thats kinda obvious but just in case

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You know the whole twin au that's going around? Well, just picture Felix getting a crush on Marinette, because she's being nice and kind to him and doesn't have a motive.

Oh Nonny, Why Do You Do This To Me?

But seriously, though, it would be both a bit heartbreaking and hysterical.

Heartbreak is obvious. Marinette is in love with Adrien and there’s the whole mess associated with that.


  • Felix isn’t really sure what to make of this girl at first.
    • It’s blatantly obvious to everyone that she’s got it bad for Adrien and he kinda thinks it might be just a bad case of a celebrity Crush.
    • But then he hears about the argument and the umbrella thing.
  • Felix is questioning this girl’s taste in boys. (Like he can’t complain cause it’s Adrien but who falls for someone over an Umbrella?)
  • Marinette also one of the only people who actually accepts they are different people and not carbon copies of each other.
    • Adrien is a Ray Of Sunshine while Felix kinda hates people. 
  • Marinette backs off when he wants her too or just sits by him and doesn’t talk.
  • She always greets him with a smile and a wave.
  • While Marinette made Adrien a scarf, she also made Felix a personalised tie/wallet/anything but a scarf cause he never wears them as accessories. 
    • (He totally knows the gifts came from her because he overheard her and Alya talking about it.)
    • (He sends her flowers as a thank you anonymously and threatens Natalie into sending Marinette tickets for the latest Gabriel Fashion Show.)
  • Marinette never asks about Adrien when they are together or she does but only if he brings it up first.
    • She never asks for tickets to any Agreste Fashion Shows or events. 
    • Unlike a certain Queen Bee who he really doesn’t like
  • Marinette somehow managed to wrangle out his favourite pastry.
    • He doesn’t know how she managed it but she always brings one in when she brings in pastries for the others.
  • She makes an effort to include him in things even if he turns it down.
    • Like if Adrien can’t make it to an event, the invite is still there for Felix
  • She just treats him as Felix. Not as her crush’s brother or as Gabriel Agreste’s son or as that moody teen who hates everyone. Just Felix
    • Which. You know.
    • It’s Nice
  • Felix overhears someone talking about him
    • nothing new, just the whole Ice King persona, he’s a horrible person etc. Still stings.
  • Marinette RIPS into them.
    • The only time Felix has ever seen her even closely this angry is when someone said Chat Noir was a lousy Superhero. They still haven’t recovered and Adrien was practically glowing all day, you utter dork.
  • Felix gets this warm fuzzy feeling in his chest.
  • He starts actively seeking her out.
  • Felix actually gets into conversations with her instead of letting her rant about things or just talking about school work.
  • Marinette’s birthday comes along and he gives her an advance copy of the latest fashions from Gabriel
    • He doesn’t like the look on his father’s face when he asked for it
    • He really doesn’t like the look on Adrien, Alya and Nino’s faces when they see Felix’s gift for Marinette
    • He does like Marinette’s face though so he thinks it’s worth it
  • He starts getting more moody when his utter moron of a brother can’t see that Marinette is over the moon about him and he’s still hung up on that completely unobtainable Ladybug. Like Why?! Adrien, Why?! Marinette is much nicer and wittier and she’s actually friends with you and she’s way prettier than that girl in a mask WHO YOU DONT’ EVEN KNOW GDI ADRIEN!
  • He has no idea what he’s feeling until Adrien brings up that fact he’s smiling after listening to Marinette rant about thread patterns.
  • Felix has no idea what to do with these feelings
  • He just stoically denies everything.
  • He has a big problem when he realises he just smiled minutely and waved back when he passed Marinette on the street and he’s still smiling.
  • Felix needs to go lie down now.

Just Felix Agreste getting a crush on Marinette and having no idea what to do.