thats not funny

if there were ever to be a homestuck movie, i would hope to god that the go-to, repeated-far-too-often, trailer joke would be john, standing in the bathtub in the stairway, staring balefully at his cell. “rose, you can see me right. tell me. whats wrong with this picture.” preferably being cut to after a shit-ton of action scenes.


That’s it. That’s literally all it could have been

Chris Evans is so woke/intelligent and i don’t think we really ever mention how intelligent he is. He’s shown an interest in politics, both attending rallies for his Uncle’s campaigns, as well as saying he could see himself getting into it in some way in the future. When, during an interview, the interviewer tried to coax the guests into saying something negative about the gender gap in hollywood, he instead took the opportunity to address not only the wage gap, but also the base issue that women are simply not afforded the same amount of opportunities as men. He’s vocal about his struggles with anxiety and speaks a lot about ways that people can help themselves deal with/overcome it. He’s also constantly showing us that he’s really interested in science, specifically astronomy, as he shares a lot of science and space based articles on twitter. He’s made it known that he’s very much for gun control, and how important a change in the gun control laws in the States is. Like there’s more but you get the point, Chris Evans is a smart guy, but i don’t think it gets acknowledged enough


Thats the way I like it