thats my freaking ship


I thought of you, and where you’d gone and let the world spin madly on.

Me watching The Bear and the Bow: Merida is a bomb badass lady and she’s going to kick that jerk neanderthal Macintosh’s ass.

Me watching The Bear King: Damn straight Merida doesn’t need a man to teach her how to fight. She doesn’t need a man at all!

A short while later:

*Macintosh defends Merida and pledges his loyalty*


Me: Oh ho noooo, nope, no no, shipper tendencies! Don’t you fucking dare. Not Merida. Not with a man. We saw the movie. Don’t even go there.


Me: Son of a bitch.

I mean, you can like nalu more or less, or not like it at all, but it’s hard not to see the appeal of it when Lucy pretty much jumped off a building in blind trust that Natsu would catch her