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Again - Chanbaek ring..

Guys.. i wanna ask this real quick..

Did Baekhyun really lost his rings last year during Nature Republic Busan Fansign..?? by his rings i mean his Polarlight ring and his other ring.. 

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guys.. I’ve made 3..!!  3 freaking posts about Baekhyun’s ring.. *facepalm* idk why i made that many posts about his ring.. maybe because i think it might be Chanbaek couple ring.. hehe.. 

if you haven’t - please read those first .. (first) (second) (third)

the “lost ring” incident happened in January 2015 tho.. i dont know if he found them back but he didn’t wear rings anymore after that (not confirm).. so.. if the rings are not missing, why he didn’t wear them..? only recently i saw he is  wearing them again.. that ring is from his favorite fansite - Polarlight tho.. idk about his other ring (the one i think is the couple ring) where that one come from (anyone knows..?)..

Baekhyun wore it since 2014  tho..

this is Baekhyun on 141222 Gimpo to Kansai.. see that ring.. thats Polarlight ring..

During that Nature Republic fansign, the rings definitely leave Baekhyun’s fingers for a while and Baekhyun might lost it coz he was searching for it tho.. 

this picture is during Nature Republic Busan Fansign on Jan 31, 2015.. (i’m not sure its Busan or not)..

This is him finding his rings.. 

he asked the crowd - Trans: “who took my rings..?”.. he is smiling but he undoubtedly looking for his rings..

Baekhyun didn’t wear any ring afterwards for few months until their black wedding band ring.. remember that..?

the earliest i can tract down they were wearing those bands are around April / May 2016..  

this is baekhyun in Shanghai Airport on 150529..

He also wears that band on 24th May 2015 during LOTTE Family Free Concert.. if you remember the red rose moment.. yeah that time..

did they wears it again in 2016..? i couldn’t find any pictures in 2016.. if you have please share with me.. 

this one is Baekhyun’s IG update on 160408.. thats the Chrome Heart ring right? the one Polarlight gave him.. idk if this picture recent or not but its was posted on 8th April 2016.. i’m sure he were wearing it earlier than that but i only found picture of that time..

[ this is why i always put date on my instagram updates.. i am trying to tract down chanbaek timeline(?) kind of, so i need proof when i’m making anything.. i cannot just said “i read it somewhere” or “someone told me abt it”.. thats not a reliable information… so guys.. don’t believe everything people told you without solid proof]

ok guys.. if you read my previous post you probably see that i believe Baekhyun’s other ring is actually a matching one with Chanyeol’s pinky ring.. remember that ring..? they have similar design with slightly different color.. Chanyeol wear on his pinky (which can be mean its small for him) and Baekhyun wore it on his middle finger/index finger (which can be mean its big for him).. noticed that Chanyeol don’t wear it anymore..?? 

ok the thing i’m very curious is if the ring is not missing - or they found it after the fansign last year - why he only wear it again this year..? the earliest i can tract down is on 160424 heading for Kpop Top Group Concert in Shenyang.. 

we all know how the Chrome Heart black ring present from Polarlight looks like right.. 

i always mistaken the Chrome Heart ring with Chanbaek “wedding band” because it has similar black base.. but turned out to be its the same Chrome Heart ring Polarlight used to give him.. 

this is what the wedding band looks like.. 

and this is the Polarlight ring (if i’m not mistaken)…

he also wears if often now - just like before he “lost” it.. for example like in Vapp+ broadcast recently (160608) ..



the whole thing actually -  i wanna know if he actually lost his rings at all during that fansign.. because i believe the other ring he wore in that fansign - the one which are not Polarlight ring - might be related to Chanyeol’s pinky ring.. 

anyone have any intel or insider information about this..? did he found it or not..? if this Chrome Heart ring is the same one from 2014, and its not missing, why he didn’t wear it after found it..? and if he found it, did he found his other ring too..?? that other ring is the one i think matches Chanyeol’s.. and Chanyeol didn’t wear his pinky ring anymore.. so  —-… arghhh idk.. LOL..


i’m weird i know.. this is one unnecessary post.. LOL…

but seriously tho.. if you find any information about his ring.. please tell me.. but please insert the source too.. 

love -Ai-