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CRAZY ex girlfriend fans...

Ratings for CW shows are always pretty low. If you can’t watch on tv that’s fine though. I went to the CW Upfronts in May, and Mark Pedowitz (president of the CW) basically said ratings don’t matter that much.

The CW is the only network to have all their shows streaming for free. You can watch all the current seasons for free WITHOUT A CABLE LOGIN. Free! Thats better than Hulu. Its these views on their streaming platforms which really matter. Download the app. Watch via the CW instead of pirating. They’re trying to make it as easy for us as possible, unlike other networks. The more you watch through CW’s website and apps, the more you’re doing to get the show renewed.

  • Alright so this is how it's gonna go down. Or maybe not. But it'd be cool if it did.
  • Cable: *at the end of Deadpool 2 about to go to the future in a grand self-sacrificing manner like he always does*
  • Cable: Wade, I-
  • Deadpool: Don't. Don't say 'thank you'. Don't say 'I'm proud of you'. Don't say 'goodbye'.
  • Cable: ... You're zipper is down.
  • Deadpool: *looks down like a schmuck*
  • Cable: *uses the distraction to just fucking swoop in and kiss Wade. Its your typically movie kiss, swelling music and lights dancing in the background and it's cliche as shit but it's also fucking glorious.*
  • Cable: Made you look.
  • Deadpool: *flustered at being caught off guard and that cable actually fucking kissed him (!!!) but trying to play it off*
  • Deadpool: You are so immature.
  • Both: *they break off and Cable goes to the whatever mcguffin that'll take him to the future*
  • Cable: *while leaving* Thank you. Im proud of you. Goodbye.
  • Then we could have a flash of blue light and a thing (that would hint the plot of deadpool 3) could pop out of nowhere with a note that says "a gift from the future xoxo"
  • Mom: What did you get at the mall?
  • Me: Just some shirts and sweaters and stuff.
  • Mom: Everything in this bag is going to make you look like an English schoolboy.
  • Me: I fail to see the problem.
Dear Anti Steven universe Leak watchers

Chill, just chill. It is literally not that deep. You guys love to shame us leak watchers for watching leaks but sometimes thats the only way we can watch them. Some of us dont have cable. You guys are quick as hell to go on full tumblr rants about “oh dont watch it, it hurts Rebecca sugar” like stop. If u have cable and u want to watch leaks, by all means do u. Just at least try to watch the live version. If u have cable and hate leaks. Take a breath, take a blunt, take a xanny and chill

so it turns out that the extension cable i was using to connect my speakers to my pc also swaps left and right, for some bizarre reason. if i have the speakers in the correct places i need an extension cable, which swaps the signal so the speakers end up not being in the correct L/R orientation so i decided to place my speakers in the wrong places (the left one right and vice versa) and use the extension cable…

A Sleepy Liveshow (oneshot)

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SUMMARY: Dan and Phil come home from Japan and have the biggest jetlag ever. Is a liveshow a good idea then? Phil doesn’t think so but Dan may be stubborn as no one else. Fluffly oneshot :)

Based on a conversation I had with yesiwritephanfiction once and a dialogue we made up that could actually take place between Dan and Phil.
Dan: I should do a liveshow.
Phil: You’ll probably pass out live, I don’t think that’s a good idea.

WARNINGS: swearing

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own Dan and Phil as they’re people in fact. This story is a work of fiction.

Dan was hella tired, that one he couldn’t neglect. But he still wanted to do a liveshow. He felt as though it had been ages since he had done one and he really didn’t like letting people down. The fact that he and Phil had come back from Japan a few days ago and both still had an enormous jet lag wasn’t going to help at all. But any of it didn’t mean Dan was going to let another liveshow slide.

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Story Time: The Cable Guy

The day after I moved into my new apartment, my roommate and I finally found time to call the cable guy. So I’m thinking this man is about to be some sweaty, middle aged, white guy like you see on the TV shows but boy was I wrong. As soon as he picked up the phone and I heard that New York accent, I was like:

Y'all KNOW I love me a man with a New York/New Jersey accent. We were lowkey but highkey on the phone flirting and you know my ass put my sexy voice on and whatnot. He tells me that he’ll make time to come to my apartment but he’ll be late. In my head, I was like “Bring yo ass here boy,” but all I could say was that my roommate and I will wait. 

As soon as I hang up the phone, I turn to my roommate and I was like, “I think I found my future husband.” So me being the person that I am, I google this nigga and of course nothing came up. My roommate was like, “watch him be ugly and short.” I was just like:

So then he calls and was like, “I’m outside.” Me, preparing for the worst, opened the door just to see him standing there. He was average looking and my height so I was like:

I didn’t even know how to react so I just had to make sure I didn’t show it on my face. Anyway, he sits down on the floor with us (cause we ain’t got no furniture) and we’re talking. Come to find out this guy is about to turn 40 and he has a son.

Not showing anything on my face, I just went with the flow until he was done and left my apartment. As soon as he left I looked at my roommate and she was like:

I’ve only been in North Carolina for two days and I need to get my life together.