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Anonymous asked: how would the chocobros react to being scared by Kenny the Crow?

Have you ever seen one of those videos of somebody setting a cucumber behind a cat and scaring it? That’s what happens when the Kenny Crow statue beside Noctis starts moving. He looks over, and the demon mascot looks back. He jumps and scrambles away. It’s honestly quite the sight. Gladio and Prompto can be heard laughing in the background. This isn’t helping the poor prince’s fear of Kenny at all.

When Kenny sneaks up behind Ignis and starts talking, he punches him in the stomach. Kenny learns first hand that Ignis is much stronger than he looks. He’s not sorry.

Gladio’s eyes get wide when Kenny appears seemingly out of nowhere, and he’s suddenly hyper-aware that the mascot is his height. Has Gladio ever met anybody else his height? It’s horrifying when it’s a dead eyed, lanky bird-man. Gladio laughs nervously, but Kenny Crow is a being of immense power and darkness. He just knows it.

You’d think he’d scream or cry when Kenny suddenly approaches him with a big bottle of Jetty’s, but all Prompto can do is run. Like a full sprint. He becomes a track star, it’s honestly impressive. It doesn’t matter what he was doing. He doesn’t want Kenny to give him a mouthful.


A bunch sketch from today’s meeting with @amelias-trash!!!
She drew Sapphire and a little doodle of herself.
The ones i did featuring @unlikelykingdomsuit
@armitie and @amelias-trash fursona.
And a sneaky angry Runner @imreallytired12

So, I’m jumping on this Zootopian thing, even though I’ve been technically on board for a while. This is, I suppose, a gift to Jess as a welcome to Tumblr. :3 @aphmau, you didn’t ask for it, but here you go, you as a corgi Zootopian. I tried to stick close the the style of the movie but :/

I was originally going to do just MyStreet Aphmau, but friendo @sherlockianhero has already made most the cast of MyStreet into great, 10/10 Zootopians, and you should totally check out cause its super cute. Jess needs all the arts guyz. 

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Thanks for the KanaDia~ ahh what a beautiful third years' relationship coughwellangstinthebackgroundcough

I know ;A; only 1 ep and I’m already in love with the 3rd years adfasfasdsafasd

My view on the 3rd Yrs’ relationships so far *runs*