thats meee

  • Kuro:Can we go hiking tomorrow??
  • Mahiru:Whoa wow okay!
  • Mahiru:wait… you just wanna go so you can play that freaking Pokemon outside game!!
  • Kuro:… it’s… a factor
  • Mahiru:Jesus Christ!
  • Kuro:Listen

tf2teen  asked:

"HO HO FREAKING HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS, YOU HORRIBLE PERSON! NOW, BE A NAUGH-/GOOD/ LITTLE BOY AND TELL SANTA CORE WHAT USELESS JUNK YOU WANT!" (Sorry Santa Core is probably gonna give you coal regardless...just a heads up...)



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// busy day

Nick was in the living room putting a few things into the diaper bag, one eye on Eden as she played on the floor. They had her one year doctors visit and should probably be leaving any minute, yet of course they were running behind. He finishes putting everything into the bag and then walks to the bottom of the stairs. “Love? You almost ready?” He hated to bug her since he knew things weren’t easy at nine months pregnant but he had offered to take Eden alone and of course had refused so they really had to get going.