thats my neighbor

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How would the neighbors react to their first kiss from their s\o?

Eduardo: Eduardo’s whole body stiffens up, his lips quiver slightly and his palms sweat a bit. He’s nervous about the first kiss but he’s a good kisser so right after the first kiss his kissing abilities come back.

Mark: Mark tries to set up a scene like in a romance movie, claims to have blown you away with his kiss but in reality it’s nothing to write home about.

Jon: Jon’s first kiss with his s/o will be simple and sweet, he’ll be giddy from the start to finish. It’s just a longish touch of the lips with the small laughs in between.

i cant take House of Wolves since Gerard did this thing in Munich where he slow-motion licked his arm from elbow to palm while looking right into my eyes and i was so confused by everything