thats my motto!

  • Peter: It's my motto: "Aim low and avoid disappointment."
  • Remus: I thought your motto was "Sleep and eat”?
  • Peter: That's my other motto, and it's not as easy as it seems... Sometimes you eat too much and you can't sleep, sometimes you sleep too much and miss the meals!
  • Camila: That's my motto, "Aim low and avoid disappointment."
  • Ally: I thought your motto was "Sleep and eat."
  • Camila: That's my other motto, and it's not as easy as it seems. Sometimes you eat too much and you can't sleep. Sometimes you sleep too much and miss the meals.
  • Normani: Boy, your life is such a delicate balance.
  • Camila: You have no idea!

As much as I miss the old gang, the next generation really wormed its way into my heart <3


anonymous asked:

Have you ever prayed for the end of babygate or Louis & Harry in general? I'm new and don't know what to think. Will babygate ever ends? What was last year? Wasn't there still hope?

I’m a atheist so I don’t pray, but I do wish things will end with all I have in me because I just want my babies free. Don’t forget all we know about bg, about how fake it is, it’ll end *Louis voice* it’s not real

  • -team Taka visiting Konoha pt. 1-
  • Sakura: Okay, I have a shift at the hospital so I'll let the two of you talk alone. See ya later!
  • Sarada: Love you mama!
  • Karin: Bye Sakura!
  • -awkward silence-
  • Sarada: ..
  • Karin: ...
  • Sarada: So... you're really not my biological mom, right?
  • Karin: No! Oh gosh no. I only helped your mommy give birth to you. And I picked out your glasses when Sakura was worried why you haven't started reading yet.
  • Sarada: What relationship do we have, then?
  • Karin: I'm not good with children but... I could be your aunt! I'd love to be your aunt actually, you get to enjoy all the pleasures of spoiling a kid without having to push it out of your body, forever ruining your vagina in the process... (Sarada freezes)
  • Suigetsu: Never say never, that's my motto babe~
  • Karin: Shut up! All of this is your fault anyway!
  • Sarada: (still coping with the v-word) Mama suddenly doesn't seem so dirty.
  • Suigetsu: I wouldn't be so sure about that either kiddo, have you ever heard her and Sasuke-
  • Karin: (dragging him by the ear out of the room) I said shut up!