thats perfect tho

happy pokemon day everyone!! we’ve come a long way since generation 1, and i cant wait for future generations for even bigger adventures!! :3


I couldn’t make this up even if I wanted too, I saw the most beautiful family today and honest to God, they looked like they were what the percabeth family would look like. I tried my hardest to capture their beauty and just pure love for each other but honestly, this doesn’t even hold a candle to their perfection.

phantom of the opera 2004 is a mess but it still has a special place in my heart tbh

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Have you ever played Portal by Valve Corporation? I'm just about to replay the first and second game and then I wondered "Maybe @soobaki would like it." You solve a lot of puzzles here (some are really hard), but there's also some story. Give it a try! (You and your brother are going to be very busy this summer trying to play all the games you were recommended) :D

ive played most of portal 2 (borrowed it from a friend), but i never got to play the original! i rly enjoyed all the puzzle solving, even tho there were points where i got rly frustrated at times. 

maybe ill try to track down the original? my gf just played it, so….

& lmao WE RLY ARE….. first up is fe: echoes (I AM. SO HYPE.) & loz botw, tho. chris has been looking forward to watching me accidentally launch link off a cliff for months now, & id hate to disappoint him

(hes also letting me use his switch on “indefinite loan” in exchange for getting to watch me play botw, so. priorities)

ANYWAYS youre correct in that portal is up my gaming alley~ i love strategy and puzzle games, altho i tend to struggle w things like portal & loz b/c i uh. am just not as fast w my hands as i could be. games like fire emblem are perfect b/c i dont have to go too fast, and i can plan ahead

every time i tell someone what i’m doing in school, they tell me it’s something they can really see me doing and it just makes my heart happy :’)


oh If I’d only seen
that the joke was on me