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Have a wonderful Christmas!!!! Here’s my secret santa gift for @saintnightshade cuz I took part in the @pjosecretsanta2016 and it was heaps of fun!

scarecrow: are you afraid, eddie?

riddler: no. make me.

scarecrow and riddler: [gross, loud make-out session]

duke, hiding in a vent nearby: worst. intel. mission. EVER.

Honestly it's so difficult being the only non-native speaker in a friend group

For example, a lot of my friends are Latina, and I get teased about “sounding like I walked out of the textbook,” because most of my study of the Spanish language for the past six years I’ve been learning it was in a strictly academic background. So then I rigorously study all the slang and come in the next time we hang out knowing how to say “fuck off!” In every South American dialect AND THERE’S ANOTHER INTERNET SLANG TREND THAT LITERALLY JUST STARTED!!! Like, I don’t even understand the cultural and linguistic context of memes in my own language please don’t do this to me amorcita.

And don’t even get me started on French, language of unnecessary letters and pretentious but delicious three-syllable pastries.

tf2teen  asked:

"HO HO FREAKING HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS, YOU HORRIBLE PERSON! NOW, BE A NAUGH-/GOOD/ LITTLE BOY AND TELL SANTA CORE WHAT USELESS JUNK YOU WANT!" (Sorry Santa Core is probably gonna give you coal regardless...just a heads up...)


hey guys just wanna let yall know that i am now proudly jaebald. thank u to everyone who supported me in this change, namely @pizzawasabi and @saltygot7 yall the real mvps. i hope you all can accept me and that one day @meme-tchi will talk to me again after this 

Woke up this morning thinking YM would probably get a kick out of my Spooktacular sleeping shirt complete with anatomically incorrect cartoon skeleton, so I decided to do one of those Draw Your Faves in What You Are Currently Wearing thing.

Skamily Smiles Tag! :)

Thank you @tessalabessa​ for tagging me this is so cutee :D

Rules: post a picture/gif of your favorite character smiling and 3 reasons they make you happy and tag it “#skamily smiles” then tag 10 blogs you want to see do this tag as well :)

I thought it was going to be easy to chose, but nup, so I just went with the first character I actually thought of.

3 reasons why Even makes me happy

1. Have you seen that smile?? Tell me it doesn’t make you smile too! I don’t belive it.

2. You know that quote that goes something like: “Those who have suffered the most have the brightest smiles”? Well look at him, he has been to hell and back a few times and he still can smile like that.

3. His smiles outshine the sun! I seriously could draw it all day :D not really ‘cause I can’t get it right

And I am tagging… @one-piece-of-a-blog @evenandsana @westiris @evenbec @bechnaesun @stayinherewithyou I don’t really follow more blogs that watch skam so.., you don’t really have to do it :)