thats my queue yo

Choose 4 of your favourite TV shows.

1. Glee

2. Once Upon A Time

3. Lost Girl

4. Doctor Who

The first character I fell in love with.

1. Kurt Hummel

2. Emma Swan

3. Bo Dennis

4. Rose Tyler

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now.

1. Santana Lopez

2. Regina Mills/ The Evil Queen

3. Lauren Lewis

4. Donna Noble

The character everyone else loves except for me.

1. Artie Abrams

2. Mr. Gold

3. Dyson

4. Mickey ( I really hate him)

The character I would marry (past and present).

1. Santana Lopez or Quinn Fabray

2. Regina Mills or Emma Swan

3. Bo Dennis

4. Ten or Clara Oswald

The character I’m most alike.

1. Santana Lopez

2. Belle or Ruby( I guess so)

3. Kenzie or Lauren

4. Donna or Clara 

My favourite characters from each show.
1. Santana, Quinn, Brittany, Marley, Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, Jake, Kitty

2. Regina, Ruby, Emma, Captain Hook, Belle, Rumplestilsken

3. Bo, Kenzie, Lauren, Eve

4. Ten, Eleven, Rose, Clara

Two people from each show that I ship.

1. Brittany and Santana, Quinn and Rachel, Kurt Blaine

2. Regina and Emma, Charming and Snow, Ruby and Belle

3. Bo and Lauren, Kenzie and Hale

4. Ten and Rose, Eleven and Amy, Eleven and Clara

A character that I miss.

1.  Santana and Quinn

2.  Ruby and Mulan

3.  Lauren

4.  ROSE!!!