thats meee

  • Kuro:Can we go hiking tomorrow??
  • Mahiru:Whoa wow okay!
  • Mahiru:wait… you just wanna go so you can play that freaking Pokemon outside game!!
  • Kuro:… it’s… a factor
  • Mahiru:Jesus Christ!
  • Kuro:Listen

Trying to Make Friends: The Game 🎮 (W/ LinaSchlotter; FX: Caleb Natale)

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bkwrm523  asked:

Ash, thank you for doing these interviews! You always seem so professional in them, and I can't imagine how much work they must be!

Hey! Thank you so much for the kind words but I do need to say that it isn’t just me putting together Full Disclosure

There is a wonderful team behind the broadcasts:

@pada-acklesExecutive Producer/Host - Schedules guests/show times, screens questions, writes scripts, drafts ideas, and SO MUCH MORE

@abaddonwithyall, Creative Director - Creates skits, writes scripts, drafts ideas, performs, research, and SO MUCH MORE.

@ezauraemmaline, Production Assistant - Promotions, Scripts Writing, Research, Show notes, drafts ideas, and SO MUCH MORE. 

It is definitely a team effort and we are working every day to make our channel/blog better! I am glad, however, you are enjoying the show because it is SO much fun to do! 

Thank you so much, @bkwrm523, you are an absolute sweetheart.