thats not apple juice

bakugo is mad bc he’s trying to cook but this asshole is sitting on the counter

also he’s wearing gloves bc I imaging the taste of nitroglycerine is bad

  • shiro: keith, we need to talk
  • keith: no...
  • pidge: just listen to us, please
  • keith, backing away: no.. g-go away...
  • lance: dude, really, we need to discuss this
  • keith: i'm warning you... stay back
  • hunk: man you can't keep putting ice cubes in your apple juice its so weird
  • keith, drawing his knife: dont come any closer

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buy pepsi

sorry i only drink bepis and coke mixed with hot sauce


Plant Life and Tidal Wave album art

Rwby: Rosegarden "Yellow Dragon"
  • Qrow: *sits on bench next to melone* so summer jr watcha up to?
  • Melone: I'm waiting for grandpa tai i mean I'm waiting for the yellow Dragon.
  • Qrow: yellow Dragon? Wait why do you call tai yellow Dragon?
  • Melone: because he doesn't want me to call him grandpa. Said it makes him feel old.
  • Qrow: ..... When he got with my sister and summer he should have-
  • Tai: qrow what the hell? Not in front of Melone..
  • Qrow: *drinks from flask* well you just said a wordy dirt in front of little summer here.. Sooo
  • Tai: *holds finger up to qrow*
  • Melone: *grabs apple juice and drinks like qrow*
  • Tai: your teaching her how to be you!!
  • Qrow: and thats a bad thing?
  • Tai: your drunk!
  • Melone: *stops drinking apple juice* uncle qrow is always drunk....
  • Tai: qrow you-
  • Ruby: *shows up* hii pumpkin
  • Melone: mom what the hell?
  • Ruby/ tai: .......
  • Qrow: don't blame me I wasn't watching her...right summer jr
  • Melone: *puts on shades* nope..
  • Oscar: maybe yang should watch melone?

“Dear Golzy, Apple fruit company is so happy to know that you love our apples so we send you a special edition only for you”

Ganz: Apple juice? Wanna try how it taste… *Drink some*

And thats how Ganz getting drunk with the new APPLE JUICE SPECIAL EDITION and ended up flirting with a lighting post!!!

Golzy-senpai notice me?
I wanted to say I LOVE YOUR ART YOU ARE SO AMAZING, Also I love your streams, I hope one day I would be able to talk to your amazing persona. ALL HAIL APPLOZY

ME: i woke up in the noon, sees this magnificent drawing.