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Boom Boom Pow

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Peter Parker x Reader

Anono Requested: hello!! could you do a Peter Parker/Spider-Man imagine where the reader just got powers in a freak accident or something and she doesn’t know how to control them and the police come and are about to fire their guns and boom here comes Spider-Man and he tells them that he can help her so they let him?? The girl would also be around peter’s age please!! Thank you!!

You were surrounded by a ring of fire with pleading tears in your eyes as you watched all the police cars trap you in. Even the SWAT team was out there; that made you know you weren’t leaving this alive. You didn’t mean to set building after building on fire. You were just scared with your newfound powers and the dread of knowing that your friends were dead because of you.

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Gosh look at this…
Look at this. D:
Insane, right? Nine can’t believe thats how she used to draw 10 years ago. What a nightmare!

But she’s kinda amazed at how much she’s improved. Honestly, she’s so proud of herself. Honestly, it’s mostly because of her friends and aywas that Nine improved so much. 

It means alot that people have supported her, and while she still has so much to improve. She’s still thankful. ;-;

The HIMYM finale is a wonderful example of writers clinging to the original idea that they had at the very beginning of the story and then disregarding years of character development after which the said idea doesn’t fit or make sense anymore.