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James Potter’s First Kiss

Okay so everyone, even the aliens, know that James ‘Prongs’ Potter was completely, utterly and unabashedly in love with Lily Evans - for years; likely since they were children. And okay, so James literally waited for his first kiss to be with Lily, okay, like she was his first everything (no, Sirius, kissing you while drunk and crying doesn’t count).

And like we all also know, James tried really hard to get Lily’s attention in every way possible (all the wrong ways though, lol); he watched her with heart eyes every time she was in the vicinity (while she probably flipped him the bird), doodled her initials in his spare time (like, a lot), constantly badgered her to go out with him (um, creepy, James, very creepy) and threw a fit when she chose the Giant Squid over him (*cough* Snape’sunderpants *cough*). 

So, think for a minute, about when they finally kissed for the first time.

Lily finally saw James for the bloody fantastic person he was (James Potter will forever remain my favourite Marauder, he was brave and generous and loving and kind, fight me) in seventh year; watched him hang up his Greatest Tosser Alive cape and don his Head Boy duties with a quiet, responsible efficiency, noticed how he stayed out of the spotlight and didn’t nag her quite as much as before. (And lets face it, she also probably stopped denying that James Potter was hot AF and was in fact, in the possession of a darn fine arse.)

And so when one evening as they were wrapping up a patrol of the corridors and James directed a quiet, “Will you ever go out with me, Evans?” at her, she all but screamed out a hysterical, “Fuck yes!”, instead opting for a mock-weary, “Fine, Potter. Hogsmeade tomorrow, six o’ clock.” 

And she’d wanted to linger and watch the way his face split into that knee-weakening, completely gorgeous grin, the way his hand jumped up to ruffle his hair in shy glee - but she’d been too close to a sickeningly wide grin herself and so she’d rushed back to the dorms to bury her flaming face into a pillow for an hour or thereabouts.

The following evening, as they walked back to Hogwarts, James was jittery and nervous and awkward, fiddling and fidgeting and shuffling his feet - he was terrified and felt certain he’s about to vomit onto Lily’s shoes, when he felt soft, warm fingers curling around his wrist to stop him, turning and gulping down at her as she turned a tiny, almost unbearably beautiful smile up at him that made him want to cry and/or punch a fist through a wall.

As her lips brushed his, and he felt a lump rise mortifyingly quick up his throat, he knew he’d have happily waited another seven years for this, for her. As he cupped her face and pulled her closer, tasting her mouth for the first time, finding it to be so much sweeter than he’d imagined, he knew with an astonishing certainty that there never would be anyone else for him.

Lily Evans was meant to end up with James Potter all along, and one kiss was all it took for them to know.

have i mentioned lately that i love krysta rodriguez and would do anything for her

Handing Out Candy

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!” the kid screamed, running as fast as he could back to his parents, who looked on worriedly.

Lance burst out laughing, as Kolivan simply stared out in hurt confusion.

That was the fourth time in the last hour. The majority of young kids took one look at Kolivan and ran for the hills.

There had been a few that had loved his ‘costume,’ but they were few and far in between.

“Am I doing something wrong?” Kolivan asked softly as he turned towards Lance, not happy that he was being laughed at.

“I-I’m sorry,” Lance said, wheezing. “It’s not you.”

Finally managing to catch his breath, he looked up at the purple giant in front of him.

He could see why the kids ran. A lot of them weren’t exactly ready to process his furry (adorable) self, the yellow eyes (which they had explained away as ‘special contacts’), the scar, the height, pretty much everything about him.

He wasn’t very tall right now though, having sat down against the wall, shoulders slumped.

“Do I look scary to them? Strange?”

“Hey, hey,” Lance hurried to reassure, walking over and putting his hands on said shoulders. “It’s not about you, they’re just too young to see how awesome you are.”

Kolivan tried to smile, but the weak attempt disappeared quickly. “I wanted to try this- this hol-id-ay,” he said, sounding it out slowly. “Especially because you love it so much, and you looked so happy this year-”

“Shhhh, shhhhhh,” Lance said, moving his hands to Kolivan’s cheeks (not being able to resist the urge to pinch them slightly) and placing his forehead against his. “I was happy this year because you were going to be here with me. No other reason.”

Kolivan looked up, accidentally brushing his nose against Lance’s.


“Yes, really.” Lance said, smiling softly.

Moving closer, he nuzzled his nose against Kolivan’s, then hopped up.

“Now c’mon, let’s see if we can make it to six in an hour.” he bounced up and down

Smiling ruefully, Kolivan nodded and got up to head towards the front door, but not before he pulled Lance into a tight hug.

“Thank you,” he whispered.

“Love you Koli.”

*They make it to nine in an hour, and Koli says he loves him too and isn’t sad anymore and it’s a happy ending and yay 😆*


After Robert apologises to Rebecca, please for the love of all that is holy can she apologise to him too? Not just for The Incident, but for her vile disrespect of his sexuality and his relationship with Aaron, literally from the god-forsaken moment she turned up in the village last year.

Like if ED actually do genuinely want her to be liked, then this crap needs to be acknowledged, and for probably the first time in her plot-driven life, she needs to take some bloody responsibility for her actions and words.

Basically I’d rather eat a wasp than have to watch ED paint her as some perfect saint again while she “forgives” all of Robert’s wrong doings while not acknowledging her own.

happy pokemon day everyone!! we’ve come a long way since generation 1, and i cant wait for future generations for even bigger adventures!! :3

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hey lavenyr!! saw the ask meme, how about kazuichi soda wearing C2?

This is such a cute request, thankyou for ask!!!

NOt to be totally off topic after the day’s events (even tho I’m gonna be), but Descendants 2……

Uma, Harry, Gil, and Dizzy are good beans and I love them all.

My grandson was kinda nasty but I was still crying every time he was in a scene.

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Look at him  W I G G L E.

(But I yelled when he ate the gum. I can appreciate how over the top he is, but he needed to chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill.)

UMAAAA was lovely and the acting rocked and her hair!!!! She looked kind of like a Jelly fish and it roooooocked. (So did her song. I have a thing for large groups of people dancing as a single BEING apparently.)

Gil and Dizzy were just complete beans and nothing bad should ever happen to them.

Also, near the end of the battle scene where Harry jumped into the water after his hook…. I was so prepared for Uma to be angry or something. But she wasn’t??? So good. She helped Mr. Nasty out and there was only like one or two of those “villain gets angry at henchman scenes,” which were only very minor instances. A good and pure villainous companionship.

I want them all back.

(Also, Jay’s bun killed and I’m not afraid to admit that I loved it)

(and my grandson’s guyliner. A++. Does and wears wings better than I ever will)

(His “speciality”)

hi it’s 1 am here but i guess it’s a good time to post a dumb idea i drew for

quick, lazy explanation: while i was writing that sancirc au, my friend asked me about the comic and when i showed it to them, they were hooked. at the same time, they were also very into bendy and the ink machine and eventually they suggested i make a crossover thing for it

needless to say, i had a bit too much fun in the end~