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We can't ask people to leave the store when we're closing. That's fine. If you've come in exactly on close to grab a cable and are in and out within about 1 minute, fine. If you come in five minutes before close, hang around while we turn off all the TVs, laptops, speakers etc. and then when we ask if you're alright ten minutes after we're closed, say, "I'm just looking thanks" you can die. Go and "just look" somewhere that's still open, where the staff are still getting paid to be there.

That’s when I turn off all the lights in the store and shine a flashlight on him “to help him shop” until he gets so uncomfortable he leaves.



So…. Here it is, the sum total of the actual body, unjoined and uncleaned up. With a medium sized pumpkin for scale. The left side is what I just finished and I think I did a pretty good job freestyling some cabling considering the circumstances.

I think I’ll join these now to get a final verdict on how long it really is, and then worry about hemming later.

  • Alright so this is how it's gonna go down. Or maybe not. But it'd be cool if it did.
  • Cable: *at the end of Deadpool 2 about to go to the future in a grand self-sacrificing manner like he always does*
  • Cable: Wade, I-
  • Deadpool: Don't. Don't say 'thank you'. Don't say 'I'm proud of you'. Don't say 'goodbye'.
  • Cable: ... You're zipper is down.
  • Deadpool: *looks down like a schmuck*
  • Cable: *uses the distraction to just fucking swoop in and kiss Wade. Its your typically movie kiss, swelling music and lights dancing in the background and it's cliche as shit but it's also fucking glorious.*
  • Cable: Made you look.
  • Deadpool: *flustered at being caught off guard and that cable actually fucking kissed him (!!!) but trying to play it off*
  • Deadpool: You are so immature.
  • Both: *they break off and Cable goes to the whatever mcguffin that'll take him to the future*
  • Cable: *while leaving* Thank you. Im proud of you. Goodbye.
  • Then we could have a flash of blue light and a thing (that would hint the plot of deadpool 3) could pop out of nowhere with a note that says "a gift from the future xoxo"

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So did your love for Star Trek start with the reboot movies? And you're watching all the older movies and all the TV series because you liked the reboot movies so much? As an older fan, who watched all the TV series from TNG on in their original broadcast runs (I watched TOS in reruns on cable tv as a child), I think that's absolutely wonderful. A lot of older fans don't seem to like the reboots (I LOVE the first one), but if they are bringing new fans to the entire franchise that's only good.


I’ve gotten a few anon hate that says I’m “not a real fan” and even people I knew specifically my ex but we are not getting into that shit show right now have told me that if you like the reboots you are not a real fan. My opinion on it is if you like star trek to any degree you are a fan.

Completely obsessed with it from day one: real fan

Just got into it and love it: real fan

Only seen the reboots: real fan

We all just nerds that love to see these adventures in space. Nothing wrong with that))

i havent watched live streamed tv in a couple of years. so when i am at someone’s house who has cable i am always like, wow thats still on tv? i mean, ive just been rewatching parks and rec living in denial so i didn’t realise big bang theory has been on tv for ten years and getting a prequel

this is the darkest timeline 

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Hey! I don't know if anyone saw this, but freeform released a press release today stating that Shadowhunters has reached over 10.4 million viewers total over the past 5 episodes!! So, this should help anyone that was worried about the live ratings being low! Here's the article! disneyabcpress (.) com /freeform/pressrelease/freeform-kicks-off-sophomore-year-as-top-tier-cable-network-in-prime/

Thank you! :) I hadn’t seen that actually, I appreciate you sending it to us!

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Does Nate ever get Wade cute clothes and accessories to surprise him or does he not trust himself to pick things out?

Nate: I wouldn’t use the word “cute” but yes sometimes I buy him things

Wade: And then i never take them off

[ im adding to the saga of the mega milk shirt bc its important ] 

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Omg ! Your squids are the cutest~ X3 I loveeeeeeeeeeee them! I really like the green squid with the dark skin! What's his name & weapon? XD I was wondering if I could ship him with my OC squid? If that's okay with you~ ☆

Omg, thank you!! His name is Cable and he uses the Splattershot Jr! (Im still fickle with the shoes, I’m thinking Clogs, or LE/Ltd, Low Tops) Yes, you’re totally welcomed to ship my characters with your ocs! Q3Q 

CRAZY ex girlfriend fans...

Ratings for CW shows are always pretty low. If you can’t watch on tv that’s fine though. I went to the CW Upfronts in May, and Mark Pedowitz (president of the CW) basically said ratings don’t matter that much.

The CW is the only network to have all their shows streaming for free. You can watch all the current seasons for free WITHOUT A CABLE LOGIN. Free! Thats better than Hulu. Its these views on their streaming platforms which really matter. Download the app. Watch via the CW instead of pirating. They’re trying to make it as easy for us as possible, unlike other networks. The more you watch through CW’s website and apps, the more you’re doing to get the show renewed.

my dumb ass only put two and two together today to realize that im literally. im literally IT. im the IT guy u call to help w ur comcast cable. thats me. wild. i hope you guys know what this means?

finally at long last the motivation i needed for drawing a shit ton of disgruntled sollux art.