thats me that is

Fact: The most commonly used and accepted definition of bisexuality is the attraction to 2 or more genders

Another fact: Bi people who think bi=2 are allowed to use that definition for themselves in terms of describing their own identity

Yet another fact: Bi people who think bi=2 can speak for themselves but they do not get to speak for the bi community as a whole

And yep here’s another fact: If you are not bi and you choose to ignore the majority of us about the definition of our identity because “I have a friend who’s bi and he said it means 2″ or “I know someone who’s pan and they told me bi people are only attracted to binary genders” or whatever then you are being biphobic. Full stop. No ifs ands or buts.


“For seven seasons now, Mulder and Scully have remained suspended in the intoxicating pre-kiss rapture that is the essence of story-book romance.”

- excerpts from “An X-Rated Kiss,” by Stephen Cole, front page story, The National Post (Canada), November 24, 1999.

Gotham actually acknowledging Oswald’s disability and clarifying the nature of it to a degree: A+++

Oswald actually receiving physical comfort for his chronic pain: A+++

Having it done by Sofia in a plot to make Oswald vulnerable and will probably end in a forced romance despite Oswald canonically being indifferent if not sexually averse to women: F-

Carisi-centric thoughts on Ep 19x04

(A little rushed, not to mention late, because this week really got away from me due to a very persistent flu.)

(and my even more persistent need to write fic.)

Overall Thoughts

Eh. A plot we have seen before, a type of “nice guy” perp we have seen before, a case that had pretty much zero twists (the perp was immediately obvious), a tepid resolution. To me, this was the weakest episode of the season.

On the bright side, though, there

wasn’t a huge amount of victim blaming, and we got some wonderful Amanda scenes, and also some intimate Rolivia scenes (I ship it btw! I’m getting S17 Barisi vibes from them this year. I can already tell that S19 will be the Holy Grail for Rolivia shippers, just like S17 was for Barisi shippers. And I’m loving every minute of it.). Also, the ending did have a sappy PSA vibe, but the anti-bullying message was important, and timely, so I didn’t mind it that much.

Overall, this was a somewhat uneventful episode which I moderately enjoyed but won’t be rewatching.

Sonny and Continuity

Sonny has come so far. He’s been doing this a long time! 3 whole years I mean, a really long time, and he doesn’t ask questions he doesn’t already know the answers to :D Which, by the way, is a lawyer thing, not a cop thing. (and a To Kill a Mockingbird thing, of course). I don’t know if that was a subtle nod to Sonny’s lawyer side, or just a cool way to show that he’s a confident detective now, but I loved it all the same.

Just like I love this Sonny upgrade we’ve been getting. We (and Sonny) were long overdue. Season 16 was the “he’s got potential but he still needs training wheels” period, Season 17 was the “he’s learned a lot but he’s still rough around the ages” period, Season 18 never happened and Season 19 is the “Sonny Carisi, experienced SVU detective and licensed attorney, at your service” period.

The truth is, Sonny has been doing this a long time. Three years at SVU is no joke. Anyone would learn a lot, let alone someone like Sonny, who’s always been so eager to educate himself. I love how we’re allowed to see that confidence, this year. That’s Sonny’s main trait, now. He swaggers into Liv’s office and explains complex jurisprudence, he sasses Barba, he interrogates witnesses or perps with the gravitas of a cop who knows what he’s doing.

This development has been earned. Sonny has gone through a lot of shifts as a character, but finally we’re seeing it all pay off. Finally, the subtle shifts in his attitude are consistent with his character arc; he’s gained experience as a cop, he’s got his law license, he’s older, and he’s seen things, and he’s finally moving forward as a character. He’s where he’s supposed to be.

And the best thing is that his core personality hasn’t been sacrificed. He’s still funny, just not in a (totally) goofy way. He’s still empathetic, just not in a naïve way. He’s still whip smart, just not in a way that’s meant to surprise us. We know who he is now, and he knows who he is, and it’s great to watch.  

I suspect it will be just as great to watch him mess up, too. Somehow. Or get compromised. Over-invested. We’re all human. I’d like to see that. Maybe we will.

The Barisi Corner

Stray Thoughts

When Fin is not in an episode, it becomes almost hilariously obvious how short-staffed the 16th is. There are literally 2 detectives, Amanda and Sonny and Fin who is a Sergeant except not really so I don’t even know if he counts. I like that they’re bringing in another ADA (provided it allows for more Barba drama) but why not also bring in a new detective? The cast is small enough for 2 new additions. I’m not talking Season 9 levels of “we can’t fit our 18 regulars in the same frame,” I’m talking about one more cop. The show needs it.

My guy! The defense attorney! He’s my favorite. I love that the show keeps having him back.

“On that hilariously unrelated note, Noah’s grandmother showed up!” Man, why do I even bother coming up with organic segues when I write fic?

I couldn’t believe my ears when Amanda mentioned an actual case from her past, but it wasn’t that random thing SVU does, where detectives reference “old cases” which were solved offscreen (like in the premiere). We had actually seen Amanda’s old case! Pink clouding! I applaud the writers for actually giving a damn about continuity this season. It really makes a difference.

Sonny and Continuity Vol. 2: I loved that we saw, yet again, how sensitive Sonny is when it comes to younger victims. The way Peter conveyed Sonny’s disgust when talking about the incident, even before they knew a rape had occurred, it was so beautifully consistent with Sonny’s reactions in previous seasons. Again, continuity really makes a difference.

With the return of the Sugden Whisperer nurse returning we could get a parallel Robert’s encounter only with him having a near death experience and Aaron saying “He’s my husband.” or it could lead to the Adam’s the dad theory since she’s the one Vic food she might be pregnant. Either way my theory senses are tingling.

It’s 10:30 at night and I have work in the morning, but I can’t sleep because I made cinnamon rolls and I’m haunted by some vague memory of something–a video, a real-life incident, a story–about pouring orange juice on cinnamon rolls. I literally have no idea where it comes from, but the image of a half-eaten pan of moderately dried-out cinnamon rolls being soaked purposefully with a bottle of orange juice is floating at the edge of my thoughts. The specificity of this culinary disaster I have never encountered intrigues and disturbs me. Where did this come from? I don’t want to think about soggy orange juice cinnamon rolls. Yet here they are. There’s no context, no recollection of where this vivid, yet simultaneously hazy pseudo-memory originated. There is only orange juice cinnamon rolls. It isn’t so much the image itself, but the fact that I have no idea where it came from that perplexes me. Why can’t I remember this incident? It clearly left an impression. So why can’t I remember anything else about it? And why did it occur to me now? Or is it something that my own mind concocted, and if so, why?

What virus did my brain pick up and how do I uninstall? When will I be free of these ghostly juice rolls?

  • Our bathroom ceiling: *leaks whenever someone upstairs is using their bathroom; drips incessantly*
  • A normal person: Oh god when is our landlord going to fix that