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The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.

some reasons why s3 is my favorite


└ When cinnamon rolls members demonstrate how to start well and keep things interesting.

Cr: VS Arashi 20.07.2017

“I can’t believe Dean and Cas made out.”

Cas shrunk back from walking into the library at the sound of Sam ’s voice – for very good reasons.

He heard the unconvinced noise Mary made as she shrugged before replying. “It broke the spell and saved the town – it’s not hard to believe they’d do it… For the greater good.”

Sam still sounded agitated although Cas agreed with Mary – and he should know better than them about it. “No, Mom, we were all in the room. All the ritual asked for was a kiss… I mean what if all we needed to do was something like me giving you a peck on the cheek? It was a vaguely phrased spell.”

“I suppose so…”

Sam had gone into full ranting mode – “And – even if it had to be a kiss on the mouth – Cas could have kissed any of us. There were options. He could have kissed you, or, well, he was standing right next to me when Dean read the thing out, and a lot of people were going to die really soon. I’d take one for the team.”

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let’s forget everything, forget everything for a bit

i don’t want people to come at me with the “hoseok got a lot of lines in wings era!” because jungkook and jimin get 75% of the lines every comeback and every song. yoongi ALWAYS has a verse. i don’t wanna hear any of it. i don’t care if he got a lot of lines last era, he still deserves something for spring day.

I’m just going to drop these here. 

The girls that were considered a flop and waste of investment because Like Ooh Ahh wasn’t an instant smash hit after Sixteen did that. The girls that almost had Somi added to their band after her successful Produce 101 run to boost their popularity (right before Cheer Up spontaneously took off) did that. 

The girls who people said would flop in Japan did that. The girls that people said wouldn’t outsell SNSD in Japan, or beat their record at debuting at #4 on Oricon did that. Etc. etc. etc. Keep in mind it’s only day 1 of sales/1 day since their Japanese debut album release, too.

Discworld Fic: Half a Mystery

This is the piece I ran off very swiftly earlier this week. It may get tidied up and put on AO3 or somewhere later on in the year, but between uni and rehearsals I’ve not got the time at the moment. Thanks to @magic-redhead for helping me with my tense problem.

Spoilers for mostly City Watch books up to Night Watch. And apologies for some fairly general, uh, improvisation about the backstories of certain characters. I had a quick look over the relevant wiki entries, but I won’t be surprised if some of this is a tad AUish-by-accident. 

Who watches the watchmen?

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I want…to make a Mood Board

shhh, The Emperors looking

Throughout history women have pretended to be men and fight in wars. Which made me think of a funny Alt head cannon for Women Astarties. The Emp is a misogynist who has the no women rule, but the chapters have been recruiting women for years behind his back, changing pronouns in logs and stories.

Emp: Hey… that soldier… thats not a wo…

Captain: NOPE, totally not *Shuffles over to block line of site* You know the gene seed only works on men.

Emp: Haha of course you’re right! Whats your name soldier.

Brother Leela: Le… Lemon. Le-lemon sir!


david asked her if she would date him if she had to but look at her face in the second gif she looks ready to have his babies 

A while ago, I wrote a post on how Teen Wolf would have been better if it was Derek’s story, not Scott’s, and I just want to make one thing clear: I don’t hate Scott, I don’t want to take away your POC lead (never!) and I don’t have anything against his story line. It is simply my opinion ( and many others, it seems) that Derek’s story line was written better than Scott’s.
The fact is, Teen Wolf was set up to be the story of Scott learning to control his powers and becoming and alpha, but with all the added drama, forced romances (more for other characters, than Scott), his kind of air-headed personality, the fact that his learning to control his powers seemed to be done in the first few episodes of the first season, and everything else that goes on on the side, it took everything away from that story.
So, yes, Teen Wolf would be better with Derek as the lead because his character had more depth and a more enriching storyline. But Teen Wolf would also be better if it had been written differently and actually paid attention to Scott’s story instead of pretty much making it a teen drama crossed with Supernatural.
In other words, if it had been written by someone else - not Jeff Davis.

I was flabbergasted to learn that Chara is actually shorter than Asriel (if the flashback art is to be trusted), so I challenged myself to draw Asriel as the tall one. Chara is so small… how adorable~


Ryan, you’re Luke Skywalker. You’re battling Greg, who’s Darth Vader. When space adventurer Lando Calrissian, Wayne, comes in to help. Colin keeps entering as other Star Wars characters.
The trick is, every time they speak they have to use these exact number of words. Greg, you can only and always have to use 2 words, Colin you always have to use 3 words, Ryan you always have to use 4 words, Wayne you always have to use 5 words.