thats outrageous!

now HERES an unlikely self indulgent scenario worth 68083258855 fan fics: we get the whole “reality bouncing” sort of thing in the mcu. the avengers get to see several states of reality where things went down differently. that one with tony in SHIELD-gear is a glimpse of actual honest to god earth-616 anthony edward stark as director of SHIELD following his steve’s death

mcu tony witnesses the devastating after effects of that death in his 616 counterpart


  • *Yang enters the dorm room drenched in milk, with bits of cheese and butter covering her.*
  • Blake: Yang, what happened?!
  • Yang: I was walking around town when some guy just threw all this milk, cheese and butter at me.
  • Weiss: That's outrageous!
  • Ruby: How could anyone do that?
  • Yang: I know right? How dairy!
  • *Ruby, Weiss, and Blake just stare blankly as Yang grins before grabbing their pillows and smacking a laughing Yang with them.*
Media Literacy and Fandom

I’ve been reading a lot of misinformation that speaks to lack of understanding of the media and how it works which leads to unnecessary outrage or premature outrage.  I’m just going to try and shed a little light on some of the problem areas I have witnessed lately and hopefully challenge some of the outrage discourse surrounding these.

First, regular, recurring and guest star.  The definition of these are a little different than they used to be, but here’s the general gist.

  • Regular The star is contracted for a set number of episodes, not necessarily every episode, and is in the title sequence.  Title sequence =‘s regular.
  • Recurring Recurring characters often start as guest stars, but sometimes can be a former regular.  They play major characters that often return periodically in order to further the story.  They usually reappear when both story and schedule permit. 
    • They’re billed as guest star or special guest star.  Special guest star billing incurs a greater fee and is usually reserved for well known actors.  It can also be negotiated or given to other actors who have played an important role in the series.
  • Guest Star Someone that appears usually for an episode or 2.

Recurring has become the new regular in some cases.  They don’t get the benefits (or pay) of the regulars, but the story gets the benefit of their character.  Additionally it works for the actor too because they get the freedom to pursue other interests/jobs when not at work.

When Floriana was announced as a recurring for season 3, for many reasons a lot of fans assumed that would mean she would be a regular presence within the series.  Speculation based on interviews, or other various sources (many of which were questionable) lent itself to this too.  Unfortunately the truth is when someone wants to move on a recurring role is a great way of keeping their foot in the door, but ultimately they intend to pursue other opportunities.

Ratings Ploy

This is a term I have seen thrown around a lot recently, specifically in relation to information that the fandom has been fed by paparazzi.  Events that occur for ratings lets be honest that’s actually the point of television are promoted through official sources.  This is either through official promotions, or interviews, it is not through the paparazzi.  I’ll address the issue of the paparazzi later in the piece.

This leads into the issue of -


Queerbaiting is intentionally luring queer fans to a show on a promise of a queer relationship they don’t intend to have.  Or, like the 100, it was a concerted and continued effort to go into fan spaces and promote a relationship they they knew they were going to kill off.  Literally.

Supergirl did not enter fan spaces with the promise that Sanvers was a forever relationship.  Nor did they lure people into the show on the promise of a relationship that wont happen.

The ship sailed.

What I see as the issue here is there is a misunderstanding between fan and exec.  For example, the exec will state that the coming episodes will “honour the love” of these characters - this leads the fan to believing that the only way to honour that love is through a long term committed relationship.  Just because fan expectation of that phrase seems counter to what we may get (we don’t know anything until we see the episodes, in context), it doesn’t mean the execs have lied or that they are queerbaiting - it just means that there is a different reading of the same phrase.  Speaking solely for myself, it’s actually possible to honour a relationship and have it end.  They are not mutually exclusive.

To that end I also want to quickly address the fandoms catch cry of -

CW is trash

There is this general idea that because the show is on the CW that the show suddenly became shit (I think this is majorly from people who didn’t watch first season as it aired) and a more poorly represented on than we would have on CBS.  It’s important to note that if the show was still in CBS that Alex would not be gay, that Lord and Alex would be baited like hell even though Maxwell Lord was a sociopath, and the show would not have been written better.

From episode one the show has used a sledge hammer for it’s social commentary, it’s writing has been all over the shop.  It has never been a good tight show, but it had heart.  It had the Danvers Sisters, Cat and Space Dad. Season 2 just built on the problems and inconsistancies of season 1, and created some new ones by isolating the characters into relationships.  Same thing would have happened if it stayed on CBS. 

Ali Adler leaving the show didn’t instantly make it a worse show either… There is zero evidence her continued presence of show runner would have changed anything unfortunately.

Yes, I am aware of the history of CW in killing of gay characters and their mistreatment of POC - but the reason why we attribute it more to CW is because they have more of both in the first place.  Every other network have the same problems, but their level of representation is far lower so is sneaks under the radar in a way the CW doesn’t.

Additionally, CW don’t own the show they broadcast it.  It’s a WB and Berlanti Production, so while CW can gives notes, ultimately they aren’t responsible for the decisions.

Lastly I want to address the issue of -


The paparazzi’s job is to stalk people for money, literally.  Think about it for a moment, the people that are spreading the rumours on what may happen in future episodes is stalking your fave.  Is cornering them at airports, on the street

and outside their homes

. So why are they being listened too?  Why are we, as a fandom who brags about how much we love our fav still have the gumption to apply such cognitive dissonance?

It confuses me.

The particular paps who are promoting the upcoming episode narrative are also on selling to fans.  This means that if they are actively hooking fans into their sphere in order to continue to make money from them through the sale of photographs and autographs.  Many of which were obtained by violating the privacy of your fave.

Now even if the rumour mongering is true, it lacks context and it also is highly preedited information.  We do not know what we are going to ultimately see, neither do they.  But really, they don’t even care.

One of the paps likes to report that Melissa was seen at the airport, but she was suffering from anxiety so we respected her and didn’t take photos.  Really?!?

  1. You don’t get a prize for being a decent human being.
  2. You were there to stalk her, so still no prize.
  3. You have camped out outside of her house, any option of anything that resembles a prize is withdrawn in perpetuity.

Yet fans thanked him for being respectful.  Thanked him.  And hey, it totally worked for him long term because he himself now has a fanbase.  The stalker who is making money of our faves private moments is getting rewarded both financially and with a virtual pat on the back.

And that’s why they spread the outrage.  That’s also why logically you should take everything with a grain of salt.

the prophet bamboozles the district leader
  • arnold: hey elder mckinley, do you like elder price? like, romantically and stuff ??
  • connor: gosh !! what!!! no !!! th- that's outrageous !!1!
  • arnold: *whispers* kevin'sfutureboyfriendsaywhat
  • connor: what?
  • arnold: *screeches*

neoliberals: I don’t know why black people are so outraged about the latest outrageous racist thing against black people, when we should obviously be more concerned with the thing that white people are outraged about. Really, don’t we have more important things to be concerned with right now?

me: Why do they always try to concern troll us, and imply that our valid grievances are divisive, minor distractions? Unless it’s another black person being murdered by cops, why are we always expected to put our issues on the back burner to rally around whatever white people decide is “more” important? Black people are perfectly capable of being concerned with multiple issues simultaneously. We can be concerned with Bill Maher’s casual racism, and “allies” who used prison slave labor, and lack of media representation, and Donald Trump, all at the same time. It’s dismissive and paternalistic when people suggest otherwise

Ok kiddos let me explain you a thing right now:
If you are watching a video and the sound is clear, that video was staged.

You ever actually listen to the shit you record in your phone? You ever wonder why your home movies sound so terrible?

Let me let you in on a little filmmaker’s secret ok:

So the next time you see a video that seems horrible or awful or sweet oh what-fucking-ever, listen to it.

Cause if it looks windy and there’s no wind noise? It’s staged.

If the camera is about 20 ft from the subject yet sounds like the person is sitting right next to you? It’s staged.

Granted there are ways around this, but those require an actual crew. So if you’re watching a documentary that has an actual budget, then yeah sure it might not be staged (though that’s been known to happen in docs as well).

But if this video is being passed off as “candid” or surreptitious “phone” recording, just know it’s fake. It’s staged. There is only so much you can fix in post.

  • Me: So, unfortunately there are many causes of small growths like this. Luckily most are benign but in order to be absolutely sure it isn't cancer we need to biopsy it. I would be very surprised if it came back cancerous but we still need to test it.
  • Owner: So you don't know?
  • Me: 100%? No. It could be an adenoma, follicular cyst, lipoma, or maybe cancer. Biopsy is the only way to tell.
  • Owner: Well, that's probably an all day thing right?
  • Me: No. This is so small I could do it under a local and it would take maybe 30 minutes from start to finish. Lemme get an estimate for you.
  • Owner: Thats outrageous. It's just a bump.
  • Me: Well, the histopath is the only way to get a diagnosis. Honestly, I truly believe you can just monitor it for now.
  • Owner: Ok. I guess.
  • Yelp Review: Waste of time and money. The vet charged us $50 only to say he didn't know then demanded we pay more for an answer. He held our dog's health hostage. Do yourself a favor, go somewhere that cares about your pets.

Michael A. Taylor leaps to rob what would’ve been a homerun in the second inning.

Some tank tops look good on me

How do you feel about him now?”
I paused at this unexpected question, and inhaled some vapour to give myself time to think of a suitable answer. I briefly considered lying, before realising that my alcohol-clouded brain had no choice but to be honest.
“I don’t really know. I loved him. And he didn’t love me. Or maybe he did to begin with, but he certainly didn’t when it ended. So I’ve trained myself not to love him. Life’s too short to waste time longing for someone who’s never going to want you.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #2 // vapour

anonymous asked:

So you got plagiarized! ! BOOHOO!! What's the big deal!! It's not like you poured yourself whole heartedly, wove your soul in your work, shed blood sweat and tears to make magic happen. It's just stuff. So people will send you hearts and hugs and smiles. Be happy , be greatful. You don't need to be outraged. That's wrong. It serves you right you got your work, ur style, ur similiea, metaphors stolen. Why did u share ur work without copy right in public? It's public property now.

Yo, I know you’re dicking around with me, because your sarcasm subverts the shit out of your comment rendering it ingenious in a way. But lemme tell you, I wrote that post when my ass was super sad. Super damn sad. I haven’t been that sad for the longest time when it comes to something unrelated to family/real life personal.

Now my ass is salty as fuck.

BOO-freaking-HOO, right? It’s not a big deal, YEAH? Man, I am so rarely angry here on Tumblr unless I’ve come online and seen some anon bullshit happening, so let me make it crystal clear for you:

Don’t plagiarise.

Don’t plagiarise.

Don’t fucking plagiarise. 

Don’t appropriate dishonestly. Credit when you are inspired by someone. Acknowledge your plot bunnies and specific writing styles if they’re lifted directly from someone else’s fic. Just fucking do it. Otherwise spend just as long as we all do labouring and pouring our hearts and souls into these creations, and come up with your own material. 

It’s that simple.  

I know my fics inside and out. Like the back of my hand. I can recite entire one shots to you off by heart because these fics are manifestations of my blood, sweat and tears. They contain everything I’ve managed to squeeze out of my body and brain. I spend literally all night, not sleeping until early hours in the morning, because I care that much about where I place my verbs and prepositions, and which sentences should be complex with subordinate clauses, and when I need to pull in for tension or pull out for exposition. I know my own writing so well it makes it that much easier to identify the many permutations I see of it when it starts cropping up in other works. 

Don’t be outraged, you say? I am livid. And sad as fuck. To the point that it’s not even about the actual theft anymore, but the fact that I’m now scared this has permanently soured my experience of a fandom I think is cool as hell.

So I’m taking the time to calm my ass down. So I don’t dig an even bigger hole and fill it with words I might regret later. So I can come back and at least express gratitude for the “hearts, hugs, and smiles” people have kindly shared, and figure this shit out.

As of right now though, I’m done.

Have a motherfucking great day, anon. Kiss my salty ass on the way out. 

And for god’s sake: don’t fucking plagiarise.

It really is that simple.

  • Veronica: Okay, I got a text of JD's podcast. It's all a bunch of links to eBay.
  • Martha: You should be able to search his username on eBay and see what he's been buying and selling. *CIA agents enter*
  • CIA Vice Head: Ferris, set up over there. Two of you can take that bed area.
  • Veronica: Hey!
  • CIA Vice Head: Donner, take over that station.
  • Veronica: What's going on?!
  • CIA Vice Head: This apartment is being absorbed by Homeland Security!
  • Veronica: ...Homeland Security?
  • CIA Vice Head: Look, your little game of goin' over people's heads is over! You can still work, but from now on you answer to me, you got that?!
  • FBI Leader: 'Scuse me, who's in charge here?!
  • CIA Vice Head: I am!
  • FBI Leader: *more people come in* Yeah well not anymore you're not. This apartment has just been assigned to the FBI.
  • CIA Vice Head: That's outrageous! On whose orders?!
  • FBI Leader: On order of the Secretary of Defense! You had your shot, now I'm in charge!
  • ATF Leader: *more people come in* Not anymore you're not! Orders just came down from Central! They want ATF handling this on all fronts! All right people, from now on you're answering to me!
  • Secret Service Leader: *more people come in* Not anymore they're not! Orders from the President - he wants this handled by his staff personally! Now Nelson is in charge.
  • Nelson: *bursts in* Not anymore I'm not!
  • Veronica:

Theresa ‘strong and stable’ May: “People talk about the sort of Brexit that there is going to be - is it hard, soft, is it grey, white - actually, we want a red white and blue Brexit. That is the right Brexit for the United Kingdom.” 

John Oliver and every rational person left on Earth: “But what does that mean? You’re heading into a negotiation that will set the course for Britain for generations, and you’re naming colours on the fucking flag? Forget running through fields of wheat - that must be the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever said. And actually, you know what - I apologize to that guy from before - I said there was literally no worse way to discuss this than with cheese, but I was not counting on Thatcher in the Rye here answering a policy question with a fucking colour scheme.”

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Imperial Problem Child-verse. When Vader and Luke start haggling in Tatooine Huttese, do Tank and Han play along with the "it's an argument" idea or are they trying not to laugh at the conversation? ("4 hours." "That's too low! You must sleep at least 10!" "10 hours! That's outrageous!" "My price is reasonable!" "5 hours of sleep!" "I got you a very comfortable bed, Son. 9 hours!")

A transcript of one of the “haggling sessions”. *translated from Huttese* helpfully provided by Chewbacca

Luke: “I’m sure this can be resolved quickly enough. In exchange for the intel on Black Sun’s connections with the emperor, you will let me and my men leave when we reach the next system. We’ll ship out in two days-”

Vader: “Three.”

Luke: “The Executor does not require three days to reach Mimban!”

Vader: “Nevertheless, in exchange for the information you will remain aboard three days.”

Luke: “On what grounds?!”

Vader: “The sleep deprivation that is going to catch up to you when those stim shots you stole from the medbay wear off.”

Luke: “I’ll sleep on the way to Mimban. Two days, and two hours. No more.”

Tank:”Ridiculous! At this rate you’ll put yourself and your squadron in danger with slowed reaction time. Three days is more than fair. Perhaps you should spend it in the medbay, just to be sure.”

Han: “That’s outrageous! Luke’s Force mumbo-jumbo raises his reaction time even if he is sleep-deprived. No more than two days and five hours.”

Luke: “Will you two stay out of this?”

Vader: “Two days with an additional ten hours during which you are required to sleep.”

Luke: “Six hours.”

Vader: “Ten, son.”

Luke: “Eight. And I’ll call you when I get to Mimban.”

Vader: “…Done.”

*Leia pauses the security recording and groans, hand over her eyes. “They’re all nuts,” she grumbles.
“Here. You’ll need this. There are twelve more recordings.” Admiral Piett hands her a mug of very strong tea.*


REASONS WHY BRITAIN IS TOTALLY RUINED THESE DAYS, NUMBER 4,883: “Female, unmarried, childless teachers.”