thats not kawaii


Update: These still need some work here & there but I’m gonna try to makes these into gifs!! I’m struggling with Shiro’s hand on his hip… >_>

Need blogs to follow!

wilHi, I created this new blog and I need new blogs to follow (and if possible new followers) reblog/like if you post:

  • pink,peachy,pastel aesthetics.
  • Sailor moon
  • Osomatsu san
  • Cartoons: Samurai Jack, Dude that’s my ghost, or whatever. (cartoon network)
  • Kawaii things
  • Art aesthetics
  • Drawings and art (sketchbooks, journals, doodles)
  • Vocaloid
  • Aesthetics

And I will check your blog :) I hope we can follow each other

.゚☆ Following Spree ☆゚.

like/reblog this and I’ll check out your blog!
I’m looking for some blogs to follow b/c not only do I not follow many blogs but most of the ones I do follow post a lot of similar content (×_×)

Must Be ~
a pastel/aesthetic blog (pink is ideal but sometimes I follow for nice content and not just someone to reblog from)
sfw (no ifs ands or buts, even if it’s tagged, what you think is nsfw and what I think is nsfw might vary)
not a ddlg or cgl blog (or any other version of that kinda blog)
not inactive for more than a month at a time (unless specifying a hiatus, I get school/life stuff can get in the way)

Bonuses ~
don’t post a lot of fashion
don’t post a lot of text (including pictures with just text)
don’t post kpop
post anime
post art
post food
post your own content (not all the time, but like I said, I see a lot of the same stuff)

No following or time limits, I periodically unfollow inactive blogs so even if this post is 3 years old I’ll still check it