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So did your love for Star Trek start with the reboot movies? And you're watching all the older movies and all the TV series because you liked the reboot movies so much? As an older fan, who watched all the TV series from TNG on in their original broadcast runs (I watched TOS in reruns on cable tv as a child), I think that's absolutely wonderful. A lot of older fans don't seem to like the reboots (I LOVE the first one), but if they are bringing new fans to the entire franchise that's only good.


I’ve gotten a few anon hate that says I’m “not a real fan” and even people I knew specifically my ex but we are not getting into that shit show right now have told me that if you like the reboots you are not a real fan. My opinion on it is if you like star trek to any degree you are a fan.

Completely obsessed with it from day one: real fan

Just got into it and love it: real fan

Only seen the reboots: real fan

We all just nerds that love to see these adventures in space. Nothing wrong with that))

Okay but, how about an alternative universe were TAC is helping supernatural or magical creatures in court were;

Bull is a vampire with a sketchy past, he hasn’t told a single person how he was transformed, but he’s centuries old. Likes to spend his money on questionable things like the indoor climbing wall or his Bentley. Was married to a werewolf once (Benny’s sister). He sometimes uses his charm (literally) on people.

Cable and Marissa are both witches, specialized on technology, Cable is still a bit young so Marissa tends to teacher her a lot of things. They use their magic to hack into important files, or create the jury’s profiles. (Please imagine Marissa walking trough the building, a coffee mug in one hand which stirs itself while reading through some files.)

Danny is a shapeshifter and can take on ever face she wants to, she uses her power at stakeouts or to question witnesses and so on without being noticed.

Benny is a werewolf, small as a human but holy shit his wolf form is pretty massive. Tends to snap when being pushed too far thanks to his werewolf temper. He and Bull argue a lot, but they’re also family (yes he might be divorced to Benny’s sister but he’s still part of his pack). Bull sometimes stays over during full moon to keep Benny’s company.

Chunk is a siren. Has only recently transformed into one and has yet to figure out how this magic stuff works. He uses his siren power to calm clients when they are upset. (He used it on Benny at least once tbh)

  • Alright so this is how it's gonna go down. Or maybe not. But it'd be cool if it did.
  • Cable: *at the end of Deadpool 2 about to go to the future in a grand self-sacrificing manner like he always does*
  • Cable: Wade, I-
  • Deadpool: Don't. Don't say 'thank you'. Don't say 'I'm proud of you'. Don't say 'goodbye'.
  • Cable: ... You're zipper is down.
  • Deadpool: *looks down like a schmuck*
  • Cable: *uses the distraction to just fucking swoop in and kiss Wade. Its your typically movie kiss, swelling music and lights dancing in the background and it's cliche as shit but it's also fucking glorious.*
  • Cable: Made you look.
  • Deadpool: *flustered at being caught off guard and that cable actually fucking kissed him (!!!) but trying to play it off*
  • Deadpool: You are so immature.
  • Both: *they break off and Cable goes to the whatever mcguffin that'll take him to the future*
  • Cable: *while leaving* Thank you. Im proud of you. Goodbye.
  • Then we could have a flash of blue light and a thing (that would hint the plot of deadpool 3) could pop out of nowhere with a note that says "a gift from the future xoxo"
  • Mom: What did you get at the mall?
  • Me: Just some shirts and sweaters and stuff.
  • Mom: Everything in this bag is going to make you look like an English schoolboy.
  • Me: I fail to see the problem.

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I heard they are making a lot of shows do 2 (30 minute) episodes because there is a law about advertisement in shows. They can only put so many commericals but they can put more in between episodes of shows. Korea is kind of hurting right now for revenue and since you usually get a lot of sales off of tv commericals they need all the help they can get. China has banned most if not all of the korean dramas/tv shows and china is one of their biggest sources of international income.

I was wondering too so i did a little research earlier and found this out. If I am totally wrong about this then forgive me! xD I just read a little bit on why some shows have been going to 30 min eps rather than 1 hour. I dont like it since i think it messes with the flow a little bit. But whatever.. if it helps the korean economy I guess that is good right?

oh… that must be why then… as someone who downloads the drama online, i don’t see much difference and it doesn’t really bother me. but if i was going to watch it on tv i’d definitely be annoyed with all the commercials and the fact that the drama was split that way

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Hey! I don't know if anyone saw this, but freeform released a press release today stating that Shadowhunters has reached over 10.4 million viewers total over the past 5 episodes!! So, this should help anyone that was worried about the live ratings being low! Here's the article! disneyabcpress (.) com /freeform/pressrelease/freeform-kicks-off-sophomore-year-as-top-tier-cable-network-in-prime/

Thank you! :) I hadn’t seen that actually, I appreciate you sending it to us!

my dumb ass only put two and two together today to realize that im literally. im literally IT. im the IT guy u call to help w ur comcast cable. thats me. wild. i hope you guys know what this means?

finally at long last the motivation i needed for drawing a shit ton of disgruntled sollux art.

CRAZY ex girlfriend fans...

Ratings for CW shows are always pretty low. If you can’t watch on tv that’s fine though. I went to the CW Upfronts in May, and Mark Pedowitz (president of the CW) basically said ratings don’t matter that much.

The CW is the only network to have all their shows streaming for free. You can watch all the current seasons for free WITHOUT A CABLE LOGIN. Free! Thats better than Hulu. Its these views on their streaming platforms which really matter. Download the app. Watch via the CW instead of pirating. They’re trying to make it as easy for us as possible, unlike other networks. The more you watch through CW’s website and apps, the more you’re doing to get the show renewed.

yasanggok replied to your post“You know what? Nevermind. I’m in Dublin now and I realized i was…”

For what it’s worth, the Nordics aren’t exactly known for their friendliness— I hope your time in Finland was good though!

Yes, it was! I researched it while I was there, after I saw a postcard for “Finnish Nightmares,” and then I vaguely remembered reading or hearing something about Finland being one of the most introverted places in the world. I guess I’m just used to being the more introverted one, having other people be more outgoing to do the approaching. So when it was left to me to go talk to people, their reactions took me aback. (Do I smell? Did I say something wrong? AM I BOTHERING YOU?). At the same time, it’s also great to travel alone and have nobody bother you. I don’t know if it’s possible to have it both ways though. 

There was another situation in the store when I tried to buy two pastries but didn’t know I had to weigh them and put a sticker on them because it was all in Finnish. The cashier spoke English but told me I had to go back to the bakery department to get stickers. So now I was holding up the line and panicking. I ran to the bakery dept but a) I don’t know what they’re called in Finnish, and the trays for both of the types I got were gone??? So I pressed some random numbers on the machine and got two incorrect stickers. I tried to explain to him what happened, and then he took out his book of store items to check the prices. I think his coworker told him to scan what I have anyway. In the US, I’m just used to people giving tourists a pass, like they’ll just input “Misc” or something. Can I abandon my groceries and run? I didn’t like that I was holding up the line.

But I didn’t feel lonely or unhappy while I was there. The food is great. I love salmon and rye bread anyway, so food wise, this was like heaven. But the best moment was on the ferry ride back from Suomenlinna, and not feeling motion sick or dizzy, with the cool Baltic air hitting my face. It felt wonderful. This must be what people who are never seasick/motion sick experience. 

Also I’m probably gonna leave a glowing review for SeaBands, and Bonine. 

The most unrealistic thing about the Deadpool movie is the fact that Colossus was actually asking Deadpool to join the X-Men. Really, nobody wants Deadpool around at all.

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Omg ! Your squids are the cutest~ X3 I loveeeeeeeeeeee them! I really like the green squid with the dark skin! What's his name & weapon? XD I was wondering if I could ship him with my OC squid? If that's okay with you~ ☆

Omg, thank you!! His name is Cable and he uses the Splattershot Jr! (Im still fickle with the shoes, I’m thinking Clogs, or LE/Ltd, Low Tops) Yes, you’re totally welcomed to ship my characters with your ocs! Q3Q 

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Does Nate ever get Wade cute clothes and accessories to surprise him or does he not trust himself to pick things out?

Nate: I wouldn’t use the word “cute” but yes sometimes I buy him things

Wade: And then i never take them off

[ im adding to the saga of the mega milk shirt bc its important ] 

Dear Anti Steven universe Leak watchers

Chill, just chill. It is literally not that deep. You guys love to shame us leak watchers for watching leaks but sometimes thats the only way we can watch them. Some of us dont have cable. You guys are quick as hell to go on full tumblr rants about “oh dont watch it, it hurts Rebecca sugar” like stop. If u have cable and u want to watch leaks, by all means do u. Just at least try to watch the live version. If u have cable and hate leaks. Take a breath, take a blunt, take a xanny and chill

A Sleepy Liveshow (oneshot)

Read it on AO3!

SUMMARY: Dan and Phil come home from Japan and have the biggest jetlag ever. Is a liveshow a good idea then? Phil doesn’t think so but Dan may be stubborn as no one else. Fluffly oneshot :)

Based on a conversation I had with yesiwritephanfiction once and a dialogue we made up that could actually take place between Dan and Phil.
Dan: I should do a liveshow.
Phil: You’ll probably pass out live, I don’t think that’s a good idea.

WARNINGS: swearing

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own Dan and Phil as they’re people in fact. This story is a work of fiction.

Dan was hella tired, that one he couldn’t neglect. But he still wanted to do a liveshow. He felt as though it had been ages since he had done one and he really didn’t like letting people down. The fact that he and Phil had come back from Japan a few days ago and both still had an enormous jet lag wasn’t going to help at all. But any of it didn’t mean Dan was going to let another liveshow slide.

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I just want Fox to give me an xforce film. I dont care about the normal team anymore. I just want olivia munn to return as psylocke and be on a team with Ryan reynolds deadpool and Cable. Thats all i ask <3

Psylocke (Olivia Munn) appeared in ‘X-men: Apocalypse’ which was set in the 80′s. Deadpool is set in the present. You’re probably not gonna see those two in a movie together because they’re living 30 years apart. Unless they do some more time jumping but honestly the timeline is hard enough to follow already.