safe because he would honestly never forgive himself if something happens to you :^(
  • also the bnw boys tease him about you like every other minute donghyun always wants the latest update LOL
  • donghyun: what stage are you guys on have you kissed yet
  • youngmin: did you guys……even hold hands yet
  • daehwi: lol hyung did you really get salty when hyeongseop saw a pic of them said they were cute LOL
  • they tease woojin during practice too bc it’s just hilarious to them and the instructor caught them fooling off and was like >:(( wtf are you guys doing why would you ask him if they kissed yet and before they could apologize  the instructor put a hand on woojin’s shoulder and said “listen if you two ever get in the mood and need protecti—”
  • you always thought that woojin was just a shy shark tooth boy but when you saw him dance on stage he was just. like. a freaking hAMMERHEAD
  • you: your existence is a lie
  • woojin: ?????
  • woojin’s kisses are strangely….slow and intense because he finds it…….hard to break away as embarrassing as that sounds
  • you always feel so HOT after and you want to shove yourself into the refrigerator 
  • woojin himself wants to launch himself into the antarctic pls help him

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Any headcanons on Izuku and Katsuki boarding a crowded train and they keep rubbing against each other on accident?

They try everything in their power not to rub on each other. Izuku stretches his body as far as he can from Katsuki…. Though it ends up not working out. The train is so unbelievably packed, thanks to students going home from school, and adults heading home from work.

It leaves Izuku and Katsuki to cram against one of the back walls of the train, right near the doors. Izuku squeezes himself close to Katsuki now, facing him. His struggle to keep any distance is short lived, since more people enter the train last minute.

“At least its not too long of a ride..“ Izuku says, sheepishly and Katsuki just grunts in response. He can already feel their bodies are probably /too/ close together.
Izuku’s face is a light shade of red, but he thinks the two of them can handle being this close for now– their stop is only four in, so its only about 25 minutes at most!

Everything seems like it’ll go well! That is, until the train starts moving.

Every jerk, every bump, every time someone knocks into Izuku, the two of them feel their groins touch. Katsuki grumbles and subtly tries to back up, but it isn’t working. Izuku is constantly getting bumped and they keep ending up right back on each other.

“Fuck, Deku.. back up! ”

“I-I can’t, Kacchan.. I’m not /trying/ to be so close..” He mumbles embarrassed. How awful would it be if they continue the entire way home like this?? Izuku doesn’t think he can handle it. Being pressed right up against Katsuki… Fighting his urge not to make a sound because the continuous rub and contact is actually starting to feel kind of good– Its a torturous game, and he just can’t do it.

“Well, figure some shit out..!”
Izuku notes quickly that Katsuki isn’t going to be able to handle it for much longer, either. In fact, he’ll probably lose his cool a lot faster than Izuku does.
Izuku is sure that his boyfriend will bend him over right there, if this keeps up.

Suddenly, an idea pops into Izuku’s head. He starts to twist and adjust his body carefully, until he’s facing away from Katsuki. His ass may be getting pushed and rubbed against Katsuki but.. that’s better, isn’t it?

“M..much better..” Izuku nods to himself, already thinking maybe he can last like this. Katsuki on the other hand… doesn’t feel the current position is making much of a difference.

“You made it worse, fucking Deku!” Katsuki says between gritted teeth. Why does Izuku have to have a nice, round, ass like that? Why does it have to move, and push back on him while the train moves?? Katsuki can feel the heat pooling in his groin. If Izuku’s ass keeps unintentionally grinding against his dick, he’s going to lose it.

“I-Im sorry, I dont know what else to do- I can’t move anywhere Kacchan..” he whispers. Then, the train rattles again suddenly. It causes Izuku to stumble back, and he braces his fall by pushing back against Katsuki again.

As he’s about to readjust his stance though, his face starts to heat up darker.

“K-Kacchan…” he swallows hard, glancing back. “Are.. are you-”

“Don’t fucking say it Deku.. what the hell do you expect??” Katsuki’s ears are tinted red.

Yeah, there’s no hiding it. He’s getting aroused. It’s next to impossible to hide something like that in such a cramped territory.

“I- I’m sorry Kacchan..!” Izuku’s blush is rising higher, because the erection of his boyfriend is starting to become far more noticeable with every jerk. “What should I do?”

Katsuki narrows his eyes then, as he looks down at Izuku. He slips his hands down to rest on Izuku’s hips causing the latter to gasp softly from unexpected touch. He holds Izuku’s body close and leans his lips down to rest against his ear.

"I could fuck you right here. ” Katsuki whispers bluntly.
That sends a shiver down Izuku’s spine, and he swallows thickly. He shifts his eyes back to give a subtle glance at Katsuki, before looking down again. The blush is obvious on his face, and he’s trying his best to keep himself from getting too excited.

“Th-that isn’t– um. That’s not… it’s not a good idea.” He tries to reply with out making it obvious that Katsuki’s words got to him. Though he can feel the smirk thats forming on Katsuki’s face. “Th..there’s people here.”

Katsuki keeps his lips pressed on the freckled boys ear.
“Isn’t that the best part? I can fuck you right here, nice and slow, and everyone in the entire fucking train will know you’re all mine.” He gives Izuku’s ear lobe a light bite.

“K-Kacchan..” he mumbles and begins to feel his own arousal. He shifts in place slightly, though it doesn’t help ease up any tension. “Stop… ah!”

Suddenly Katsuki is biting at his neck. /Hard/. It causes Izuku to make an unintentional sound, and the people surrounding them turn to look. They give judgemental stares, and turn their attention back to their own bussiness. Though its hard to ignore the two of them. Katsuki is continuing to bite and kiss at Izuku’s neck deapite the crowd. “Kacchan..”
Izuku whimpers slightly, but catches himself. He furrows his eyebrows and quickly elbows Katsuki in the side. “Kacchan stop that–!”

“ow- what?? I can’t help it! You’re lucky I’m not already fucking you senseless.”

“Shh!! Y- you’re talking loud..there’s other people here..!” Izuku reminds him. He gives subtle glances around at the people who pretend that they aren’t staring and giving dirty looks.
Katsuki just sighs and tightens his hold on Izuku’s hips. He stays quiet for a few moments, then hears the announcement for the next stop approaching. A smirk forms on his face and quickly he grabs Izuku’s wrist.

“C'mon Deku.” He starts pushing them through the crowd, making their way to the closest door. Izuku blinks, confused, but follows his boyfriend’s lead.

“um- Kacchan this… this isn’t our stop. ”

“Yeah I know. But ya really think I can wait another 20 minutes??” He asks. And once the train comes to a complete stop, he yanks them out. It’s busy, but he’s shoving his way through everyone and ignoring the remarks being thrown their way.

“Kacchan w..where are we going? ” Izuku asks, after giving fast apologies to the ones they pushed past.

He gets them into the station, before scoping out a bathroom.
“I’m gonna fuck you good in one of those stalls.”

Izuku’s face is bright red now, but he knows theres no way out of it. Not that he truly wants to get out of it… He’d be lying if he said he didn’t want this too.


He got them into the bathroom now, and luckily the largest stall is open.

“… make sure the entire station knows I’m yours.”
Katsuki gives a loving smirk, as he slams the stall door shut. He’s pushing Izuku up agaist the wall, and steals a deep, forceful kiss.

“Don’t worry, baby. They will.”

boyfriend!kang daniel
  • im so soft fot kang daniel so bare with me
  • let’s say that ong is your brother and when he came back home from the first episode he was like “i met this guy and im pretty sure he’s my soulmate, you should meet him” and you’re like “uu oh m’kay”
  • so like day after you guys meet in like a themed cafe 
  • and you’re just in awe bc kang daniel is so freaking adorable it’s unbelievable 
  • he’s so tall, his shoulders are so broad, he have a gummy smile!!! he like cat’s so it 100 to 1000 real quick
  • and after that it’s harder to meet in this group bc they work really hard in produce 101 but if you have time you meet
  • and when meeting you and daniel starts to like each other more and it’s growing every time you guys meet
  • before the last ep you’re just texting with daniel and let’s just pretend that he have his phone ok
  • and you’re like “can’t believe that you’re gonna be center in this new boygroup” and he’s like “naah i’ pretty sure it’s gonna be jihoon”
  • so you guys made a bet :-)
  • so let’s say it’ the final of produce 101 and you’re backstage with your mom
  • when boa said “ong seongwoo” you’re loosing your shir bc youre annoying brother is finally debuting and you coudn’t be more happy
  • after the ranking all the trainess are coming backstage and you’re just huggig your brother, crying with him
  • then it’s your mom turn so you just stan there and look for daniel 
  • and you see him talking with his mom probaly and he looks at you
  • he’s coming to you and you’re just standing like an idiot smiling at him
  • “aHH god daniel, congrats” and you guys hugged bye.,,,,
  • then you guys just stand there and smile like an idots at each other…
  • and he’s like “you won the bet” and you’re like a bet? a bET! rIGHT “oh yeah, a bet, i should win something, shoudn’t i?”
  • “maybe a mcdonald after this is done?” !!!!!!!! kang daniel did you just!!! and you’re just nooding
  • and thats how you and kang daniel ate mcdonald at 4am in the park
  • after the date he takes you back to your home and hold your hand!!
  • and guess what
  • at the doorstep he gave you a forehead kiss bye,,,.
  • blah blah 1 month in and he’s asking you about be in relationship with him and he’s so nervous that he starts to talk in satoori :((( but youre like “oF COURSE” 
  • now le’ts get to dating this sweatheart
  • omg so he’s so shy that he need to ask you if he can kiss you :(((
  • like you guys just talking and daniel is so cute that you just have to kiss his cheek and he’ just so shocked and is blushing so hard
  • and he’s like “can i kiss you?”!!!!!!!!!!! “s-sure” and boom your first kiss
  • so where should i start
  • daniel is so so sooo supportive
  • wanna be a teacher? go for it! wanna have 50 cats? i will help you! wanna land on the moon! i’m gonna print a banner with your face and cheer on you!!!
  • this boy is so into you and he loves you so much
  • he’s soooo soft for you
  • he loves cuddling 
  • laying on your chest, stomach or lap is his favorite thing to do
  • loves to play with your hair and you have to remaind him that they gonna get greasy if his not gonna stop and he just pout :(
  • not a big fan of maching outfits but ring, shoes or maybe just a simple tshirt is cool
  • nothing like a shirt with “they’re mine ->” oh boy dont do it.
  • he’s really serious about this relationship
  • wanna move in with you as fast as he can and have a kids (cats)
  • you guys already have two cats 
  • but daniel wants you to have our own cat
  • so you just spend 3 days looking for on and having mental breakdown bc they all are so cute and you can’t pick
  • but finally you choose one and it’s your new baby!!
  • loves walking on the beach in busan and always makes jokes about train to busan when you’re about to visit his hometown
  • teaching you satoori
  • foreahead kisses
  • hand kisses!!
  • “i love you so mucha”
  • “what did you say?”
  • “i-i said something?? i mean i think i need to buy more cat food gonna be right back babe”
  • “daNIEL!”
  • “what?”
  • “i love you too”
  • and he’s just a blushing mess with gummy smile
  • sooo interested in your make up stuff
  • “your brushes are so fluffy D:”
  • “you have a bLUE LIPSTICK???”
  • don’t like to fight with you and is probably the one thats crying at the end 
  • is pretty open about his feeling and always say when he is not feeling well or he’s jealous
  • really emotional and cry often so you need to cuddle and comfort him :(
  • but is a good listener so you can tell him everything 
  • he will overreact so much when you hurt yourself
  • panicking more than you
  • put a cute plaster on your finger and then buy you chocolate bc he feel sad when you’re hurt
  • loves when you’re wearing his clothes
  • probably wrote a rap about you but is too shy to admit it
  • show you his dancing 
  • the rest of the wanna one are pretty much done with you guys and your pda but they are happy bc you make daniel happy :(
  • probably sings to you when you can’t fall asleep
  • panicking when you’re not beside him at night and is running around the house trying to find you but you’re just in toilet..
  • basically you guys are so cute and everyone loves you the end

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headcanons about eddie getting shitfaced at a party and richie taking care of him??? also maybe richie and eddie arent dating yet >:)

Wowie, 1k of us is quite a lot isn’t it, thank you so much for putting up with my bullshit content

This probably isn’t what you wanted and I’m sorry but I had a nice time writing these (sorry for any typos it’s been a long day)

- In this they aren’t dating yet but I guess it doesn’t really matter if they are or aren’t (the Headcanons work either way)

- okay so the first time Richie convinced Eddie to drink was meant to be ‘just an experiment’

- Richie just wanted to see how his beloved Eddie spaghetti would act drunk

- He expected him to just be hyper aware and cautious of everything, like an amplified version of his usual self

- boi was Richie in for a shock

- So the losers got invited to a college party (they cool in college)

- and of course Richie sees his chance to get Eddie drunk, he had it all planned out

- however by the time he gets there, Eddie is with a small group of people Richie doesn’t know and he’s already very intoxicated

- Eddie spots him at the door and instantly, points at him and yells ‘LOOK, THATS MY BOYFRIEND’

- Richie already knows he’s in for a hell of a night

- He’s also the loser’s dedicated driver for the night, he and Bill are the only ones with a car and Bill was on a mission to get drunk

- Eddie runs over to him, wrapping his arms around Richie’s neck and pulls him down to kiss his cheek

- Richie instinctively puts a hand on the small of Eddie’s back to balance him as he crashes into him

- ‘Hey Eds, having fun?’

- Eddie just squishes his face against Richie’s and hums agreement

- They hang around and talk to everyone for a few hours but Richie honestly isn’t feeling it

- so he drags Eddie outside, past the patio and into the massive garden

- He finds a nice bench just past a few bushes and decides that’s where they’ll sit

- Eddie pretty much turns into an octopus at that point, one arm around Richie’s neck and the other around his waist whilst his face pressed against his neck

- Richie thought it was adorable

- From the distance, they can hear people back in the house laughing which for some reason makes Eddie burst out laughing too

- his head falling from Richie’s neck to rest in his lap, gazing up at Richie as his laugh calms to a giggle

- 'You’re something else, spaghetti man’

- 'Fuck did you just call me, bitch! Don’t use that language’

- This causes Eddie to start telling/yelling at Richie about everything

- Eddie takes Richie’s hand and starts playing with his fingers as his continues his barley understandable ranting

- Richie just watches and tries to listen to him with adoration

- eventually Eddie stops mid sentence and looks at Richie as if he’d grown another head


- 'What’s wrong Eddie?!’

- Eddie takes a rough handful of Richie’s hair, bringing Richie down towards him and starts messing with the dark curls

- 'Where the heck did you learn to get hair like this’

- Richie’s decides to mess with him

- 'Eddie, you’ll never believe this but I grew it all by myself’

- 'Really?! That’s wild!’

- Eventually Eddie pulls Richie down even closer and wraps his arms around his neck whilst burying his face into Richie’s hair

- He knows sober Eddie would never do this in such a public place so he enjoys the moments as much as he can

- eventually he feels Eddie start to kiss his neck and just melts into the moment

- because honestly, this is Richie’s fantasies right here

- He’s just so relaxed and what Eddie is doing just feels so good

- Eddie pulls away with a cute smirk on his face

- 'Woopsie’

- 'Fucking vampire is what you are, Eds’

- They continue like that for a while, Richie ended up with his shirt being stretched down and marks covering his neck and collarbones

- however, all good things must come to an end and this beautiful moment ended with Eddie getting a headache

- 'Oh my fuck, I think my brain is gonna explode’

- So Richie decides to call it a night, he collects the losers one by one

- or in Stan and Bills case, two at a time, as they refused to let go of each other for even a second

- He makes sure they all get back home safely, Stan deciding to stay with Bill

- 'You can’t leave me billiam, not like this!!’

- Richie takes Eddie home with him, with Eddie still complaining about his headache and Richie knowing Mrs K won’t be happy about the current state of son

- so Richie wrestles Eddie into his bedroom , with Eddie clinging to him and his hair

- He’s surprised when Eddie actually changes into the sweats and tshirt he throws at him

- He tucks Eddie into his bed and hops in next to him

- He puts one hand in Eddie’s hair and the other around his waist as Eddie grabs his face and cuddles his head against his chest

- the next morning Eddie’s headache is so much worse and he just cuddles Richie closer in attempts to ease his pain

- This obviously wakes Richie up and he out of bed fetching painkillers before Eddie can even complain at the lack of warmth

- On his way back, Eddie notices the array of purple and blue marks on his neck

- Eddie is kinda angry because how dare Richie let someone else give him hickies whilst he’s drunk

- 'Who the FUCK gave you those?! I am ready to fight whoever it was’

- 'You’ll be fighting yourself then’

- Eddie just blushes and accepts the painkillers

- he doesn’t know if he’s happy or really upset that he doesn’t remember last night

Add more because I love this concept - xo

somewhat of a MASTERLIST

5sos ✨



* (anyone)


BTS Reaction × Cheating × Angst 🌧


So delayed because I just write too much sometimes :)

Rap Monster

You felt something was off when you couldn’t find him at BTS’ new album celebration party. No, you thought it was weird since he texted you that he arrived at the party already and that you should find your own ride here but no negative thoughts came to your mind, you trusted Namjoon with everything you had. As you chatted away to a few people to distract yourself, your boyfriend comes to view looking more handsome than ever you had excused yourself and made way to him with the biggest smile dancing on your lips. He hadn’t realised you were here until you stood in front of him.

“Hi” you whispered with a shy smile as you hugged him and thats when you notice a feminine scent on him, a scent that couldn’t belong to you as you haven’t seen your boyfriend let alone that suit for at least 2 weeks due to comeback preparation. Feeling his body become stiffer only to pull away your eyes wander up his chest to his collar where you notice hickeys on his neck. With tears pricking your eyes you looked into his and asked “Wh-what’s this?” while pointing your fingers to his marked neck. 

It felt like hours of silence but you knew his guilty expression had said it all, you turned around and headed for the door. That night he had left you hundreds of message saying that he couldn’t live without you and that he was out of his mind to do this to you, all of which you tried your hardest not to crave into. 


You knew Jin was cheating on you when Taehyung had accidentally called you Yuna, and you definitely were not Yuna. You had no idea that your continuous pestering on who Yuna is (of which you thought Taehyung had a crush on) would end up revealing that she’s the person who your boyfriend JIN was spending time with when he gave you excuses of needing to “improve before the comeback”. Betrayed you confront your boyfriend only to find him beg for forgiveness and that he had been having “too much pressure” and was getting “drunk” frequently, all of which you knew were just lies because it was not just on one occasion and so you had decided to leave and live your life too.


You and Suga would frequently take time apart when it comes near to BTS’ comeback preparation as you know how stressed your man gets when he has to compose, write and record good music all of which were enough to drain him and you did not want to add more to that pile of responsibility. What you did not usually do was get with someone else which was the scene laid out in front of you. 

Suga was kissing a girl who you recognised as a BigHit trainee sat on top of the table, all hands over each other. You had made your presence known when you drop the food you wanted to give to him thinking he wouldn’t be eating but it seems like he was taking care of himself way too well. He turns around to you wide-eyed meeting your tearful gaze before you run out. As you open the door of your car a hand you know too well caught your wrist. “I’m so sorry, I’ve been stressed out you know I’d never do this to you, I’m so sorry Y/N I really need you” You would have got into your car if you had not heard him begging you not to go with the most sincere apologetic face ever, and you had decided to give him another chance. 


You found out that he cheated when he started treating you weird, he never cuts your conversations short and the guilty look in his face whenever he saw you had lead you to question him about whats wrong. When he told you, you felt stupid and betrayed and packed the clothes you could gather in your shared apartment to leave thinking its the end of your relationship. When he goes to his knees and tears escape his eyes you hesitated to leave. 

“I really wanted to tell you but it happened too quickly I was drunk and I feel so disgusting but please don’t leave, I’d never do it if I was thinking straight” and his continuous apologies would lead you to look past it. 


There was nothing more painful than finding out that your boyfriend was screwing your “friend” and he pretends that everything is okay. He was cuddling you after coming home from “Late practice” which your “friend” had told you would use as an excuse every time he had met her. Furious and absent-minded you asked him “is there anything you wanna tell me?” which he replies with “no babe I had a long day” while caressing your sides. “If you really care about me answer it this with honest, is there really nothing” alarmed he cuts off skin contact to dare and look into your eyes “I would tell you, honest” and thats when you push him to the side and explode. He was lying and he didn’t even care about it.

“So screwing Hani is really nothing you wanna tell me? How fucking dare you” you got up to be pulled back by strong arms and pleading arms “I didn’t want to hurt you” he was just giving excuses you thought “Please let’s jus- no just please give me one more chance you know I need you” he begged before you slammed the dorm’s door. 


Being with a man as perfect as Taehyung had made you self-conscious since you first started dating, you always thought you weren’t good enough for him and when you heard a news media outlet releasing pictures of who you thought was your man and an actress he had acted with in a drama before holding hands. You began to cry and curse at yourself for your incompetence, something you knew you shouldn’t do but if you were pretti- no if you treated him better maybe he wouldn’t have looked around for someone else.

Taehyung ran to your apartment as soon as the media covered the scandal and he knew you were probably broken and hated himself for it. When he arrived and saw your state he started crying as he knew he would never be able to forgive himself for doing this to you. 

“Please, stand up you don’t deserve to cry” he would manage to say and showered you with compliments in hopes to wash away any negativity, all of which you knew were gonna be useless when you ended the relationship there and then.


Jungkook blushing whenever he looks at his phone and when he would spend too much time outside the house, even when they had no schedule or practice had made you suspicious. You thought confronting him would be a good idea to clear things in your head  but you couldn’t bring yourself to it. You decided to just look through his phone instead and you discovered messages you wish you had never read

You walked to where he was sitting playing computer games only to throw his phone at him with the most disgusted look in your face, you had hidden your broken feelings deep not wanting to give him to have the satisfaction of seeing you break down. He looked up at your expression questioningly. “What’s up babe?” He’d ask while turning around to continue his game “Really? You’re gonna pretend Jenny doesn’t exist?” “Who-what? wow so you go through my phone now” he’d look at you astonished “I wouldn’t have had to if you weren’t being suspicious, How could I have asked you if you don’t even spend time with me anymore?”

He’d realise he messed up but his pride seemed way to important to him and he didn’t want to give in and beg you forgiveness when you looked through his messages without permission. He would regret it so much when he saw you walk out with tears in your eyes after being ignored knowing he messed up and lost someone so precious for someone temporary.

Mine and Only Mine

 Shawn Mendes x Reader



Word Count- 1123

Summary/Request- could you do one where you and Shawn and Shawn are going to his friends’ house and his friend is being weirdly flirty with you

“So you just showed up at Shawn’s house even though he was in Amsterdam?” Ian asks you sit down on his couch. 

“Yeah well I missed his family and I wanted to hang out with them.” You laugh. 

“Well, why were you here in the first place?” Ian asks, still very confused at the situation. 

“That’s when my dad came up to Pickering to play in that golf tournament with your dad. You were still in school.” You say, “You want a beer?”

“Yeah.” You hand him a drink from the fridge, “So wait- can you explain the story again”

“What are we talking about?” Matt chimes in as he walks through the front door.

“Matt no!” Ian yells. “(Y/N) back to your story.”

“Hey Matt, Ian is being a confused little idiot so give me one minute to explain some shit to him and then I will get back to you.” You smile to him and then turn your head to the boy you see as a little brother, “Ian, my dad came to play with your dad to play golf. I had a weekend off from school so I decided to come with him. I texted Manny, my boyfriend and your best friend’s dad, to tell him that I was coming and I was planning on having dinner with them. When I got here I decided to FaceTime Shawn when I was right outside of his house and he was really confused too. Then I explained all this to him and he got kind of jealous because I was with his family without him. Then I surprised Aaliyah and Karen and we all had dinner and I got to go shopping with Liyah. Then at the end of the weekend I went home.”

“I’m going to need this drink.” Matt says.

“No that’s mine- uh Ian do you get it? Its not that hard.” You whine. 

“So why did you do this?” Matt asks.

“Because I wanted to hang out with Aaliyah!” You yell.

“Oh okay why didn’t you just say that.” 

“BecaUSE I TRIED TO YOU IDIOT “ You scream and you shake Ian’s frame with the material of his thick sweatshirt. 

“I’m so confused by this whole situation!” Matt chuckles while before taking a swig of his chilled drink. 

You sit back in the couch and place your hand on your forehead, “I’m so done with this conversation!” Ian Warburton is the idiot among all idiots, but you love him like a little brother. You actually have known Ian longer than you have known Shawn. You and shawn have been dating for six and a half years now and you and Ian have been friends for over ten years now. 

“I’ll keep you company.” Matt says out of nowhere and he sits next to you. You and Matt have a weird relationship. He has always kind of just been there. You never really connected on a more than friendship level. He obviously knows that you and Shawn are in a very serious relationship. He is that friend that you always have a great time with in a group but you could never be one on one with. Yeah, thats Matt. “So when is Shawn coming?” Matt asks as he slides closer to you on the couch. 

“Umm…” You take a look at your phone and you notice that you have a more recent text from Shawn that you missed, I’ll be there in 5 minutes babe, You decide not to reply. “He’ll be here any minute.” You tell a little white lie in hopes that he will move father away from you. 

“Good at least I have another minute alone with you.” He places his hand on your thigh. 

“But Ian’s right here.” You point to the teenager in the corner. 

“Dude maybe too much beer in too little time?” Ian laughs half joking half real.

“No I mean alone without Shawn.” Matt says honestly, “I always get to see Shawn and I get to see you whenever you are visiting as well, but I never get to see you without Shawn. It’s refreshing.” He squeezes your thigh a little with the word refreshing. 

Your face when he says this looks like you just took a big sip of spoiled milk. You literally feel disgusted. You look back to Ian and he is completely shocked, which only makes you laugh. 

“Yeah okay.” You laugh at Matt. Trying to keep your breathing under control but overtime you try to look away from a very confused Matt, you only look at Ian who is dying laughing himself. 

“Dude what the fuck was that?!” Ian laughs. 

“Hey kids whats up?” Shawn says as he walks through the door. He is clad in grey sweatpants and the classic iHeart Radio sweatshirt. Sometimes he looks the most sexy when he is wearing comfy clothes. 

“Shawn!” You cheer. You had seen him not even two hours ago, but your heart skips a beat every time you look at him. 

“Hey baby. What are you doing so close to those morons?” He pats the small left of the armchair. You giggle at the idea of sitting so close to him as you spring up from the couch. You sit your bum on the empty cushion and your back rests against the arm of the chair. Your legs sit comfortably across Shawn’s thighs. “He’s always trying to get so close to you.” Shawn whispers in your ear. 

“I know but you are here now.” You smile at him. 

“You better watch out Shawnie, you leave her alone and I’ll make her laugh like that again.” Matt says referring to your laugh earlier.

“Matt, hun, she wasn’t laughing because you made her laugh.” Ian begins, “She was laughing because the thought of you thinking about her like that made her feel so uncomfortable.”

“Dude I was totally joking!” Matt awkwardly laughs. 

“Mm yeah okay.” Ian laughs, the alcohol hitting him a little bit. You and Shawn have yet to drink anything and you assume you’ll just take care of Matt and Ian tonight. 

Shawn has one hand on your right thigh and the other on the arm chair behind your back. “I miss this when I’m gone.” He whispers in your ear as Matt and Ian join in some kind of conversation about people at their school. 

“I know.” You smile and brush your hand across his cheek, lingering around the scar below his right eye. 


Part 1


I’m in love with Simon but recently things changed. Not with me, with him. He’s still the same gamer who stays up all night editing and playing games, but now he’s cold and quiet. Too quiet and I’m no longer having to shout at him to be quiet so I can sleep because he’s already in bed and turned towards the wall.

He’s distanced himself.

But then he snapped back and I didn’t know how to react. I was happy to see him being back to himself but I didn’t know how to feel because I still wasn’t close to him.

“Si I’m getting up really early tomorrow.” I whisper as I stand in the doorway to the bathroom in only a sleep shirt and my pants.


“I mean I’m getting up early and wanted to know if you would join me?”

“I don’t know. I mean I have to edit and won’t be in bed for about another three hours.”

“Okay well I don’t wanna interrupt so I’m gonna go stay in the guest room. Night Si.” I walk over to the bed and grab my phone and pillow.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” He calls after me and feel nauseous as the words leave his mouth. No affection or emotion.

Just apathy.

“So why on earth is there a suitcase, a girly one thats yours, by the door downstairs?”

“JJ not now.” I whisper as he follows me into the other room.

“No we’re doing this now because you’re dating Simon and he didn’t say you were leaving.”

“Cause he doesn’t know. I’m going to go stay with some friends in Brighton. I just want to be by the beach. He’ll figure out soon enough.”

“Why don’t you just tell him?”

“Because have you seen him? He doesn’t kiss me anymore and he doesn’t touch me. He doesn’t act like he’s mine JJ. He’s been like this since the New Years party and I’m trying but I can’t keep grasping onto the little bit he gives me. I told him I’d be in the guest room and he just said okay see you tomorrow.”

“Jide, I know you know. I know that you know the girl he’s been seeing and it’s nice that you’re trying to salvage my relationship, but he’s bored of me. Six years too many.”

Six years and he was bored. How could I mix it up like that new girl could? Simon and I were old news and nobody wants old news after a certain point.

“My stuff is all out of here and I have more of my suitcases in the car. So when I’m gone tomorrow morning don’t say anything. Please.”

“No that’s not what you’re doing.”

“JJ I’ve known you and Simon for years. We’ve been the best of friends for years and maybe it’s just time Simon and I aren’t. Just please do me a favor and please don’t tell him what I’m up to. I already blocked him on social media and I’m changing my number. I just need time and I have none when I’m constantly worrying about what he’s doing. You kept his secret so please repay me by keeping mine.”

“If that’s what you want.”

“It’s what I need.”


I soon put the pieces together when I had time to myself. Simon because distant and quiet when it first happened. He was guilty and he felt bad for now liking someone else. Then he stopped feeling guilty and I think that’s when I needed to go. And that’s why I did go. That’s why I’m in Brighton in my own flat near my friends who support me and make me feel wanted.

But all good things must come to an end.

“You know JJ can’t keep a secret.”

Words like knives.

“He kept yours for pretty long. Probably wouldn’t have told me if I didn’t figure it out myself.” I uncross my arms over my chest while hastily going to walk away.

“Karen can you handle the store if I head home for the day.” I shout to the back of the cafe and she nods.

Who the fuck let him come down to my place of work.

“Simon I’m not gonna spend my time talking to you so walk and talk. I have other places to be and other people to see.” I motion for him to get on with it once I have my keys and bag.

“You left without notice.”

“And you cheated on me and then continued seeing her.” I snap and he looks shocked.

“Six years of dating. I was waiting for the ring Simon. I was the idiot thinking soon you’d propose to me and boy was I wrong. Simon I’ve known you for years and been by your side for so long and you cheated on me. You didn’t even just do it once, you kept seeing her and you thought I wouldn’t know or that our friend wouldn’t tell me. You had your mates keeping it a secret. That’s low Simon. Now I go home and my parents ask where you are? I tell them that you can’t make it because if I told them we were over I don’t know if I’d be able to see their faces. They’d ask questions and I’d have to tell them that you cheated on me. So instead I lie and I tell them that you’re busy with work and can’t wait to see them.”

“Simon I waited thinking you’d propose to me this year. That after New Years we’d be engaged but instead I’m single. But you’re not because you cheated and decided to still see that home wrecker. The bitch who stayed with you and slept with you knowing you had a devoted girlfriend of six years at home waiting for you. I’m sorry but I’m sick of waiting for you. So go Simon, you got to see what you wanted. You saw the girl fawning over you and begging for you to have just been better. However I’m done being that for you because I’m happier now than I was with you because now I don’t have to worry if my famous boyfriend is gonna go fuck another girl.” I finally silence myself after putting on quite the show for the people of Brighton.

“And tell JJ that he could’ve kept his mouth shut. That I didn’t need this because I was just settling in to my new home.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You’re not sorry Simon. You’re just sorry you got caught. There’s a difference.”

“And Gia or whatever her name is can have you because I guess she had something you wanted that I didn’t have.”

“She wasn’t looking for a ring. That’s what she had.”

“Oh so after six years you don’t think she’ll also want one? She will and I’m assuming she’ll want a much bigger one and one much sooner. All I wanted was the confirmation that you did love me and that you did want to have a family with me. That’s what the ring meant for me. It meant confirming those six years and confirming that we’d be together forever. You just couldn’t do that. Now you’re here and I don’t know why.” I take a huge breath while holding my hands at my side.

“Just… Why are you here Simon?” I ask as tears start to well up.

“I don’t know. Everyone is asking for you. You stopped social media and changed your number. The only person who knew where you were, was JJ and everyone wanted to know where you where.”

“But did you?” I ask and he looks down while avoiding eye contact.

“I don’t know why I’m here. Just forget that I came here.”

“No I want to know why you’re here? Six years together Simon. Why are you here?”

“She’s pregnant and I don’t know what to do. With every issue that came up, I came to you and I’m used to going to you. I’m panicking. I can’t be a dad. I can’t, especially now.”

And that’s when it stopped.

The world stopped when he said she was pregnant.

“Simon I’m sorry I can’t help you with that. You want your ex girlfriend to help you become a dad? When you were supposed to be my husband and the father of my kids?”

from the dining table; bucky barnes

based of the song “from the dining table” by harry styles

warnings: cheating, liqour, feelings, lots of language, angst, iM soRRY

The night wasn’t supposed to go this way. You had come back from a mission early, elated to surprise your loving boyfriend. Seems more like you were the one surprised instead. As you trudged up the stairs to your shared apartment, it was startling to find two people standing in front of the cheaply made door.

It didn’t take long to realize who one of them was, tall with a dark haired man bun. Your Bucky. What you didn’t know, was who the other person was. Or why the pair of them were standing so close.

You swiftly hid behind the wall concealing the stairway and listened closely. You could feel your head pound to the rhythm of your heart and the tips of your fingers tapped together in anxiousness.

“I really had a great time, Buck.” The woman had obviously spoken, using the nickname reserved for his closest friends and you.

“Me too, doll.” Your heart twindged at the adorning name but you couldn’t find it in you to reveal yourself.

“Maybe next time, we can end it at my place?” She spoke suggestively and you could hear it followed by Bucky’s chuckled.

“I’d like that,” You peeked your head around the corner and took in the sight before your eyes. Her long arms around his neck and nails in this hair, her lips planted firmly on his. His arms snaked around her hourglass figure as he lifted her off the ground and reached for the door knob.

You felt physically ill. With your stomached tied into several knots and your knees feeling weak, you turned on your heel and slowly walked down the stairs leaning on the wall for support.

Of course it had to rain this night of all. The cold splatters soaked you to the core as you stepped out into the night. The rising bile in your throat made an appearance as you ran to the bushes and dry heaved seemingly forever.

You chest hurt and it felt like someone was stabbing into you repeatedly, all the while rubbing salt in the wounds. You stumbled to a standing positions and began walking toward the hotel a block from your- his apartment.

The receptionist had noticed your distraught look, recognizing it as heartbreak; something no one was immune to. She took pity on your defeated form and gave you a room on the top floor, far from anyone. With a muted thanks and a slow sluggish walk you willed yourself to the elevator to the 14th floor.

The room was nice, with a crystal chandelier and a mini fridge, any other time you would have been elated but now you just wanted to cry. You stood in front of the closed mahogany door and the tears you managed to keep in spilled from your bloodshot eyes. Sliding down the door, and shook violently as you screamed out in frustration.

How could he do that to you? How could he find another woman within the weeks time you were gone. Thats when it hit you, it was going on much longer than that. All the late night gym trips and sudden disappearances had added up. How did you not see it before? How had you been so stupid? So blind to what was right in front of you?

The pristine white of the bed mocked you, the purity of the sheets mocked you. You had given Bucky everything you had, and he tainted it all without you noticing. Your pure view on him was ruined, ripped apart and stomped on until there was nothing left with dust, painful dust. Sorta like your heart.

You shakily stood and stripped the soaked clothes from your body and dragged
yourself to the shower. The water burned your skin and left you raw and red, but you secretly hoped it would wash your pain away. You stayed in there until you felt so tired you were worried you may collapse in the shower.

The bed was cool against your hot and raw skin and soothed the scars of your heart. Your eyes stared at the white ceiling and the tears leaked out of the sides of your eyes. Sleep engulfed you like the darkness your heart now felt.

Woke up alone in this hotel room

Played with myself, where were you?

The sun shone through the opened curtains and you winced, the pounding sensation in your head making you feel delirious.

The unfamiliar room was puzzling to you until the events of last night rushed to your mind. The pain reinstated itself into your chest and you pulled a shaky breath, unable to cry anymore.

The digital clock next to the bed read 10:47 and the lump in your throat grew as you thought of Bucky. His mystery woman was probably making them breakfast, or was leaving to go home. Thoughts ran through your head at a rapid pace and you stopped yourself.

You didn’t deserve to feel this pain.

You threw the mini fridge open and found they had no alcohol stored, but when you walked to the door to run to the bar downstairs, you found a bottle of bourbon at your feet.

A small note was attached and you bent over to inspect it. “Heartbreak’s a bitch, but bourbon isn’t” You realized it must have been from the receptionist and faintly smiled as you picked the glass bottle up.

It was half gone by twelve.

Fell back to sleep,

I got drunk by noon.

I never felt less cool.

It was another day before you gathered the courage to go home. To him.

Standing in front of the cheap and poorly painted door of your apartment, it almost seemed unreal. Walking into what was once a home filled with blissful memories, it was hard to believe there was something sinister behind closed doors.

You cautiously treaded on the wooden floor, not wanting encounter anyone. Much to your dismay, Bucky was sitting on the couch and heard you come in.

“Doll?” He grinned widely, rushing towards you to engulf you in a hug. You stood in the embrace, not moving to hold him too. He took notice and pulled back with a concerned look. “You okay?”

You pulled a sad smile and nodded, “Just tired” The lied passed straight through yor teeth so effortlessly you wondered why you explode on him.

The rest of the day had been filled with silence, besides Bucky’s attempts at starting a conversation. He tried to understand that you were tired, but his frustration was obvious.

we haven’t spoke since you went away

the comfortable silence is so overrated

why won’t you ever say what you want to say?

“Doll, you gotta talk to me. I haven’t had anything to do since you left.” He whined and pouted his bottom lip at you. It was so cute you almost forgave his sins right there.

You scoffed and mumbled under your breath, “But you had someone to do.” You dipped a tea bag into some boiled water and tried to avert your attention.

Bucky furrowed his thick eyebrows, “What was that, love?”

You set the mug aside to sit and rolled your eyes in annoyance. “Nothing, James.” That had caught him off guard, you never called him James.

Why won’t you ever say what you want to say?” He groaned and leaned against the white countertop.

Something in his tone had ticked a nerve, and that’s the exactly moment things went from bad, to hell.

“You wanna know what I have to say?” You snapped, turning around and facing him, anger etched into your features. He gave you a look that urged you to continue, so you did.

“What did you really do while I was gone, hm?”

His stomach dropped for a split second before he regained himself and tried to reason that you had no idea. “Whaddya mean, doll?”

“Oh shut the fuck up James.” The anger and betrayal leaked through your voice and he knew everything was going to change.

“Excuse me?” He tried, feigning confusion to her outburst.

“So who is she, Buck?” You glared into his blue eyes and saw fear flash through them. “An agent? A civilian? Some random whore?” You spat and began to walk away.

“The hell are you talking about, (Y/N)”

“Jesus Christ James! Just stop lying already. I fucking know you’ve been sleeping with someone else.”

The pain that pulsed through your heart showed in your eyes, because Bucky took a step back and felt a knot form in his throat.

“I came home two days ago, and saw you and the skank outside of our door.” You whispered and ran a shaky hand through your hair.

His blue eyes got glassy and he was at a loss for words. For the first time, James Barnes didn’t know what to say to woman. “Doll-”

“STOP CALLING ME THAT DAMNIT!” You screamed slamming your palms on the counter.

“THEN WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY?” He yelled back, fat tears starting to roll down his scruffy cheeks.

“NOTHING! IT MAKES IT WAY EASIER TO HATE YOU THAT WAY.” You screamed and blinked rapidly to push the oncoming tears back

“Oh so you’re gonna hate me now? After one lousy mistake?”

He was trying to play the victim. To flip the whole situation like it was your fault he cheated. “Oh stop being such a fucking prick. I know it was more than once.” You turned around and placed your palms on the counter that was previously behind you. “All the nights out. The early morning disappearances. It all makes sense now.” You gritted out through your teeth as the tear spilled over your clenched eyelids.

“Well it wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t such a shit girlfriend. You were never good enough!” He seemed to realize the venomous words that slipped off his tongue and immediately wished he could take them back.

It happened so fast he barely had time to react. The mug filled with hot tea flew passed his head and shattered against the wall as glass flew to every inch of the room. “Maybe everyone was right,” You spoke fiercely before shrinking to a whisper. “I’m not good enough. But at least i’m not a monster like you.”

He had never felt pain like he had in that moment. His stomach knotted so tightly he feared he was going to puke all over. His temples pounded to the beat of his heart and his world spun around him. How had he done this to you, he wondered. To the one person who had ever accepted him after everything he did, and forgave every thing he had done in the past. How had he tainted the one pure thing left in his life? How had he taken every inch of your big heart only to vandalize it with infidelity and hateful words? He hated himself, he hated what he did to you. And he would never forgive himself.

As you rolled your packed luggage to the door, tears soaking your pink cheeks, you paused. Bucky sat crumpled to his knees, his head buried in his hand and he cried roughly. Your heart lurched at the defeated sight, and had it not been for the cab already waiting downstairs, you would have stayed. His crystal blue eyes traced your features, trying to memorize every detail before you walked out of his life forever.

“I hope she was worth it, James.” You whispered before walking out the cheaply painted door, wishing never to see his face again.

Your last words haunted his sleep for years. He had never regretted anything so deeply and sincerely.

On what would have been your 6th anniversary, had he not ruined everything, he picked up his phone and typed in the number that was forever chiseled into his brain. Pressing send, he let out a shaky breath and waited.

“I’m sorry.”

He waited and waited for the familiar ding of his phone. But it never came. He would have to wait until death to be relieved from the weight on his shoulders. And he did.

Maybe one day you’ll call me
and tell me that you’re sorry, too.
But you, you never do.

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Exo Reaction: To you both going to the gym regularly

Hey anon :D thank you for requesting ! here is the reaction, hope you like it !

By the way I wish I actually had the energy to go to the gym lol



Since he recently got his abs, I feel like he would bring you for motivation or to just show off his body to you. I feel like he would want you both to be doing the same activity while in the gym so that he could also look at you while you are working out and I also think that he would find this a cute couple activity.

“ Wow we are like the coolest couple here, like people are probably jealous of how cute we actually look right now”

“ You are just saying that because you got abs now”

“ No Y/N I’m saying that because we look really hot right now” *bursts out laughing*

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Would be one of his favourites activities that you both did together, you being there made him more concentrated on his goal, like Baekhyun he would use this as an oppurtunity to show off his body to you, would also sneakly check you out

“ You know Y/n when we go to the gym together you make me concentrated, cos the only thing I think and look at while we are there is you”

“ Oh man did that sound too cheesy?“ *cute chanyeol giggles*

Originally posted by chanyoelpark


Would act like a cute boyfriend in the gym holding your hand while moving to different equipment, pulling you along to check out different things in the gym. Would probably try to persuadeyou to do that kissing sit up thing.

“ Come on Y/N no one is looking please?  its just kissing , we do that all the time”

“ Well yeah but not when you are doing sit ups in a public place”

“ Is it because you think you won’t be able to resist me” *smirk*

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You both started to go with the boys at the beginning but after a while you both just started going together, and then it just turned into a regular couple activity for you both, it made you guys go out of the house more and made you both more fit. 

“ When we get home, I will cook us a good meal”

“ Kyungsoo, you say this everytime we go to the gym”

“ Well I am saying this to motivate us”

Originally posted by saintksoo


He would get excited when you came to the gym with him. Honestly, I’m sure that Jongdae already admitted to having a dirty mind so yeah he would enjoy subtly checking you out, but would keep his lookout for any guys who keeps looking at you.

“ You know Y/N my visits to the gym gets 10 times better when we go together”

“ Well thats cute , so should I just ignore the fact that you keep checking me out every 10 minutes”

“Y/N how could you say that about me , I’m just looking out for your physical health”

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He would go to the gym by himself sometimes, but he would start to feel a bit lonely. So he just started inviting you, to be honest that just turned into  a couple activity that you both looked foward to. Expecially, due to his busy schedulle, sometimes your visits to the gym were actually a couple date for you both. I also do believe that he would probably try to backhug you during resting time.

“ Y/N I am getting tired, can we go soon”

“ Yixing, why are you backhugging me, I am so sweaty, and I smell”

“ You still look good though, and I am also smelly and sweaty but your not complaining”

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He would enjoy your company, and like Chanyeol he would think that you being there made him more concentrated on his goal. However, every time it was resting time he would keep looking at you then to something else then back at you again, then he would get quite shy when he catched you looking at him.

“ Y/N how many times have I told you not to look at me like that, gosh it makes me so shy”

“ Well not my fault that you are the most good looking person in the gym”

“ Says the person who keeps me concentrated”

Originally posted by intokai


He would like this whole couple gym thing, it made you guys spend extra time together, and he also enjoyed showing you off. Would feel quite proud when he catched you looking at him but would get really blushy if you caught him.

“ Y/N just so you know, I wasn’t looking at you in a dirty way”

“ Oh really, I don’t believe you” *teasing look*

“ Okay fine, but like what do you expect I’m guy your my girlfriend, and anyway you were looking at me too” *accusing look while blushing like a tomato*

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We all know how Minseok enjoys taking care of his body, so when you decided to be his partner in his gym activities he was very happy and tried to include you in every activity. He would also use this as an opportunity to mess with you like making you lie down while he does pushups over you, and then giving you a unexpected long kiss.

“ Y/N you are really red right now, are you maybe flustered from our pushup situation that we are in right now”

“ Well who wouldnt, when your expecting a short peck and then suddenly you are surprised with this long kiss”

“ Sorry I couldnt resist, I wont promise that wont do it agin though”

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He would really enjoy it, but his protective boyfriend side would be on full mode, like he would be on the look out for any suggestive look another guy might trow at you. So to show everyone that you were his he would be extra touchy. Like he would have his arms around your waist while moving to another equipment, extra deep kisses and manly grunts.

“Y/N what did I tell you about wearing those yoga pants, I feel like every guy is trying to make a move on you”

“ Luhan , stop being paranoid, you know that you are the best one in here to me”

“  uhmm I guess my deep kisses are working huh”

Originally posted by fyeahluhan

Wu Yifan

Would keep you close to him , would also be a protective boyfriend. However, like Chanyeol and Kai he enjoyed having you there as it also helped him to concentrate on his goal which was looking good for you.

“ Y/N stop telling me not to work out so hard”

“ You do know that I like you in any shape or form right”

“ I know, but it will also help me to look tough and scare the other guys away”

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He would love to show off how fit you both were, bragging to everone about your gym activities. He just really like doing this activity with you, and the best part to him was when you both got home, order pizza and other unhealthy amount of food and fall sleep on the couch and then regret it on the next day.

“ Y/N I cant believe we did this again, I thought we agreed to not have pizza right after we arrive from the gym”

“ Dont blame it on me, your the one who ordered it yesterday”

“ Fine I guess that give us an excuse to go the gym again, and pretend we are a fit couple “

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Hello everyone! hopefully everyone enjoyed this reaction :D

This honestly gave me heart palpitation while looking for the gifs lol

Sorry for any spelling mistake as it is a bit late here where I live, and I’m really tired :D


(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 4 101
warning : smut
summary : Kai meets Reader at the Salvatore house and teases her with magic.
*gif by christophwood

Ever since Kai turned into a heretic , Damon and his friends made it their mission to keep an eye out of him and keep him busy so he doesn’t kill anyone. Weirdly none of them seemed to even consider that maybe he was changing and that now with his coven was gone there wouldn’t be any reason for him to snap. When they asked him to come over that day he had no idea the day was going to be full of surprises for him.
To Kai spending the day at the Salvatore’s with Damon and everyone else (except for Bonnie who still couldn’t stand to be anywhere near him) had seemed like the most annoying thing in the world. They kept eyeing  him, following his movements around the room while he looked around , wondering if he’d give them the slip. There were so many things there , he couldn’t help but want to check out every single one of them. It appeared that over the decades , the Salvatore’s had gathered quite an impressive collection of all sorts of trinkets.
    “Put that down creeper.” said Damon , taking a sip of his bourbon seeing Kai holding one of the old vases. “If you break it , I will break you.
    “Always so hostile , Damon. Why is that ? Has Elena stopped letting you — tsk tsk , you know.” said Kai wiggling his brows. “Cuz that would definitely do it , or maybe its just who you are. I still can’t figure out which one is it. Or what Elena sees in you. Stefan is so much better than -”
Damon held onto his glass so hard , the glass smashed in his hands sending shards everywhere. Elena ducked to try and avoid getting pieces of it in her body , rolling her eyes before pulling Damon down on the sofa with her to keep him from killing Kai.
    “Owh , did I struck a nerve ?”
    “Ignore him.” said Elena quietly , rubbing Damon’s forearm.
The young heretic kept walking around the room under the stare of the couple , slowly making his way to the hallway , checking out the paintings when the front door opened and someone he had never seen before in his life walked inside the house and bumped into him almost knocking him down.
    “Watch where you are —” started Kai , freezing on the spot. “Oh hello.”
Kai checked out the knew comer from head to toe,  twice - the girl looked around his age , wearing short shorts , a plain white top with her hair made in waves. He was surprised to figure out she was a human since there weren’t that many humans left in the Mystic Falls gang. He wondered who she is. One thing Kai knew for sure - the girl stole his breath away and he wanted her to like him and be his friend or more maybe than a friend. So far he hadn’t managed to screw anything up with her , so maybe there was a chance for at least one of those things to happen.
    “Sorry.” she smiled nervously , taking a step backwards.
    “No harm done.” he smiled , unable to look away. “Wow you are like really pretty. How don’t I know who you are?”
    “I um — W-who are you again?”
    “Oh right sorry , manners. I’m Kai.” said Kai grinning at her , nervously running his fingers through his hair before shaking her hand, holding onto it a few seconds too long.
    “Step away from the human.” said Damon , getting up from the sofa to welcome his friend. “Welcome home troublemaker. Had a good year at NYU?”
Kai couldn’t take his eyes off the new girl and she appeared to have the same problem , glancing at Damon only for a few seconds. He could hear her heart racing and  her breathing becoming uneven. Damon gave Y/N an awkward one arm hug , messing up her hair right after until she slapped his hand away.
    “NYU was — fun , I guess though nowhere near as fun as hanging out here…apparently.” she said , running her fingers through her hair trying to fix the mess her friend had made.
    “I am just trying to get to know your friend , thats all. Why ? Does she have a boyfriend or something ?” wondered Kai , not taking his eyes off her. Thinking  this girl might belong to someone else but him made him feel weird. “You still haven’t told me your name.”
    “Sorry — I’m Y/N and no , I d-don’t have a boyfriend.” said Y/N smiling nervously. Elena wrapped her hands around her pulling her into a hug. “You never said he was that hot.” she whispered to her friend.
    “You think I’m hot ?” said Kai with an smile on his face,  taking a step towards her until Damon pulled him away. He glanced at the vampire , pushing him off. “Oh stop it with the over protective stuff. I am not going to hurt her. I think she likes me , it would be a shame if I don’t get to know her at least. What do you say? Do you want to spend the rest of the day with the most dangerous heretic ?”
Damon groaned and Kai ignored him , taking another step towards Y/N. He could hear her heart beating so fast, as if trying to leap out of her chest the closer to her he got. Something told him it wasn’t fear that was causing her reaction.
    “I promise you , whatever they have told you about me - they’ve over reacted.” said Kai , snaking his hand around her waist and walking her to the sofa.
    “Yeah because what you did at the wedding was a walk in the park.” said Damon , but Kai ignored him completely. All his attention was on Y/N.
    “Who knows , maybe you will see the good in me.” he smiled lightly brushing his fingers against her cheek for a moment. “Hey do you have twitter ? You should follow me - cobrakai1972. You know , like Karate Kid? ”
Y/N felt a tingly feeling spread from her stomach through her body the second Kai touched her. He didn’t seem evil like her friends had told her , he just seemed — like he wanted someone to talk to. There was no denying he was smocking hot and somehow in their first few moments together he had stirred something inside her , something she hadn’t felt since her boyfriend Kol. No way she’d hate Kai , ever. It was already too late for that.
    “Um … I don’t believe I’m familiar with that movie.” she laughed nervously.
    “OH then maybe we can watch it together like — you know, on a date?” he asked raising his brows for a moment just as they sat together on the sofa.
    “Wait – we just met and you are asking me out already ?”
    “Yeah , why ? Is that odd ? Sorry , I’m a little rusty on my social skills. You know , magical timeout and all.” he smiled nervously.
Y/N turned towards her friends raising her brows as if to say ‘Thats the super dangerous person you told me about ?’. Kai had a danger vibe around him , yes , but he didn’t seem as dangerous as her friends had made him out to be. He seemed nice and cuddly with eyes that could melt any girl’s heart. Like they already had started melting hers.
    “You two are full of surprises , aren’t you ?” she wondered turning towards her friends. “So where are my welcome home cupcakes with those red sprinkles on top ? I thought you said there would be cupcakes.”
    “You like cupcakes too ? Awesome ! Ch-cholate ones right ?”
Y/N glanced at Kai and then at her friends and then at Kai again , slowly starting to piece things together. Were they trying to make up for killing Kol with the white oak stake to get the stupid cure ? Sure they hadn’t known about her and the original vampire back then but it still hurt like hell. A nervous smile showed on her face and she ran her fingers through her hair.
    “Yeah …. with chocolate frosting and melted chocolate on the inside.”
Kai grinned rubbing his hands excitedly. “OH those are the best. I love you already.”
    “S-sorry what?” said Y/N blinking a few times really fast.
    “What ?”
    “You said ‘love’.”
    “No , I didn’t. I said ‘like’.”
    “Ohh-kay.” she said clearly remembering him saying ‘love’.
    “You like cupcakes and you are talking to me without that judgy look in your eyes all your annoying friends get whenever I am around.” said Kai sincerely. “How can I not like you ?” Kai grinned at her , pinching her cheek.
    “Don’t – don’t do that.”
    “Why ? Is it annoying you?” he said pinching her cheek again as she tried to swat his hand away. “You missed.”
Y/N started laughing , even more seeing Elena and Damon’s expressions. They were looking at them with a look of disbelief , suspicion , surprise as if Y/N had gone crazy and like Kai had done something evil instead of being all cute.
‘What?’ she mouthed. 'He is smoking hot –’
    “Alright thats - that’s enough. If you two keep it up like that I will need  a lot more of this.” said Damon shaking his empty glass in his hands , moments before he poured himself another glass with bourbon.
Kai raised his hands in defence. “Fine , I’ll stop talking.”
    “Yeah , as if thats going to happen.” muttered Elena sitting on the other sofa , reaching for Damon’s glass and gulping it at once. “Sorry , you might need to get yourself another one.”


Kai had stopped talking , mostly because he couldn’t figure out what to say to Y/N to get her to get out with him. He was starting to get worried something had gone seriously wrong with him because not once in his life he had felt that way. Why were his palms so sweaty and why was his heart doing those weird flips? How it was that he couldn’t focus on anything else but her in that moment ?
Y/N kept glancing at Kai noticing how he hadn’t taken his eyes off her , studying her face with curiosity in his blue eyes. Was she imagining it or was he moving closer to her ? Kai pressed his lips together for a moment , lightly licking his lower lip with a low 'hmmmm’ following afterwards.
Damn thats hot. she thought unable to look away from him.
A few minutes later Stefan and Caroline arrived at the house with the cupcakes her friends had promised her when they called two days ago. Stefan said something to her but she could barely see or even hear him. All her focus was on Kai and how in this moment his fingertips were grazing across her arm slowly sending chills all over her body. Y/N swatted his hand away but he didn’t give up. No matter how hard she tried to focus on reality it wasn’t possible , not with her new blue eyed friend doing all of this.
    “Oh just get it out of your system and kiss. I can’t stand the thought of an evening with the two you and that tension.” said Damon suddenly.
Y/N and Kai turned towards him. The young heretic was grinning and she was looking at her friend with a mix of shock and surprise in her wide eyes. Only half an hour ago he had practically tried to drag Kai away from her and now he was suggesting they make out. What ?!
    “I – I don’t want to kiss him. Why w-would I want to kiss him ?” she stuttered. “T-this is ridiculous.”
Kai put his arm around her shoulder pulling her towards him , sending electricity through her veins.
    “Oh sure you do , sweetheart.” grinned Kai placing his other hand on her stomach. “Owwh listen to that heart beat - racing so fast , so strong. Hmmm…”
Kai leaned in towards her brushing his nose against her cheek slowly moving it towards her neck while snaking his other hand on her stomach , getting her to lose it completely. Y/N’s eyes fluttered closed for a second and glanced at Damon then at Kai , pushing his hands away getting up quickly.
    “I’ll be right back.”

Y/N almost ran to the kitchen to get something cold to drink and find a way to cool down. Kai’s touch and just his presence had sent so many butterflies in her stomach she was 100% sure somehow they’d burst out of her. A few minutes later she had poured herself a glass with her favourite lemon / ginger ice tea and had leaned against the kitchen counter , taking a sip. Her eyes closed and she threw her head back for a moment letting out a small moan.
    “Oh that felt good.” she muttered to herself.
    “So hot moaning like that…” said a male voice , sounding way too close.
When her eyes opened Kai was standing right in front of her , so close his body was almost pressing against hers. He placed his hands on her waist and pulled her towards him leaning in towards her. His eyes kept darting between hers and her lips , his breath lightly hitting her face.
    “Kai – what are you doing ?”  she wondered trying to find a way to pull herself away from him. No way she’d kiss him. No way she’d let him kiss her either no matter how much she wanted to. Luckily for her his grip wasn’t to strong and she pushed him away.
Kai grinned at her , reaching for one of the cupcakes on the counter swiping some of the frosting with his finger and licking it clean right after. Y/N’s eyes widened and she tried very very hard to push away all those thoughts , but instead of helping he pushed it even further - licking some of the frosting from the cupcake with his tongue without taking his eyes off her.
    “MMmmmhmmm those are delicious. You should try them , here.” he swiped some of the frosting and held out his finger for her. “Come on , you know you want to. Plus how can you say 'no’ to chocolate cupcakes.”
Y/N gripped his wrist and pushed his hand away. “I um …no , t-thanks.”
Quickly she turned around walking out of the kitchen when barely a few steps away from the door , Kai caught up with her and without saying a word backed her against the wall , pinned her hands over her head and kissed her as if his life depended on it. Then as if nothing had happened he walked on his way to the living room leaving her breathless with her heart pounding so fast , even she could hear it. Y/N walked to the sofa , clearing her throat and lightly scratching her head. Kai poured two drinks - handing one of them to her.
    “T-thanks.” she smiled nervously unable to stop thinking about that kiss. Kai had sneaked up on her pushing her buttons so hard they were stuck and now all she could think about was him. Even more than before. How did he even do that ?
    “Go out with me.” he asked suddenly.
    “I barely know you. Why would I go out with you ?”
    “Thats why I want you to go out with me. To get to know each other. Isn’t that obvious or do kids do it differently those days? Tell you what. If by the end of the night I haven’t convinced you, I’ll let it go.”
    "Just like that ?”
    "Just like that.” he said raising his hands in surrender and then something flashed in them for a split second. “But you will go out with me. I know you will.”
    "Cocky much?”
    "Alright you two , break it up - my ears are bleeding.” said Damon sitting between Y/N and Kai. “Y/N is the smartest person here. She is not going to go out with you -”
    "We’ll see about that.” said Kai with a smug smirk on his face. 


The evening dragged itself on. Eventually everyone stopped eyeing them and she relaxed a bit. Kai had cooled it down with the teasing but just as she thought he might’ve given up on that idea something happened.
All of the sudden she felt as if someone was touching her way down there. Y/N glanced at her lap but there was nothing there. For a moment she thought it had been her imagination and pushed the thought away.Then it happened again only this time there was a little more pressure and it felt as if someone was drawing circles her clit and a quiet moan left her lips before she had had the time to stop herself.
    "Are you okay ?” asked Kai innocently , placing his hand on her hip very slightly moving it. “Do you need water or something ?”
Y/N turned towards him seeing the devilish spark in his eyes for a second and thats how she knew - whatever was happening , it was him. He was somehow responsible.  Damon glanced at her then at Kai , grabbing the heretic’s hand and droppingit on Kai’s lap with a smirk on his face.
    "No , I’m g-good. Thanks.” she muttered with a small smile , shooting him a warning look. How can he do that , specially with Damon sitting between them?! Kai grinned at her and took a sip of his drink when all of the sudden her legs parted slightly and an invisible finger entered her ,making her moan a little louder. Damon turned towards her straight away while everyone else glanced at her and she started coughing to try and cover it up.
    "S-sorry , it went down the wrong p-pipe.”
    "Go out with me.” whispered Kai leaning over behind Damon’s back.
    "No.” she whispered through gritted teeth , feeling the invisible finger getting joined by another. Y/N gasped , starting to clear her throat to cover it up feeling them curl around pumping in and out of her slowly picking up the pace. Quiet whimpers kept escaping her lips no matter how much she tried to muffle them.
Y/N balled her hands into fists , her nails digging in her palm almost drawing blood while she tried not to moan every time Kai’s magic fingers curled inside her. A couple of times she shifted on her seat , even tried pushing her legs together but none of it seemed to work.The girl was sure if she says something her friends would intervene but — she didn’t want them to. Y/N had no idea how her new friend was doing this but she enjoyed every second of it.
    "Ahhh that’s some really good bourbon.” muttered Kai , taking a sip looking around the room innocently while he continued teasing her with magic. Her skin felt on fire and the more she tried not to moan the worse things got. It was as if Kai wanted her to moan and his fingers picked up the pace even more. Y/N rested her back against the sofa digging her nails in the cushions. For a second she glanced at Kai and could see devils dancing in his eyes , turning her on even more. Another curl of his fingers later her back arched off the sofa and a quiet moan left her lips. Kai turned towards her grinning , his fingers slowly picking up the pace while an invisible thumb rubbed her clit. Y/N’s cheeks had flushed , her eyes kept fluttering closed and the way Kai kept looking at her with innocent eyes as if there is nothing he had done was just too much.
    “I freaking hate you.” she whispered through gritted teeth.
    “What did I do ?” wondered Damon. Y/N grabbed his glass with bourbon and gulped it all at once.
    “Woawh…” said Kai with an amused look in his face.
Kai continued teasing her , pumping his fingers deep inside her curling them around ,watching her squirm and try not to moan failing almost every time. Luckily her friends had started laughing about something and didn’t hear her whimper or see her legs shake as she came. Her thoughts were a mess , her skin was on fire and the lingering feeling of Kai’s lips on hers was driving her completely nuts. All she could think about was how much she wanted him. There was one thing left to do. Y/N turned towards him with an innocent smile on her face.
    "Yes , Y/N ?”
    "Will you come help me with the um - “
    “Yeah … lets go with that.” she muttered , getting off the sofa with Kai on her tail.
Y/N’s legs felt like jelly and she tried to hide it while walking out of the living room and into the hallway , turning right instead of left , heading towards the cellar. Kai caught up with her at the stairs pinning her against the wall not waiting a second before smashing his lips against hers. Their lips moved hungrily together as if trying to swallow each other. He took her hands by the wrists and pinned them over her head , pressing his body against hers ,pushing his crotch against hers making her moan into the kiss.
    "Go out with me.” he asked again gazing longingly into her eyes.
Y/N shook her head , wounding one of her legs  around his waist. A smug smirk showing on his face pushing against her again , resting his forehead on hers. Kai started saying something but she shushed him.
‘They are listening.’ she mouthed.
‘I dont care. I want you and I always get what I want.’ he mouthed back , slipping his hand in her jeans and under her panties until his fingers reached her clit. His lips formed a small letter ‘oh’ realising her panties were pooling with arousal.
    "Someone had fun.” he whispered as quietly as possible. “I wonder what you taste like ? Hmmm … ”
Y/N s eyes widened knowing her friends are upstairs listening in. What if one of them comes looking for them ? A devilish spark flashed in Kai’s eyes and his lips smashed against hers drowning out her moans while his long fingers pushed inside her to the last knuckle curling around , pumping inside her a couple of time. Each curl made her back arch off the wall and her hips kept pushing down on his fingers wanting him to go deeper. Y/N tried hard not to groan in frustration when his fingers pulled out. She had thought teasing her with magic had felt good but that felt magnified to the max. Kai brought his fingers to his lips , moaning as he cleaned his fingers as if her juices are the most delicious treat there is.
    ”So delicious.“ he moaned , leaning to whispering her ear. "And so tight around my fingers. It will feel so nice stretching you out.”
Y/N’s eyes widened and she slipped down the wall for a moment just thinking about what would happen next but he held her steady. However on fire she had felt upstairs , in that moment she was burning up.
    “Mmmmhmm … So , what do you say sweet cheeks ?” he whispered in her ear. “ Will you go out with me?” he asked again loosening the grip on her hands.
    “Tomorrow ?”
Y/N hooked one of her hands around his neck , slipping her other down between their bodies pushing its way in his jeans , palming him through his briefs. “Only if we get out of the house in the next 15 seconds.”
    “Is that a challenge?”
    “12 seconds –”
Kai grabbed her , whooshing them upstairs and through the door before anyone had had the chance to see them , though the sound of the door closing shut with a loud bang got all her friend’s attention.
    “Pay up brother.” said Damon with a smug smirk. “Told you they wouldn’t be able to resist each other.”


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fic prompt: Joey cuddles after a particularly bad day at school and home. Mitch is happy to oblige and spends the entire night cuddling Joey, holding Joey, kissing Joey on all of his favorite places (eyes, freckles, nose, hands, tum) and tells Joey what an amazing, warm, soft, beautiful boy that he is <3

I love me some hurt/comfort and fluff!!

Another prompt down, thank you!!!!

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Can you write another fanfiction with Souphead. Like when nobody knows Jughead has an identical cousin and they keep mistaking him for Jughead like in the comics. Thank you and your fanfiction are fantastic!

Let me give it a go! This is gonna be pre relationship bughead so kinda au.

“Hey!” Betty giggled, snatching her apple from Jugheads hands “I do have to eat something from my own lunch tray.”

Jughead shrugged carelessly, his fingers tugging on the end of her blonde ponytail
“I’m a growing boy, and it’s your job to keep me fed.” His boyish smirk never failed to make Betty weak in the knees and this moment was no exception.

Raising a perfectly plucked brow, Betty grinned
“And why would that be my job?”

Jughead blushed deep scarlet, the color so satisfying to Betty she couldn’t help but reach her hand to his face and let her fingers brush over his cheeks,the color only darkening.

“Well.. ya know.. it’s just.. we umm.” The poor dark haired boy beside her stuttered, his fingers tapping nervously as his eyes fluttered slightly due to her touch.

Their relationship was new, it had no labels and neither of the flustered teens knew quite what it was that they had. They were close, that was for sure and the physical and emotional attraction was the strongest either of them had ever experienced. They may not have labels but they did have stolen moments.

Betty’s body pressed against his in the blue and gold, Frank Sinatra crooning in the background as they slowdanced in the empty classroom. The way Jugheads lips felt on her cheeks when he dropped her off at home, holding her a little longer when she didn’t want to face her mother. Betty’s homemade blueberry pie, that seemed to almost replace his fathers scotch when she would make Sunday dinner for the two Jones men.

Pulling herself back into the moment Betty decided to put her “not quite Boyfriend/Boyfriend” out of his misery. Ruffling his dark waves lazily she turned back to her lunch.

“So when does your cousin get here? I can’t wait to meet him.”

With a very audible groan Jughead dropped his head to the table.
“Tonight. He’s nothing like me. He may look like me but don’t be fooled, he’s nothing like me.”

Betty smiled at the distressed boy in front of her
“Two Jugheads doesn’t sound so bad to me.”

Popping his chin in his hand Jughead stared lovingly at the beautiful blonde before him.

“Yeah well. Let’s just stick with one okay?”

Betty rolled her eyes as the warning bell rang
“Whatever you say Juggie. I still can’t wait to meet him. I have this weird feeling we’re gonna be good friends”

Something in Jugheads eyes flickered, something Betty had never seen before, before she had a chance to ask him what was wrong Veronica was by her side dragging her to last period.

“Listen to me. No messing around, these are my friends. Well kind of, Betty and Archie are my friends and.. well I guess Veronica and Kevin are too.. thats not the point.. just… try not to mess anything up.” Jughead sighed as he addressed the boy beside him.

The resemblance was uncanny, Jugheads cousin had the same dark almost purple waves and sky blue eyes, his tan skin was just as smooth as Jugheads except he was missing the spattering of freckles and beauty marks that were so uniquely Jughead.

Souphead rolled his eyes
“When have I ever let you down cuz? This is gonna be awesome. I’m sure the babes here are much more fun then all of the stuck up barbies out in California .”

Jughead shook his head and started moving quicker than he had ever walked in his entire life, his cousin scrambled to catch up.

“I’m thinking a blonde. Ya know how I like the dark haired girls but new school new me, ya know what I mean?”

Jughead turned to him, a bored expression on his face as they made it to his locker
“Whatever soup, just try not to get in any fights. It’s your first day and you know F.P will kill us both if you get suspended.”

Suddenly souphead was nudged forward into the locker quickly turning around and coming face to face with Cheryl Blossom.

“Watch where you’re going Jughead. I don’t need to catch whatever germs you’re carrying under that disgusting beanie of yours, I mean really..” Cheryl’s words were cut off when she caught sight of the two twins in front of her
“There’s two of you?! Oh Jason save us all.”

Souphead gripped Cheryl’s hand in his, dropping a kiss to her knuckles
“I promise there’s only one of me, maybe I’ll introduce you sometime.” He lifted his eyebrows, Cheryl flinched in surprise before she seemed to melt in front of Jugheads eyes

“Per..perhaps you can.” She gulped

Souphead smiled that ever charming grin and turned back to his locker right beside Jughead, Cheryl stumbled backwards at his dismissal nearly tripping over her heels as she scurried away.

Jughead stared at his cousin for a moment before the boy slung his backpack over his shoulder
“Redheads. Not my thing.”

“Hey man, you’ll never guess what game i copped from Dilton!” Archie clapped souphead on the shoulder, completely disregarding his best friend standing right next to him.

Souphead stared up at Archie for a moment before turning to Jughead
“Once again, redheads. Not my thing.”

Archie moved away from souphead like he’d been burned staring wide eyed between the two cousins.
“You got cloned.” He questioned seriously.

Jughead couldn’t help the snort that came out
“Arch, meet my cousin. Souphead this is Archie.”

Archie nodded, grinning
“Totally weird man.”

It all happened before Jughead could stop it, he could see her but she couldn’t see him, he was hidden behind his locker door while Souphead was out in the open. Betty came up to Jugheads rowdy cousin, running her fingers through his hair.

“No hat today? It looks nice.” She whispered, fingers tangling at the ends as she pressed a little closer to the boy in front of her. Soupheads arms came around her waist, tugging her closer as Betty yelped her smile widening. Souphead grinned
“Now this is what I’m talking about.”

Jughead growled, stepping out of his place behind his locker.

“Let go. Now.” He demanded.

Betty’s eyes widened when she saw Jughead standing in front of her, she pried herself out of the look alikes arms and blushed rose petal pink.

“Oh my god. You must be souphead. I’m so sorry! Wow what an introduction right? I’m Betty Cooper it’s so nice to meet you!”

The grinning teen took her hands in his and squeezed
“Pleasures all mine Betty Cooper.”
Betty raised a confused eyebrow as she pulled her hands from his, smiling slightly.

Jughead cleared his throat and took Betty’s arm in his
“We have to get to class, I’ll see you at lunch. Try not to cause too much trouble again.”

Veronica had joined them at this point and was currently listening as Archie explained how Jugheads cousin was cloned to look just like him.

“Quit telling me that .. dad.. I got this” souphead smiled wickedly before throwing a wink in Betty’s direction

“See you at lunch sunshine.” Then he was off.

Jugheads grip on Betty’s arm was tighter than usual and she looked down at it pointedly

“I like him. He’s funny.” She smiled, shifting into Jugheads side a bit more.

The boy beside her sighed as his fingers played with the end of Betty’s cheerleading skirt

“That’s what I was afraid of.” He whispered.

Betty pulled away for a moment, realization dawning in her eyes. Oh. He was jealous.


Moving to stand in front of him, Betty took her favorite boys face in her hands

“He’s funny juggie. And I like him. But you’re more than funny.. you don’t have to worry about losing me to him.. you’re…you’re everything.” She whispered, dropping her own kiss to his cheek.

Jughead let out a sigh of relief before dealing his arm over her shoulder

“Okay Betts. You’ve convinced me. And by the way?”

Betty looked up at him, green eyes sparkling

“You’re more than everything”

How I Got a 5 on the (hard) AP Euro Exam

One question ive been asked constantly since the 2015 AP Euro scores came out is “How did YOU come out with a 5?” Its not posed as a mean question, but theres this perception that if you are the type of person to get a 5 you have to be super studious, no fun, no boyfriend/girlfriend, loser, no life just hardcore study study study. And…i’m not that kinda student. In fact, i didnt even become a “good” student until maybe the beginning of junior year, to be honest. I had a very small AP Euro class (8 people i mean) and i was one of two people who had a five in the class. The other girl was…kinda what i described about. All her life was all about studying, she took all APs, didnt hang out with people, she even told me once she only went to after school clubs just enough to have them count on her common app for college, not for actual enjoyment… i’m not like that. not by a long shot- so in order to help others in prep for AP Euro, here’s my advice on how I got a 5. (and some advice on what not to do, based on the other people in my class)

Find a motivation

My teacher said he thought i could only score a 3, maybe a four. I wanted to prove him wrong.

Dont listen to haters

My biggest hater was my boyfriend, actually (just for reference we were in the same class). While i was working my ass off everyday, always reading my Crash Course or my Princeton all i would hear from him is “i dont know why you’re studying so hard” “you’re making yourself sick, you need to stop.” “It’s all pointless, its either you know it or you dont.” “Youre studying so much and getting so anxious, here i am playing video games and not giving a shit and im sure im gonna be fine on the test because im not stressed out like you are” Granted, at the time he was going through his parents divorce and i think he was partially taking it out on me- but thats hard to hear from anyone, especially your boyfriend you’ve been dating for years. I was working so hard and studying so hard because i wanted a good score, not even a 5, i just really wanted a 4, at least- and then you hear that discouragement and…it sucks. At the time while it hurt i didnt pay it anymind and still worked as hard as i did and then fast forward to result day… I got the 5. He got a 1. And he cried, i swear to you, he cried. I didnt play the “i told you so game, though i did think so.” To people who work hard, you’ll be rewarded. If you slack and think its all gonna come to you…its not.

Actually read those study books (and heres what i read)

Who wants to hear you actually have to work? do. Even if you have a great teacher, youre gonna need to supplement that class time with actual work. My school gave us 4 books in total: two textbooks- Mckay and Kagan, and two study guides- The Princeton Review (long) and the Crash Course book (short review) I read both of the guides…all the way through. Crazy right? I would just read them in my spare time- bus ride home? Lets read about the War of 1812 cause im kinda fuzzy on it. To me, i like history so it wasnt a complete chore, but if you want a good score its good to know your content. And after reading those two, i KNEW European History. If you arent so lucky to have access to review books, message me in my ask and i will give you my links to the pdf version.

…and watch those study videos

This one i dont think is so bad. Honestly you can just play them in the background while you do other things, and having things explained by a teacher online isnt so bad. I recommend

Tom Richey’s Videos (

annnd Crash Course’s select videos on euro history (

…and even sign up for those tumblr AP Euro guides.

does this seem excessive? maybe a bit, but its good to have people who are going or have gone through the same class- even my studyblr might help. Sometimes its easier to review when you have funny gifs or jokes in the middle of your review session,just to lighten the edge. Here’s a list of AP Euro blogs i followed (not exactly AP euro, but you’ll find some interesting things that might help you on the test.

It helps if you’ve taken an AP before, not gonna lie

Its going to be a lot harder for you if youve never had an ap class before. Thats the hard truth about it, its not going to be easy, and some people cant deal with that. Theres a lot more work and a lot more pressure. Can you handle that? I want to warn you. AP teachers will be up your ass. They will give you huge packets of work and expect it done when they ask you for it. They will not accept regular essays, they will accept AP essays. They will give you twice the work of a regular class, and expect it due on the same time. You actually have to work hard if you want to get a 5. A lot of people get fustrated with the work and get angry, but thats the reality of AP work and also there is a reward at the end of the tunnel, trust me.

An interesting tidbit: during the essay portion of the test, me and alex (the only other girl who got a 5) were the last people to finish

little interesting thing. The essay portion of the test is about 120 minutes. The people who got failed were done the first, within about 40 minutes and were confident. The people that did okay were done at about an hour. But me and alex took the longest to finish (about 115 minutes) and wrote about 12 pages in total for the 3 essays. Coincedence? just take your time and reeaally plan out your essays. Here was my strategy: since for ⅔ essays youre allowed a choice of what to write, for any essay you think you can write about in the margins try to write about 3 examples for it, if you cant do it, find another essay to write.

Come into it with a good attitude….but be aware you’re gonna have some major anxiety

This is a stressful class, but its worth it. Trust me, you’ll learn a lot, i promise you.

I kept my AP schedule manageable

A lot of people i know who take APs go crazy and take a bunch. If you can, try to keep a somewhat managable schedule. For example, in sophmore year i took 1 AP, junior year: 2 APs, senior year: 3 APs. Also, they should be classes you have strength in, like if your good at history take history classes.

dont cheat.

you ever hear cheaters never prosper? Its true. You’re not gonna learn the material, and you’re teacher might find out. Which will make him a whole lot harder on you then others. Trust me. And you want your teacher to like you, he’ll let you off a lot easier when you fuck up.

relax and be a teenager for once

in the end, if you work your ass off for too long a period of time you will burn out. Burnouts not fun, ive seen my friends go through it. One time my friend was doing a presentation where she had a wrong fact that the teacher jokingly pointed out and she ran out of the class into the bathroom to vomit. When you pressure yourself so much you can really hurt yourself.

KNOW YOUR TREATIES. Know em’. Do it.

Theyre the hardest thing to remember so of course theyre tested the hardest. Look in the Crash course book for a helpful list.

Watch out for your physical and emotional health

really. Eat right, try to walk a little, stretch after a long studying session. try to meditate. relax. breathe. love yourself, dearies

And you better not stop after learning WWII history

the test makers know most AP classes will only get up to about post WWII history. Dont slack, read bout the Cold War, read bout the Euro law, dont stop, because they will expect you too.


know about russia, know about women. Its the most frequently tested things on any test.

BTS- when they 'accidently' break your heart

BTS as boyfriends when they break your heart but they didn’t do it on purpose/ didn’t mean it~

Requested by anon~

Warning: Might get a little sad ^^’ And those are very long, so this isn’t a reaction but Little Imagines!



It had been quite a stressing day for you and all you wanted was to get home and cuddle with your boyfriend, Hoseok. You’d even left early today. No matter how frustrating work was, he was always able to cheer you up. That's  what you really loved about him. But today, as soon as you opened the door, you knew something was off. Next to your boyfriends shoes, there was another pair. And it definietly wasn’t his. You couldn’t remember buying a pair of red heels either.

Your shuddered when you heard voices coming from the living room. The door was closed. You silently walked to the door, trying to understand what the voices were saying. One of the voices was definietly your boyfriends, but you couldn’t quite hear the other voice. However, it was clearly a womans voice. You gulped. What was going on here? You froze when you heard them laughing loudly. Suddenly, you heard Hoseoks voice louder than before.

“OK, let me try it one more time. I love you, ever since I met you your my sun and my everything. I want to spend my whole life with you. Will you marry me?”.

You had heard enough. A sob escaped your lips as you ran out of the house, your eyes full of tears and your heart full of emptiness.

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You grabbed a bar of chocolate and a mug of tea, before you walked to the sofa and made yourself comfortable with some pillows and a blanket. It was Saturday, your beloved weekend, but you couldn’t even go out because it was raining without a break. You sighed. Yoongi, your boyfriend, had left the house about an hour ago to get some grocery shopping done. You felt sorry for him, but he said he didn’t need your help. You couldn’t help but notice how distant he had been today, but he just wouldn’t tell you what was wrong.

“(Y/N), I’m back.”, you suddenly heard him mumbling as the door closed with a loud bump.

You wanted to get up and help him, but he was already standing in the door frame, looking at you with a strange expression. You were really confused. What was wrong with him? Why was he acting cold all of sudden?

“Yoongi? What’s wrong?”, you asked. He sighed and closed his eyes before staring at you with an angry expression.

“Are you serious? I’m working my ass off all the time, I go out and buy groceries even though it’s raining like crazy and all you do is just laying on the sofa in my appartment and binging on chocolate? Can’t you do that in your own house? Your such a burden!”

Yoongis words hit you like a knife. What was wrong with him? What did you do to him? You just watched him leave the room as the tears ran down your face. Alright… If you were a burden, he didn’t need to ever see you again.

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You watched your boyfriend dance the difficult moves like they were nothing and you couldn’t help but feel proud. Today was one of his dance classes and since he was here twice a week to teach, you were curious and wanted to accompany him. He really was a good dance teacher. Everyone was watching him in awe and trying to remember the dance moves, some where  already trying to move along even though they saw the choreo for the first time. You’d seen his students before, they really  were quite good, even the younger ones were advanced. You weren’t that good of a dancer. In fact, you liked dancing, but only for yourself. A choreo like this was impossible for you.

You smiled at your boyfriend as the music stopped and you clapped along. He turned around and smiled at his students, his eyes wandering to you.

“Ok, guys. We’ll learn the point move and the beginning today. Get up, we’ll do it together. (Y/N), you too!”

You widened you eyes in shock. What did he mean, you too? That move was way to hard for you! But when the students realized you weren’t going to get up, they started cheering you on. Ok, that was embarassing… You quickly got up and hoped they would concentrate on themselves.

After 30 minutes of you struggling and hoping nobody would notice, Jimin suddenly turned around. Please don’t say anything, Please don’t…

“(Y/N), would you like to dance in the front line? Maybe it helps if you see the mirror.”, he said. Nooo….You got red as some of the others started giggling. If they hadn’t noticed your bad dancing skills, they would now. But you felt like you didn’t have a choice, so you quickly walked to the front line. Why was he doing this to you?

Jimin started the music again and you tried your best to keep up, but It wasn’t easy with all the students giggling at you. Even Jimin giggled from time to time, which really made you sad. However, you tried your best to stay strong.

Suddenly, right at the beginning of the chorus, you slipped. You couldn’t help but curse as you fell right on you ellbow, a sharp pain making you squint your eyes. But instead of helping you, everybody, including Jimin, just laughed at you. You couldn’t believe it. You’ve never felt that embarassed in your whole life. You quickly got up and ran out of the room, not wanting them or Jimin to see your tears.

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You sat down on the sofa in your livingroom, a wide smile on your face. You were quite excited since today was the release of your boyfriends first ever Single. In a few minutes an interview was going to start, and since your relationship wasn’t yet public, you decided to watch the live broadcast on TV. Your smile grew even bigger when Taehyung appeared on the screen, wearing his beloved Gucci clothes and a big, boxy smile. He looked so happy, you just loved to see him like this. After his introduction the interview started.

Taehyung answered a few questions in his usual happy and polite way. You already knew all the answers since you’ve got a pretty close relationship, but you didn’t mind at all. You were way to proud to really care about anything.

However, suddenly the interviewer started asking more and more personal questions. Taehyung answered them all without hestitating, he was probably prepared for them, but you already knew where this was going. Sooner or later-

“So, Taehyung-ssi, let’s ask the question every girl in this room is dying to hear. Do you have a girlfriend right know?”

You tensed as you watched the TV screen full of curiousity. Taehyung didn’t even blink.

“No, I’m not in a relationship right now. I don’t have the time for that.”

You sighed. You totally understood that he didn’t wanted to go public yet, but it still hurted to hear him say those things.

“Ah, that’s good to hear, right ARMYs? So, who’s your ideal type?”

Again, that question really caught your attention. Of course you hoped he’d name someone who looked like you or at least someone who wasn’t in contact with him.

“To be honest, I think every girl has her charms. But personally I think, Twice’s Chaeyoung is pretty cute!”

You turned the TV off. You didn’t want to be that hurt, but you felt like you’ve just been stabbed. Taehyung knew exactly how much you and Chaeyoung disliked each other…  Since every time they met, she was all over him.

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You happily sang along to Just One Day as you were setting the kitchen table. Everything had to be perfect. The dark red tablecloth matched with the already burning candles, the whole room was filled with the warm, flickering light. The usually messy kitchen looked as clean as it could get. You even searched out some of BTSs old albums. Every thing looked quite romantic and you couldn’t help but feel proud of yourself. The only thing missing now was your boyfriend, Namjoon. He was already 10 minutes late, but you were fine with that. He was always quite busy as the leader and after all he probably didn’t know you were preparing a special dinner. The two of you’d never really talked about what to do on your 1- year- anniversary.

60 more minutes passed and you were starting to get impatient. You didn’t feel good about this at all. He’d never really been that late and if he was, he always messaged you. You checked your Kakao. No messages. You’d already expected him to forget your anniversary, after all it was Namjoon who you were dating. You wouldn’t even be mad about that, you loved him after all. But this was a little too much. You decided to call him..

After 3 times of trying and him not picking up you were starting to panic. What happened? Was he ok? You quickly called Yoongi, hoping he would pick up. Luckily the rapper picked up and you didn’t leave him any time to talk.

“Yoongi! Thank god! Listen, Namjoon was supposed to be home like 2 hours ago and he’s not answering his phone… I’m really worried, do you know where he is?”, you spilled out, trying not to sound to worried.

After about 5 seconds of silence you finally heard Yoongis voice.

“Wow…I’m really sorry about that  (Y/N), but Namjoons here with me… We are at a Club in Hongdae and he’s quite drunk. I actually was considering calling you so that you could take him home. He’s not even walking straight.”

You slowly moved your phone away from your ear. You didn’t even realize you dropped your phone as the disppointment hit you. He’d never gotten that drunk before, why out of all days today?

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“How does NASA organize a party?”, your boyfriend Jin asked you while giggling.You couldn’t help but giggle too, even though you already knew this one.

“I don’t know, Jin. How?”, you said grinning.

“The-, They…. They PLANET!”,

Jin said while uncontrollably laughing. You bursted into laughter too. The joke wasn’t even that good, but you just had to laugh about your cute boyfriend. You loved this side of him so much, even though it annoyed you sometimes. Since he was sitting on the kitchen table and the food was in the oven right now anyways, you decided to join him and sat down across from him. The two of you were silent now, but you didn’t mind, it didn’t feel uncomfortable or anything. That was one good thing about your relationship: You understood each other without words. At least that’s what you thought. That’s what it’s normally like. But when you looked his direction, you realized he was looking at you with a sad expression. You got confused. Why was he sad all of sudden, he cracked a joke like 2 minutes ago! He must’ve seen your confused expression, because he started smiling. But it wasn’t a smile out of happiness.

“What’s wrong, Jin? Are you not feeling well?”, you asked, full of concern. Jin sighed. All the laughter from earlier seemed so far away.

Then he took you hands and looked in your eyes. Now you were really starting to worry. You didn’t say anything, you push him. However, you couldn’t keep back you thoughts from going wild.

“(Y/N). I know this is very sudden and everything… Please don’t take this the wrong way. I really like you. Your the best friend I ever had… but I feel like… I’m sorry. I’m breaking up with you.”

His words hit you like a truck. Why the hell was he breaking up with you? After 2 years of the happiest, best relationship you could ever imagine? You tried to find words.

“Jin, but why? I thought you were happy! I thought we were just fine!”

Jin just left the room mumbling another quiet “Sorry.” You could hear he was crying, just like you. You wish he had given you an explanation… Now the 6 months were he was on tour were going to be even harder for you.

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You ran as fast as you could. People were looking at you like you were crazy, the wind was freezing cold and your feet hurt badly from all the running but you couldn’t care less. You had to find your boyfriend, Jungkook. He didn’t even have to tell you, you knew he was in danger. Actually, he was all the time. Ever since he joined this crazy gang. You didn’t exactly know why he did it, but you knew him. They must’ve had something against him in their hands, he’d never join such a brutal, strange gang just to be a part of them. However, your live changed drastically after that. He’d tried to break up with you to keep you save back then but you couldn’t leave him alone just like that.

About 20 minutes ago you’d found this letter in your appartment, Jungkook must’ve left it there. You tried to hold back the tears as you remembered his words. He was going to leave you. But not just you. He wanted to leave the country, his family, everything he loved. You didn’t understand it. For sure he wanted to escape from this gang, but why couldn’t he take you with him? You knew he loved you and you loved him like crazy, so why wasn’t it possible?

You reached the airport and your lungs felt like they were going to explode, but you couldn’t yet stop. You ran into the big hall and searched  for him. His flight was going off in 30 minutes, he must be here somewhere!

“(Y/N)… I told you not to search for me.”

You jumped and turned around. You felt exhausted and tired, but happiness filled your heart when you saw Jungkook standing right on front of you. He seemed shocked and angry, like you expected.

“Your such an idiot! I love you… don’t just leave me here! Please, let me come with you at least!”, you begged and walked closer to him.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N). But stop being so naive. I can’t take you with me. Stop loving me. It’s over and I never want to see you near me again. Understand?!”.

The stinging tears in your eyes made your vision cloudy as you watched him leave forever.

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Sorryyyyyyy, I can’t help it, I’m not able to write a short reaction xD I really hope the ones who had the patience to read it all enjoyed it! Thanks to the anon who requested it~ I really got to carried away with them, especially Jungkooks got…. well, special X’D

Do you guys want a PART 2??


BTS reaction to s/o asking for a butt massage

Anon asked: Bts reaction you asking for a butt massage lol”

A/N: To be very honest I think all of them will be a bit awkward specially if its initial phases of a relationship, so thats the route I took with this. Hope thats okay. Enjoy and happy reading 

**Gifs are not mine. Full credit to rightful owners**




He would be quite taken aback. Shocked and surprised because he wouldn’t know why you were asking for a massage out of nowhere, and that too on your ass. 

“Jin, can you help me?” you asked him groaning. “Sure. Whats up?” he replied.  “Can you massage my butt. It hurts..” you trailed off. “Whaat?” he almost yelled. “W—what do you mean?” he fumbled over his words. “Relax will you? I am asking it in a completely non sexual way” you groaned into your pillow. “Its.. “ he thought for a moment. “Okay fine. If you say so” he agreed eventually.


Yoongi wouldn’t have a problem in giving you a massage. He wouldn’t care too much about it but problem is he might be too lazy, and also because he is way too cool to stuff like that in his opinion.

You slipped and fell on your butt. So when you came home you wanted nothing more than for your boyfriend to give you a massage. “Yoongs, I fell and now my butt hurts. Can you give me a massage?” you raised your eyebrows in question. “Are you okay?” he sighed. You nodded but the fall did hurt you. “Can’t you do it yourself?” he asked.  You shook your head. “The things I have to do for you makes me question my sanity sometimes and evaluate why I am with you” he rolled his eyes. You clapped your hands like a little kid and grabbed the opportunity before he changes his mind.


Like Yoongi, Namjoon wouldn’t mind. He would immediately agree because he knew you asked for a reason and he didn’t want to disappoint you by refusing. Although he would find it a tad bit awkward I think.

When you asked him if he could massage your butt he chuckled. “Why all of a sudden?” he questioned. Upon hearing no response from you he agreed, feeling a bit awkward that you asked for massage on your butt out all other body parts. “I think this is the part where I have to pretend this isn’t just a bit awkward. Right babe?” he said as he placed his hands slightly above your waist. “You will be fine Namjoon. Trust yourself” you said in a half sleepy state as you laid down.


Awkward.  Totally and completely awkward. I really don’t see this going any other way except for awkwardness.  *cue j-nope*

“Uhhh.. ummm what did you say again?” he asked for the 2nd time since you asked him to massage your butt. “That is a very weird request. I can massage your back, no problem. But its.. awkward….” He trailed off. “Non-sexual  Hopie. Get your mind out of the gutter” you muttered. “Yah! I don’t mean sexually either but I mean come on it’s your butt and just for that reason it’s a bit sexual.” he finished explaining. “You can’t help your gf/bf who is in pain?” you tried to blackmail him. “You cant do that y/n. That’s not fair” he cried. But eventually he did give in and do what you requested but he complained the entire time. (to clarify I dont think he will be that extreme with his reaction as it is in the gif but something similar)


He would be a shy bean. He wouldn’t be able to stop laughing or blushing because of your request.  I think he would do it but he would try to get out it if he could.

His eyes widened and he laughed when you asked him to massage your butt. “What?” he screamed as his cheeks started getting hot and pink. “I said can you please give me a massage on my butt” you repeated yourself. “Why me?” he asked in nervousness. You rolled your eyes. “Because maybe you are my boyfriend?” you deadpanned. “I didn’t sign up for this” he murmured earning a glare from you. “Okay okay. I’ll do it” he laughed and put his hands up in surrender. While he massaged you he had to try and control himself because he couldn’t get over how awkward it was and he was internally thanking the heavens that you didn’t ask for a boob massage instead.


I imagine him being very confused initially because the request came very unexpectedly. He wouldn’t believe you were serious and laugh. But when he would realize you were serious he would grab your butt and massage it.

“Nice joke y/n” he said when you put forth the request. “I am very serious Taehyung” you replied. His smile vanished from his face. “For real? You really want me to?” he checked to make sure. You nodded.  He stood in silence for a few moments, contemplating.  “If that’s my baby wants then I can’t say no” he smiled his special boxy smile. “Feel better?” he asked as he massaged your very sore butt. You hummed in contentment which made him chuckle. “I deserve a lot of kisses and cuddles for this” he said to himself, but he intended for you to hear which you did. But you decided to ignore him and focus on the massage.


Most likely to be the most awkward and scared guy when asked to give a butt massage. He would absolutely refuse to do it because it’s simply very awkward. He might even fake cry for added effect.

He blinked a few times in disbelief when you asked him. “Wait.. did I hear you right?  Did you just ask me to.. you know..” he couldn’t even complete the sentence. He was completely embarrassed. “Kookie I am not asking you to have sex with me” you said very monotonously. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped. “I-“ he paused and cleared his throat “ cant.. touch your butt. Do you seriously think I am that kind of boyfriend that can do that for you?” he finished his sentence. “This is wrong. I am telling the hyungs. I am still a child” he cried the fakest tears you have ever seen in your life.

**forgive any spelling mistakes**

Rated B

Chapter 1: Friendly Skies

You never ask for it too happen. It just kinda does. You meet someone and they show you all these things. They make you feel things that you’ve never felt or thought you couldn’t feel. You’re falling in love.

Falling in love can be the sweetest thing ever. It happens often when we least expect it. You find yourself constantly thinking about them. Every song reminds you of him. You wonder what they doing and you smile when a text or call comes in from them.

It’s like having the perfect love. You plan for the future and wish nothing but everlasting love. It’s amazing how quickly loves takes us on a journey of passion. Here’s my story.

I can hear my heart beating through skin. The wind is running through my body. It’s the first time in a long time I’ve felt anything aside from pain and misery.

I can see the water. It looks dark. I close my eyes and brace myself. I hit the water hard. I can feel pain shot through my body. It feels like needles are stabbing me everywhere. Everything turns dark and I feel nothing but coldness. Slowly my mind begins to relieve the moments that led me too this particular moment right here.

Six Months Earlier……..

I hurried through the airport. I was rushing towards the terminal. I had been in Chicago for the last two weeks visiting family and I was eager to get back to my life. The last two weeks had been good to me family wise. So I was definitely ready to get back Ronny home  and celebrate with some various different activities.

I made it through security finally. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out and saw it was my assistant calling. He probably wanted to fill me in on some pressing matters. I hit answer and put the phone to my ear.

Me: This is Beckham.

He instantly started to fill me in on various different things that required my attention once I got back in town. He made sure I was always well informed of everything.

As he gave me an earful of information, my mind began to instantly process everything. Somewhere in the mix I stopped really paying attention to my surroundings. I bumped into someone.

Me: I’m sorry.

As I said it I made eye contact with the person. He was very attractive. This gorgeous mocha colored Latino man these pretty dark eyes. He smiled at me and gave me a slight head nod. It was a simple gesture but his looks had me.

I kept walking while listening to my assistant. Part of me wanted to stop and turn around and let this man have his way with me. Of course I couldn’t actually do that. I have more pressing issues waiting on me back home and I am not the hoe type.

My call ended with my assistant . I found a seat to relax in until the plane started boarding. As I sat there I couldn’t help but feel blessed. Here I am at 27 years old, I head up several high end high rise condos and apartment in the state of Texas.

My name is Beckham Anthony. I am a the regional property manager for Fairchild Properties . Fairchild is pretty much like Trump Towers. Only the best of the best can afford them. The Fairchild family are from Europe where the dominate the market. They have properties in New York, California, Florida Georgia, and Texas. I oversee all of the Texas properties.

I pulled my iPad out and began to go over some documents. Just as I was starting to really get into my zone, the phone rang. My phone is always ringing. I looked at the caller ID. My best friend Dominik was calling. We had been friends for a eight years now. I never thought I would be friends with a straight guy until I met Dominik.

Me: wassup son.

Dominik: So tell me why the fuck this girl trying to go some gay shit to my anus?

Me: What do you mean she trying to do something gay to your anus? Is she trying to fuck you?

Dominik: YES!!!

Me: You don’t have to scream fool. Now how exactly is she trying to fuck you? She doesn’t have a penis.

Dominik: She has a dildo.

Me: Oh God. She’s trying to peg you?

Dominik: Yes. Bitch talkin bout if I wanna get the the pussy I gotta let her tap my ass.

I couldn’t help but laugh. Dominik always pride himself on being this amazing wild freak and here he was getting punk’d sexually by a female. I can’t lie Dominik definitely has an attractive ass. I remember wishing I could hit that ass the first time I met him.

Dominik: Dude this shit not funny.

Me: I’m sorry, I just can’t help but laugh. I mean you are always trying to upstage someone about being a freak and now you got this girl that’s clearly a better freak then you are.

Dominik: I’m straight. I’m a freak when it comes to doing straight guy stuff.

Me: Anal stimulation can very much be a straight guy thing. Ass play is a universal pleasure zone. Don’t knock it till you try it.

Dominik: I’m gonna pretend you’re fucking joking.

Me: Your g-spot is easily accessed via the anus.

Dominik: Why did I even call you?

Me: Because I’m your best friend and you know I’m gonna tell you what you wanna hear deep down inside.

Dominik: what’s that?

Me: Let her play in that booty. You will still be straight in the morning. No one will ever know. Except for me because I want all the details of the deed.

Dominik: I’m hanging up now.

Me: Make sure you clean that booty meat good.

Dominik hung the phone up. I put my phone away. I looked up and this older white lady was staring at me as if I was sick or something. I guess she had heard my conversation and wasn’t pleased with it.

Me: Can I help you with something?

She turned her nose up at me and grabbed her shit and walked off. I found her actions funny. I don’t allow myself to get upset over ignorance.

Before long the plane began to board. I found my way to my seat and sat down. As soon as I sat down I felt my phone vibrate. It was a text from my ex-boyfriend. He was still trying to warm his way back into my life.

I turned my phone off and put it away. I turned my head and looked out the window. Someone took the seat next too me. I turned to look and see who was sitting next too me. I almost melted when I saw him. The guy I had bumped into earlier was sitting next too me. He smiled at me and I smiled back before turning my attention back to the window.

Elias Julio

Before long the plane began to make its way down the runway and then we were lifting off. I had flown so many times that it didn’t bother me. However, this guy was trembling like. You could hear the chair shaking from the grip he had on it.

I looked over at him, his eyes were closed and he was trembling and holding on tight to the armrest for dear life. I reached over and took a hold of his hand. He opened his eyes and looked at me gave me a weak smile.

Me: First time flying?

Him: No, I just never do well on take off.

Me: It’s ok. A lot of people don’t, but I gotcha.

Him: (laughs weakly) Guess you think I’m a punk or something.

Me: No, plenty of people have trouble doing take off.

Him: Thanks. I’m Elias. Elias Julio.

Me: Nice to meet you. I’m Beckham. Beckham Anthony.

We shook hands and started to have a little casual conversation. Elias relaxed and was before he knew the plane was cruising at altitude.

Elias: So where are you headed?

Me: Houston. What about you?

Elias: Seattle. So what were you doing in Chicago? Business or pleasure?

Me: (laughs) Business. What’s in Seattle business or pleasure?

Elias: Home.

Me: Thats code for pleasure.

Elias: Maybe. So is Houston home for you?

Me: Yes.

The more we talked the more I was feeling this man. He was absolutely sexy too me. He was dressed in this nice grey two piece suit with a soft pink shirt to bring it out. He was clean shaved and just damn fine.

As we were talking I noticed this lady get up and head towards the bathroom. I could have sworn that a man had gone in there just a few mins ago.

Elias: Someone is about to become the newest member of the mile high club.

Me: What? How can you be so sure? She could already be a member.

Elias: I doubt it. Most people in the mile high don’t do it again. Once you’re in you’re in.

Me: Is that so? Are you in?

Elias: Not completely.

Me: How is that an answer?

Elias: I have never had sex on a plane. Just made out .

Me: How lame.

Elias: Totally not lame. That was some good head. So what about you?

Me: Oh God no. I don’t have the courage to try that. So tell me about this best head experience.

Elias: You don’t wanna hear about that.

Me: Why wouldn’t I? I like hearing about straight guys and their female encounters.

Elias: It wasn’t with a female. But you can’t tell anyone.

Me: I promise not to say a word.

Elias: I was on a flight from Miami to Atlanta when it happened.

Elias began to tell me about this experience. He had been flirting with this guy and drinking with him. They had hit it off really well.

As I listened to the story my blood began to flow to the lower regions of my body at great speeds. I could feel my own dick growing in anticipation of hearing all the events that led to the mile high dick sucking.

I was wearing some slim fitted slacks so it’s safe to say that they did nothing to hide my growing member. I felt my dick twitch and jump in my pants. My eyes were locked on Elias. I was giving him my full attention.

Elias: Enjoying the story?

He looked down at my hard on. He reached out and placed his hand on my thigh. My dick was trapped between my thigh and my slacks, it was begging to be free. I felt the tip of his finger on the head of my penis. He started to slowly run his finger tip around my cock head.

No lie it felt so good. I honestly couldn’t believe  our friendly little conversation had escalated to this level so soon. I definitely wasn’t about to stop it.

Elias: Does that feel good?

Me: Yes.

Elias: Why aren’t you touching my dick yet?

Me: I don’t know.

I reached over and felt his dick. He was just a hard as I was. His dick was thick and heavy. The head felt pretty nice. I wanted to taste him so badly it was making my stomach turn. He breathing was getting heavy. I felt myself trying to pant but I was fighting it. I could feel the nut building in my balls.

Elias: Beckham you never asked me about Houston.

Me: What do you mean?

Elias: You never asked me if Houston was business or pleasure.

Me: I thought you were going to Seattle.

Elias: I see a stop in Houston coming up.

Me: Well, are you going to Houston for business or pleasure?

Elias: Absolute total pleasure.

I smiled at him and he smiled at me. He licked his lips in this sensual manner. They were some sexy lips. I wanted to taste them and I think he knew I wanted to taste them. I wanted to do some bad things to this man.

Elias: If this is moving to fast for you just let me know.

Me: It’s not fast enough. This plane really needs to hurry up and make it too Houston. We hold hands and relax back in our seats. We both just enjoy the ride. Next stop is Houston and then straight to my bed. I’m not one for sex with strangers but there’s no way he’s going to Seattle without being inside of me first.

To Be Continued…………..

The start off is slow but I promise to take you on one hell of a journey. This manuscript style writing so I hope you can follow and definitely get some enjoyment and hopefully catch a few nuts. This is Rated B for Beckham

Car Park Confessions.

A/n: This is actually the first thing I wrote back in February when I decided to stop just imagining scenarios in my head and put them down on paper, and it was the first thing I wrote since school about eight years ago.

My other works; fluff or if your over 18 smut!

Proof read by way of a text-speech device.

Summary: Clichéd af but I think sometimes thats what you need! It’s a sort of au where Bucky is a celebrity for some reason, maybe a singer, or an actor like Sebastian, but it doesn’t really matter. Established friendship…

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader (Gender Neutral)

Word count: 3129

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, some angst and crying, but it’s all right in the end!


Three am. Too early and too late. The street lights burn your eyes as you lean on a traffic bollard outside the club, tuning out as your friends attempt to find a cab willing to take a trio of somewhat drunk party-goers with very little money. Cold hands to your cheeks startle you, and you find yourself staring into Wanda’s face.

“You okay?”

You nod in answer, smiling softly. The chilly air is getting to you, and you stand up, wrapping your arms around yourself as you shiver. She pulls you into a hug, resting her chin on your head, and rubbing her hands up and down your back. Another set of arms encircle the two of you, warming you considerably.

“Y/N, do you mind giving me your phone?” Natasha asks you, and you pass it over without question. “Also, there’s a bench just along here and I think we could all do with a sit down, come on.”

There’s some good natured complaining about how cold the metal seat is, but once you’re sat with your legs over Wanda’s and her head on your shoulder, you’re suddenly very tired.

“Don’t let me fall asleep,” you mumble at the equally exhausted pile of limbs you’re twisted up with.

“No promises.”

A car pulling up in front of your new ‘bed’ has you jolting back awake. You’re alone on the bench, your two friends currently standing beside it talking with the driver of a very nice Audi that has you frowning as you try to place it. You sit and raise a hand to your hair in an attempt to smooth it down, before repositioning your top that has ride up your body a little too much, the exhausted sound you let out attracting attention.

“Oh good, you’re awake,” Natasha grins, pulling open the side door of the car idling next to you. “Time to go home Sleeping Beauty”.

Eager to get out of the cold, and hearing your bed calling, you stumble up and slip ungracefully into the passenger seat. You reach for your seat belt and click it in place before turning to the driver and freezing.

“Hello Y/N.”

“… Bucky.”

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Kim Taehyung

Type: Smut

Summery: All you want to do was finish your homework, but…

Word Count: 1334

*I do not own this gif, credit to its owner*

You were already home and already stressed out from the piles of papers you had been assigned. You cursed, kicking your backpack, cursed again and sat down to nurse the toe that caught the edge of a text book. Despite your constant complaining that no one could hear but yourself, you continued to let your eyes flick from the textbook by your elbow to your notebook as you wrote down bullets to use in the essay you should have started yesterday. You rubbed your eyes exhausted before looking down once more and falling into your work.

Thankfully you were able to concentrate enough that by the time your boyfriend could be heard fumbling the door behind you, you were confident you would finish that night. He walked in, calling your name to tell you he was home as he kicked his shoes off by the front door like he always did. You could hear him rustling in the kitchen before he walked into where you sat to sit across from you, opening the drink he had pulled from the fridge as your smile turned into a yawn before you rubbed your eyes. But all Taehyung could focus on was the way the hem of your shirt slightly rose with the stretch and the way the shiny material was slightly see through. Seeing him smirk you’d raise an eyebrow and rest on your elbow.

“What are you looking at.” You’d say, slightly harsh since the exhaustion of the day was getting to you.

He wouldn’t answer you, instead he’d just wink, stand up to kiss your temple before he walked back to the fridge. He’d watch you work in silence as he quickly ate the left over food the two of you saved from your last date. When you finally closed your computer and sat back again to stretch once more he’d take this as the perfect opportunity to walk up behind you and wrap his arms around your stomach.

“Hi Tae.” You’d said sleepily leaning your head against his while patting one of his arms with your hands.

His response this time would be to press his lips against your hair while humming just slightly so you barley heard it, so you stood to look at him.

“You’re being so quiet, whats wrong with-”

Thats what was wrong with him. He had walked in the door, sat down, and stood up only to have you way to into your studies to see his growing… problem. Him cutting you off with kisses was the only way he was allowed to cut you of so naturally you melted into the kiss. But as you kissed him you felt yourself falling into such a comfortable state you couldn’t have just fallen asleep right there.

“Tae, Im so tired. Not tonight.” You’d plead moving your lips away from his and bringing a hand up to fix his hair. You groaned as he started to kiss down your neck.

“Maybe I should wake you up then.” He said, his lips speaking against your skin sent chills down your spine. You tested him, stepping backwards to see if he would let you leave his grip but when his arms tightened you knew there was no getting out of it, not that you really wanted to.

His hands had found their way to your cheeks as he deepened the kiss, not caring that his lips still tasted like food. His hands would go from your cheeks to the back of your head where they held you securely until they traced down your back to undo the one button that stood in his way of fully undressing you. He’d groan as you touched him back, your hands running up and down his back softly would drive him insane and another groan would come from his chest when you finally pulled his shirt off. That would be all he’d need to take over everything.

His grip on you would tighten and he’d start walking you forward till you entered the hallway. He’d pull out of the kiss and grip tightly to your hand as he pulled you down the hall. He wouldn’t even bother to shut the door, just spin you around till you were once again walking backwards with his lips heavily petting yours. His hands found the button of your jeans and fumbled with them just a little before finally springing the button loose. He pulled your jeans from your waist forcefully, making you stagger just a little. Caught in your pants that still hugged your knees he’d push you back, stripping you of your shirt and bra before laying you down and pressing his bare chest to yours. You’d kick your legs trying to get out of the jeans so he could place himself in-between your legs but the struggle cause too much movement and he was soon hoisting himself off of you, now pulling at the first fistful of jean he could get. With him standing you had a full view of just how erect he was through his gym shorts. You bit your lip, the need to have him now stronger than ever.

He crawled back over you to quickly place himself between your thighs. Groans came from both of you as your hips circled around him, teasing yourself with his hardness. Hed have enough of your teasing and somehow, without his lips ever leaving yours his shorts would be around his ankles and he’d be hooking an arm around your back so he could pull you further up the bed. Instantly with no warning he’d start circling his throbbing tip against your now slippery folds, groaning at the feeling of how wet you were already.

“Taehyung.” You’d growl as he continued to tease you while moving his lips down your neck.

He’d respond one way, thrusting himself into you the moment he knew he was lined up. He loved to hear the desperate squeak that leaves your throats as it happens. He’d thrust into you at a steady pace, causing you to instantly arch your back so your body was as close to his as possible. His breathing would grow louder, the feeling of you wrapped around him was to much pleasure for him to ignore. His hands would be all over you and when they finally settled one would be holding your waist tightly down while the other supported his weight above you, his lips buried deep between yours.

The feeling of him holding you down was enough to make your hands hook behind his neck, and your mouth to gape open, his thrusts now becoming more assertive. Your head tilted back as staggered versions of his name tried to escape your lips, his pumping now even harder than before. A line of curses left your mouth as your body started to tingle, it always surprised you how quickly he could get your body to react.

Just the sound of his shaky breath and occasional moans was enough to get your body to coil around him, and the feeling of you clenching around him as you tried to hold onto the moment was enough for his body to react the same way. His moaning was more prominent now, but not as prominent as yours. Your fingers dug into his back and his voice hitched and came out shaky.

“Cum for me baby girl.” He said giving you three move forceful pumps before he shook into his release. You were quickly behind him, your body shaking as it reached maximum pleasure and the sight of this as he rode out your high was enough to bring a smile to his face. He slowed his pace and returned his lips to yours, kissing you gently before fully extracting himself from you.

Allowing you to roll into his chest he wrapped his arms even tighter around you, sleep now threatening both of you.

“Did you do all your homework?” He said making you chuckle and hit his chest lightly.