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Have a wonderful Christmas!!!! Here’s my secret santa gift for @saintnightshade cuz I took part in the @pjosecretsanta2016 and it was heaps of fun!

  • Kuro: Can we go hiking tomorrow??
  • Mahiru: Whoa wow okay!
  • Mahiru: wait… you just wanna go so you can play that freaking Pokemon outside game!!
  • Kuro: … it’s… a factor
  • Mahiru: Jesus Christ!
  • Kuro: Listen

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"HO HO FREAKING HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS, YOU HORRIBLE PERSON! NOW, BE A NAUGH-/GOOD/ LITTLE BOY AND TELL SANTA CORE WHAT USELESS JUNK YOU WANT!" (Sorry Santa Core is probably gonna give you coal regardless...just a heads up...)


hahahaha ok so i have natural bags right

i just rememebered sometime early teens my aunt used some concealer to cover them up, and i looked in the mirror for the first time, bag free, and i was like


i was so terrified i had no idea who i was looking at

Slow Down, This is my Zone // Part 1

“What do I get if I mix orange and purple?” Jeonghan wondered as he stared off at the distance.

“You’ll get brown, Jeonghan, which is really ugly to be honest. Black works better with purple, I assure you.”

“Fuck off Seungcheol. No one asked for your opinion”

Pairings: Jeonghan/Joshua Jeonghan/almost half of seventeen tbh

The orange haired boy across the cafeteria smiled, corner of eyes crinkling in a very endearing way.

“Well, fuck you too, Catboy.” Jeonghan sighed. He came here to eat but he honestly felt so attacked right now.  How the hell does that boy even manage to make his eyes twinkle like that?

He chomped down on his sandwich, breathing through his nose while glaring down at the boy, or Joshua, the name which he acquired from the intensive facebook stalking he did last night. He was just curious okay. Plus, Jihoon, the music club head just started blackmailing him to start recruiting students now (emphasis on the NOW) or else he’ll be the club’s representative for the school’s annual Mr. Pretty again and ugh he just don’t wanna think about it. And everyone kept talking about the guy who plays the guitar so he just had to check.

Even now, Catboy was holding a guitar, trying out a variety of chords and piecing it together to create a melody. It was beautiful. He was beautiful.

Oh no no. Please,  you can do better than him, Jeonghan.

There were several girls and some boys around Joshua who were from time to time requesting him to sing a part of a particular song. They were clearly smitten. It was amazing, three weeks from coming into this school and that boy already got himself a harem. Oh well who can blame them, the boy’s got the charm. Plus he’s just so chill and kind and gentlemanly and has a really good voice…

Get a hold of yourself Jeonghan. You promised, no more crushes.

He can’t just waste time over some petty crush. It was senior year. And his parents, they just kept pestering him over college applications. And Jeonghan was the type who can’t do things unless he focus. Having a crush means wasting time daydreaming and pining over him when he clearly doesnt have a chance.

So Jeonghan just stuck to his motto. If you can’t get him, hate him.

So he intensely glared at the boy even if he can’t see him. However, just before he can mull over the fact that there was no frickin’ chicken mayo in his sandwich when he clearly asked for one with it, Joshua’s eyes fluttered across the room and to his direction and their eyes met for the first time.

It was just about 0.2 second but it was long enough for Jeonghan to choke on some unchewed piece of cabbage because Catboy just caught him offguard.

He started coughing wetly, eyes watering because its hard to breathe. And he was there making seal noises and he just can’t stop coughing and he was so so embarrassing.

Joshua saw it all. Because worry flooded his eyes and he was just about to put down his guitar.

However, the idiots at the other table beat him to it. Because really, Jeonghan was popular too.

Suddenly, there was a huge commotion around him which was totally useless because he was starting to feel okay. He felt a big pair of hands grab his shoulders and he looked up. When he saw who it was, his hands automatically flew up to shield his hair because he just felt the need to protect it. Because this was Seungcheol, the boy sitting behind him in math class who just kept sniffing his hair. He the gave him the stink eye because why the hell is even here? Why is he always present wherever he went? Should he be practicing basketball or something because he is pretty sure he’s supposed to be the captain of the basketball team.

“Are you okay?!” Seungcheol asked tone panicked

Jeonghan rolled his eyes while eyeing the hands still on his shoulders.

“Im alrig– what the fu–” suddenly he was pulled up by someone behind him. And then there were arms encircling his waist. He looked back. It was Junhui, the greasy Chinese exchange student who he haven’t heard a word from but kept giving him failed attempts of origami flower everyday which always end up in the trash because duh what is he supposed to do with it.

“What the hell are you doing!” Jeonghan shrieked. “Oomph!”

Junhui was attempting to do the heimlich maneuver on him which is totally not even the proper way of doing one. His hand were not even on the right place. It was low, way too low.

“Get off me!” Jeonghan managed to say between Junhuis failed attempts.

“Please, just get me some water!” He pleaded when there was no response. That did the trick because almost immediately, Junhui was rushing to the counter and asking the ahjumma there to give him the biggest bottle of water available.

There were however still too many people around him, invading his personal space while asking if he’s really okay. Jeonghan almost let them hover over him but when he felt Mingyu’s hand rub his back, he finally exploded because ew, he just saw that blue-haired giant sneeze onto his hands earlier.

He almost used aegyo, the foolproof plan he always use to get his way. But he backtracked. Because maybe, just maybe Joshua is looking at him. And it’s embarrassing.

So he did the next best thing.

“If all of you don’t get off me this instant, I. Will. Kill. All. Of.You.” He said in the lowest and most chillingly calm voice he can manage. The menacing glint in his eyes signifiying a complete opposite of his kind facade.

People recognized this Jeonghan. Because this calm and scary Jeonghan always keeps his promise.

Not even a second later, everyone was scrambling back to their seats. And Jeonghan sat there with a smug look on his face.

He opened the water which Junhui left on his table because he just felt so tired all of a sudden. And while taking a large sip, he looked up which he found out immediately as a really really bad idea.

Because Catboy was still looking at him, an amused expression evident in his eyes. His left hand was slightly covering his mouth as if he’s hiding a giggle. Suddenly that same hand formed into a fist, the thumb protruding so as to signify a thumbs up expression. His eyes filling with concern, right eyebrow slightly rising, and mouth forming a little pout accentuated the question mark on the silent statement he’s trying to convey.

Are you okay?

Fuck off Catboy. Stop ruining my life.

Oohkay, a little short because i dunno if peoples gonna read this. I’ll post other parts laturr. Im sorry though because im literally a literary potato.


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