thats pretty much the entire post yes

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PLEASE REPORT AND BLOCK carleekmt*tumblr*com !! They've been reposting a HELLA LOT of gifs in compilation without credit, asking for reblogs and even getting 1k. A set full of reposted gifs. they do it knowingly, they posted an 'apology' yet they say they'll continue reposting gifs and they dont care. A typical, unapologetic disrespectful and rude reposter. Please report them.

I went through their blog and wow yeah their entire blog is full of reposts.
Their apology post– if you can even call it that tbh, is rude and disheartening to read. Thats pretty much just an excuse to keep reposting gifs without a care.

So please check if your gifs have been reposted too and report/block them!! ;;

“At the end of the day does it really matter if I used a picture? That’s what I thought.“

Also this sentence…. reposters seem to use it a lot. BUT YES it does matter. Believe it or not people work hard to make gifs (resizing, cropping, coloring, trying to keep it under 3MB, finding the right video to gif from (or my problem where PS keeps crashing down before you can even save OTL)) .. Its work and its every content creators right to get mad over something they worked on