thats my waifu

I know I always say my favourite character is Alix, but the truth is my actual ACTUAL SECRET FAVOURITE CHARACTER has no name, about 0.1 seconds screentime, and is probably long dead

Reasons why Asuka Tanaka is an Absolute Best™ (with pictures) :

• Glasses

• Dark opaque tights

• Talented and passionate

• Long stylish hair, dark as ink and soft as silk.

(often messy which means +10 charisma)

• Meaty thighs

(10/10 pillows ↑↑ )

• Wide hips

(essential for hand placement and overall hug’ability)

•  ↓

•  ↑

• Breasts of increased softness, ergonomic shape and bonus top tier armpits

( ↑↑ this airfield can probably balance, like, 2 or 3 phones in the tawawa challenge)

• A pinch of yandere

(the perfect mix between possessivity and affection ↑ )

• Cannibalism tendencies (she will bite you)

• Strong, independant and feminine

• Still needs to be protected

( ↑ fig. n°1 : smile that must be protected at all cost)

• Mischievous

• Can be serious

• Can goof around as well


• She knows what’s up

• She understands human beans very well too

• Very cute (that is important)

• She will headpat you

• Her birthday is December 25th

– If you’re not convinced yet, let me reach out for your imagination :

• Loud and shameless mind-blowing sex

• Lingerie

• ↓

• Cooking in underwear

• Sex in the car

• Probably shitposting on social networks

My point is :

Adorable and precious sex machine. Must be married at the speed of light.

Lyredy week - Day 1: Linked

Modern AU where journalist!Lyon and cop!Meredy got stuck (linked) in a weird handcuff and they need to find the key means finding the guy who did this (Rustyrose the magician) 

Lissa [120 icons] 100 x 100

Character: Lissa

Fandom: Fire Emblem Awakening

These icons are for alteringfate but others are free to use them.

If you are going to be using them, a like or a reblog would be nice! And if you are up to it, credit me (by linking back here).

Disclaimer: All art used for these icons do not belong to me. Some of these are slightly edited (i.e: text being erased, etc.) Please notify me if I made an icon of a person who does not wish for others to use their art for RP icons.

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Fandom Advent Day #3 - Old *Mute, Hate Plus

“…You were the biggest pain-in-the-ass in my entire career.” - Councillor Smith
“…Seconded,” - the entire Council, the crew, the player

I GOT REQUESTS TO DO BUT I PROCRASTINATED WITH MY A.I. QUEEN IM SORRY - I was legit crying as I played “Reading Comprehension: The Game” because *MUTE. So bitchy and extra. I love her! I want her to wife me really hard with her virtual security baton PLEASE

And I love YOU GUYS for sending me HILARIOUS FRICKING REQUESTS JFC I will go get started on them ASAP LMAO. YOU GUYS. 

“Now… how on Earth did you get up there?”

so i was working on the SS but got sups unmotivated bc i knew it was going to take long (especially as i had planned to test some coloring styles with it) and then this morning i got this huge urge to draw Emi’s, emichama / kcemi, FT next gen and voila! have some DamonxEira (Eiramon???)~ i just rlly rlly love these two for some reason?? it’s probs my biggest next ten brotp??? and i have this headcanon that Eira calls Damon Damon-chan and nobody shall tell me otherwise (… i mean, except Emi of course ily) Emi’s next gen are just too adorable to resist. (but fucking hard to draw holy shit i hope i did them justice omg) 

ok plus i just had to do this bc Emi is so kind and nice and caring and adorable and lovely and cute and funny and amazing and is always there for me be it with advice or fanart/fics bc she actually takes time from her day to listen to me and make me something when i’m feeling down and it’s like ??? you precious cinnamon (sinnamon) roll you i must give you the loving you deserve so here a gift for you my love <3 

i almost forgot right so these beautiful bbys are Damon Redfox (Gajevy child) and Eira Fullbuster (Gruvia child) and here are more of Emi’s gorgeous next gen~

and as a bonus for my precious waifu i made a speedpaint here~


“She isn’t nearly as kind as she looks.” 

Niall Dragneel.