thats my tub

sooo the latest in apartment news: i found a very beautiful room/house owned by a woman a bit older than my mother (and who i discovered is friends with a teacher who taught the young grades for two of my siblings, who is a presence in my hometown community, whom i’m not close to even though i did actually see her this morning lol); she only rents to women, the house is clean and has 3 floors (i looove that, the sense of space it grants) and all the walls are beautiful colours, it has a sunroom and a small yard, it has awkward but doable parking, and it’s within my price range. a girl who lives there now talked to me and had lots of positive stuff to say. i’m gonna take it for april and even though i was hesitant about living with lots of people (at max it will have uh 5) this feels good and not cramped and it won’t be just students. ideally i’d want to have more of my own things in the place i live, kitchen things especially, and i know there’s a limit to how at home i can feel bc of that. but i think it could still be Good.

Ohhhhh there’s a hotel in my town with a pool for $60 a night. Is $60 worth a one night mini vacation where I can swim and take a bath and be away from my family and pets for an entire day?