thats probably not normal

Journal Entry #126

Taking care of the Niff base wasn’t a problem, but I didn’t expect much else. Only thing is Vyv wants a picture of the city and that means sticking around overnight to get the shot. Well, there’s nothing wrong with camping, but it’s a damn shitty location to rest in right now.

Maybe it’ll make Prompto extra cuddly.


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house

I decided to watch Yuri!!! on Ice a week ago. I’ve now watched it twice through in four days, plus showing people the first couple eps. And now I’ve channeled my feelings into thisss

I needed something between Yuri’s last fs and the kiss and cry TAT

it always confuses me when superman gets drawn burlier than batman. i mean we dance around it but superman is basically super strong due to space magic. he could be a weedy lil string bean and he’d still be able to lift a bus. i’m not saying the muscles don’t help, or that he doesn’t probably have magic space muscles. i’m just saying, all of batman’s strength is muscle-dependant. he has no space magics. in my head he is the more burly of the two just out of necessity. i know he’s kind of got the gymnast thing going on but like. i imagine bruce wayne as more barrel-y and clark kent as more dorito-y. i don’t know why i’m telling you this except that i’m dealing with the realization that this is not the standard assumption.

  • Akutagawa: I love your hair..
  • Atsushi: What?
  • Akutagawa: I said I love...the air but you're polluting it with your presence at the moment!

I guess a hero’s work is never done – not even on Halloween :U

Heeeyy here’s that bonus that should’ve been finished with the picture on the day it was meant for! I should apologize for re-using the background… should. Sadly I’m too busy crediting @iwritevoreporn as a big inspiration to the glory that is wolf!Riku vore to feel anything so petty as immense regret

@mallymunestelledusk replied to your photo “I can’t decide if I want warlord Kimiko to replace Chase or not, but…”

//i assume warlord kimi would be old af too right? so imagine her and chase fighting each other

Raimundo can be heard in the distance taking bets…

Okay, but I thought about her being a fallen child empress turned warlord. Maybe she made a deal with a demon, too. One that’s in a rivalry with the bean. idk idk

It’s possible I’m being negatively affected by staying closeted at uni (using my old name and pronouns; steadfastly refusing to acknowledge when someone notices that I have a characteristically feminine haircut and my nails are painted light purple). When I was talking to my therapist before I went back to uni, I said that I wasn’t going to behave like that. Almost immediately after leaving her room, I decided going through the process of coming out to acquaintances was too stressful and elected to put it off until as late as possible

Now I’m considering going back on my decision to go back on my decision. I don’t expect anyone to give me trouble, and maybe I’ll feel better if people are using my correct name and pronouns? I feel like it is very acceptable to come out to ones coworkers on International Transgender Day of Visibility (31st of March), so I’m kinda…thinkin about it. If my indecisive brain wants an excuse, I won’t find a better one

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I'm the odd man out then. I ID'd Straight™ and then I realized I was trans (after jumping from label to label) and then it was just like. Oh. No you aren't Straight™ you're just really fucking gay

thats probably pretty normal too tbh

I wanted to draw a bunch of Yosuke’s, so I drew all the different AU’s that I have, including a horror crossover Yosuke that abutart is designing (but yet to finish, but I’ve been helping out with the plot and damn I wanted to draw him and everyone else when theyre done)~