thats like my second otp

ok so i’ve come up with two headcanons/situations for these two nerds in this photo. so:

1. Bakugou can get pretty riled up during one of his signature tantrums. That’s a given. But the problem is, when he gets like that, when his eyebrows knit together and his eyes narrow and he just yells, screaming his throat raw, there’s nothing to get him out of it. It’s all a waiting game as they wait for Bakugou to calm down. However, this isn’t ideal, considering how long his rants can be. Some days, he could hurt either himself or someone else pretty badly. Today was one of those days. What got Bakugou riled up in the first place completely slipped everyone’s mind. He’d been screaming and using his quirk wildly for about ten minutes now, and his attacks were starting to get more concentrated and planned. Usually people would ignore him. It’s third year, they’re used to this happening to the hot-headed hero. But this was getting old. The class knew that it wouldn’t help trying to touch or talk to him. They’ve tried it before (That’s how Kaminari got the hand-shaped scar on his chest. Apparently not everyone was as tactile as him). But as Kirishima watches his boyfriend keep yelling at people, his explosions starting to become more deliberate, he feels like he needs to do something. So in a spur of the minute decision, Kirishima grabs Bakugou’s wrist. The blonde jerks his head to look at him, his eyes wide and so full of absolute fury and loathing. It hurt a bit for Kirishima to see him like this, especially with the look pointed at himself. But now he had Bakugou’s attention. And his wrist. The next part was going to be risky, but it might just pull him out of this colossal fit he’s having. Kirishima quickly but softly presses his lips against Bakugou’s, pulling him in by the wrist. And as if by some sort of magic, Bakugou immediately is pacified, completely absorbed in this kiss. Everyone in the room is just staring at the two, slacked jawed and eyes wide. It wasn’t the kiss that they were surprised of, no. Their relationship had been very public for the last couple of months. No, what had them all in a state of shock was the fact that Bakugou fucking Katsuki was absolutely calm. His entire face was slack and almost…happy? And when the two boys pulled away from each other, he stayed that way. Bakugou was just calmed down from one of the biggest tantrums he’d ever had in public. By Kirishima. Now he just shoved his hands in his pockets and mumbled, turning around to go back upstairs. Kirishima, also shocked that it even worked, followed after Bakugou dazedly Class 1-A now knew how to calm down Bakugou. 

2. Kirishima wasn’t the best at math. This was a given. Everyone in his class knew this. What not a lot of people did know was that he was being tutored. By Bakugou. What was even lesser known was that Kirishima was also a tutor. For Bakugou. Now, Bakugou got good grades. Top three of his class, in fact. He’s a smart kid and he applies himself well. He pushes himself to his full potential, and even further beyond that. The problem is, sometimes he just doesn’t understand a subject. For him, that’s history. Lucky for him, Kirishima was a history buff. He prided himself on this knowledge, and so in return for getting help with math, he would help Bakugou with history. In the present, Kirishima was sitting in a chair pressed against Bakugou’s, chewing the end of his pencil absent-mindedly as he watched Bakugou go through an example problem step by step. He didn’t retain any of the information. His mind was, like usual, clouded with something else. He tried to keep his eyes on the paper in front of him, he really did, but Kirishima kept glancing back at their hands. Their hands were touching. Wrist to wrist, finger to finger. What’s more was that Bakugou, trying to get closer to the paper he was writing on, had moved a pinky over Kirishima’s forefinger. It was entirely unintentional, but he had kept it there out of lack of knowing just where his hand was. And it killed Kirishima. It had him biting through his pencil eraser, puncturing it with small holes due to his sharp teeth. It had him start to sweat, pulling at the collar of his t-shirt in order to get more air in. It had him glancing at their too-close hands, at Bakugou’s piercing red eyes, focusing on the work in front of him with sharp precision, at Bakugou’s lips which were in a slight pout, something he did when he was concentrating. The way they moved with such uncharacteristic grace when he was calm. The way Kirishima absolutely wanted to feel them against his own, moving softly and slowly and – “Are you even listening?” He was pulled out of his thoughts with a jerk as Bakugou bore his eyes straight into Kirishima’s head, a look of annoyance spreading across his face as his nose wrinkled at the bridge. Kirishima was at a loss of words. He definitely wasn’t just thinking about kissing his best bro. Definitely wasn’t thinking about the way their hands were brushing, about how close Bakugou was and oh god he knew if he spoke now he’d be dead and – Kirishima is pulled out of his thoughts for a second time by Bakugou. Except this time the look of annoyance is gone and replaced with an unreadable emotion. His eyes were blown wide, but his eyebrows were still handing low, knit together. His lips are drawn tight and there’s a hint of color in his cheeks and for once, Bakugou Katsuki is absolutely quiet and seemingly also at a lost of words. That’s when Kirishima realizes. He had just said what he was thinking out loud. It was a habit of Kirishima’s, a terrible habit. When he was nervous, he started to speak his thoughts out loud, for better or for worse. In this case, it was the worst possible time. And worst of it all, Bakugou wasn’t saying anything. Not even a curse. It was so out of character for him it almost scared Kirishima. But then, he blinked once. Twice. And spoke quietly. “You’ve been thinking of that this whole goddamn time, haven’t you?” His words were devoid of their usual venom. It lacked the bark that he typically placed behind his words. And his face wasn’t immediately scrunched up in disgust. Bakugou is not mad. No, not in the slightest. Kirishima swallows hard and replies with a quick “Mhm,” since it’d be no use lying now. Everything was out in the open. “I knew you were distracted, but I didn’t think it was because of…” Bakugou cards a hand through his hair, looking back at the work in front of them both now, “…me.” Kirishima doesn’t know what to say. It’s hard to even think right now. He just confessed to his best friend and dear god this was not the way it was supposed to go. Not like this. But then if by some miracle, Bakugou turns back to Kirishima. He looks at him and slowly, hesitantly, picks up the hand touching Kirishima’s, and places it entirely over Kirishima’s, now holding it. It’s some weird gesture that Bakugou totally isn’t used to and it shows, he’s not used to showing affection. Then he clears his throat awkwardly and speaks, breaking the silence. “Um. We still have to study. A lot. There’s still a fucking exam tomorrow and us being like this isn’t going to stop it,” he says, picking up the pencil again. But Kirishima doesn’t know if he’s going to actually be able to concentrate now that this is happening, now that there’s this weird unspoken thing going on between them right at this moment. “But…since I’m the one distracting you, let’s strike a deal.” Bakugou starts writing the practice problem again, as if that could lessen the awkwardness shared between them. “Every five minutes, I’ll make you do a problem. If you do it incorrectly,” he says, still writing the problem, “then you’re doing two more problems.” Kirishima watches the hand fly across the paper, leaving behind little neat letters behind as it scritches out the problem. “And if I get it right?” Kirishima says, focused on the way his hand moves, “I’m getting there, fucknut. And if you get it right,” Bakugou sets down the pencil after finishing the problem, and looks dead into Kirishima’s eyes, forcing eye contact, “Then you can kiss me.” Kirishima automatically broke out into a wide, hopeful grin, his eyes huge. “You serious?” He asks, already giddy. Of course that would bring him to attention. “Yeah sure, but don’t get your fucking hopes up. I know you haven’t been paying attention this last hour. It’s gonna take more than a fucking prayer and a half for you to get through these next questions with your scatterbrain.” And with that, Kirishima happily did his practice problems throughout the night with Bakugou by his side. He earned 15 kisses that night. And a 89% on his exam. 

What? NOOOO NOOO, I’m fine, I’m fine really…

I’m fine 

I’m fine 

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I was afraid that I wouldn’t see you again
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