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just read a post where you said the big differnce between varys/littlefinger is V has an ideals and littlefinger is just out for revenge.felt like I had say that's kind of my fav thing about L- he eschews grandiose ideals. His own outlook on life is that serving concepts like honor and duty, or even serving peace like Varys with his elaborate plans, is useless and one should go after what one wants. Only caring about personal goals makes life easier ('It's a good thing I thrive on chaos').

Littlefinger doesn’t eschew “grandiose ideals,” he eschews any concept of the greater good. I fail to understand how giving a shit about anything beyond your own satisfaction is “grandiose,” or why his outlook is admirable or endearing. Yes, being selfish and exploitative is easy. It’s also awful. And on the flipside of that coin, it takes strength to be gentle and kind. I’ve argued before that this is the core idea of ASOIAF: being the hero is hard. You won’t always succeed. You won’t always get rewarded for it. The triumph might be purely internal. 

Littlefinger looks at that, decides “life is not a song,” all is chaos, and so he can just do whatever he wants. Sansa looks at that, and decides (bit by bit, over the course of the series) that she has to live up to her ideals even–especially–if the world does not reflect them. The same idea runs through Brienne’s story, and Stannis and Davos’, and of course Sandor’s. 

Also, it matters what Littlefinger’s “personal goals” are, and what he does to accomplish them. It involves murder, betrayal, corruption, ruinous manipulation, sexual exploitation, and constant projection of Catelyn onto Sansa. I despise the attitude that pursuing your own desires at the expense of all else somehow reflects a deeper wisdom or perspective that society just doesn’t get. It doesn’t. It’s just cruel. 

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Hi hello I'm sorry I know you have many things to write but what do you think of Spidey's social media accounts? Does he post a lot, how famous is he, what things does he post, what rumours he started accidentally by an unfortunate tweet, etc?

Social media stuff are my favourite, anon. 

  • The Spidey comics confirm that Peter - as Spider-Man - has an Instagram account because he’s 15yo. And his publicity is shit. Peter confirms that they’re SUPER popular.
  • It’s also been confirmed that people ask heroes for selfies and that Peter says yes. In Spidey he’s often seen in the background taking selfies with people. In TASM, while Peter is screaming at Gwen on the phone, you can hear people losing their shit in the background and wondering if they should go ask the hero for a photo or not. Peter Parker can and will take photos with you. He’s a tourist attraction smh
  • Tourist, casually: “So here’s a photo of me in front of the Statue of Liberty, here’s me in Times Square, here’s me with Spider-Man-”
  • He also ends up with a twitter account. He kept stealing Tony’s phone - because he’s a 15 year old shit - and logging into the billionaire’s twitter account and posting random shit (the tweet: “spider-man is so handsome!!!! and cool!!!! and the best hero in nyc!!!!!!” and the subsequent tweet, minutes later: “No, he’s not.” is reposted on a bunch of sites. Everyone thinks its super cute). So Tony gets fed up and just makes the teenager his own account. He gets him verified and everything.
  • Peter’s account is REALLY popular, not just because he’s a hero (and all heroes have stupidly popular accounts) but because he’s witty and cute and everyone kind of loves him?
  • Yes, his bio is “your friendly neighbourhood wall crawler”, he is proud and not taking that down
  • As I mentioned in this post, Johnny and Peter are Menances online. Johnny live-tweets and snapchats their shenanigans (everything from pranking Ben, to the time they were almost killed by pirate-ninjas, to photos of a masked Peter fast asleep in front of gaming consoles, surrounded by junk food, mid-sleepover). They’re everyone’s favourite goobers. Buzzfeed makes an article about them - “Ten Times Human Torch and Spider-Man Were Our Favourite Super-Friends” - and call them ‘too cute to handle’ at one point.
  • He once got into a twitter argument with Jameson that lasted hours. There were caps and emojis and Peter rickrolled him at one stage. It was performative art
  • Listen, the Daily Bugle has no creditability online. Everyone hates Fox News on here. The Bugle is pretty much the same. Its slanderous garbage get made fun of a lot. There’s a lot of posts with the front pages of the Bugle about the ‘’’’Spider-Menace’’’’’’ and how ‘threatening and dangerous’ he is posted side-by-side with a photo of Spider-Man smooching a puppy. Spider-Man high-fiving kids. Spider-Man helping an old lady across the street. The internet is (mostly) on Peter’s side.
  • That being said there are a lot of posts like, “Is… Spider-Man okay? This is awful and he works so hard and I’m worried about this guy.”
  • Listen, Peter’s tweets do not always make sense. He gets tired. He forgets people need context. He posts things such as, “you win this round, tree” and, “clothes not gender. i’m going to fight Gender for you internet. i’m gonna” and, “why are things so Much” 
  • On a related note: Peter should not be allowed to tweet while concussed.
  • Tony tweets, “Are you okay? Are you concussed? You sound concussed. I’ll be right there. Stay put.” And #IronDad trends for the rest of the day

Just being there to share the grief means a lot I’m sure

Gerayn knows he’s hot and he uses it to muscle in close to people, milk them for all that he finds valuable, then drops them like a hot potato. Like, if he shows interest in you, run for the hills because he’s up to absolutely no good. It’s hard to tell if he’s genuinely into someone, because his demeanor hardly changes from his smirk grin and vivacious flirting. So it’s best to just assume he’s up to something. 



The one in which Thomas and Minho can’t stop talking about each other and everyone pressures them into doing something about their feelings until they do.

a super late thominhoweek contribution

hp fanfic idea

. totally started by watching a very potter musical.

. death eaters go back in time…to kill lily and james when they’re 15 ish so 1) they can’t get together and make harry and 2) are too weak to fight them off properly as they would’ve been as adults (because we all know james and lily were feared as a badass back-to-back battle couple during the war)

. They go. Things get fucked up. Everyone is suddenly everywhere. Everyone knows there are people from the future in the past. People from the past somehow end up in the future

now. this got long.

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Kylux 33 days of Guro day 4 complete ;w; For once this is a non-abusive one with Guro tendencies uwu 

I had to do some research for this one, and i did not know split tongues were a thing that ppl could get done. Crazy. 

Day 4: Piercing/Bodymod

Dex realises when they get home that he’d forgotten he was even wearing the badge. He looks down at it in surprise, hardly able to believe he could be comfortable enough to just breathe and let go.

He unpins it and sets it on his desk, thinking he won’t say no if Lardo offers him another one next time.

I recently wrote Dex at his first pride-related event and I’m SUPER EMOTIONAL about it so I had to draw Dex at his idk tenth?? thousandth?? pride event and make it as GAY AS POSSIBLE 

Dex is a gay trans boy you can rip this headcanon from my cold dead hands

Spaceballs! Sentence starters
  • "I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate."
  • "How many assholes do we have on this ship, anyway?"
  • "I knew it. I'm surrounded by assholes!"
  • "Oh, shit. There goes the planet."
  • "I can't breathe in this thing."
  • "I ain't shooting this thing, I hate guns."
  • "You listen. On this ship, you're to refer to me as 'idiot', not 'you captain'. I mean, you know what I mean."
  • "And you will not call me 'you'. You will never address me as 'you'. You will call me 'your royal highness'."
  • "I already called him, sir. He knows everything."
  • "Well not exactly over, sir... more to the side - I'll always call you first, it will never happen again, never, ever."
  • "May the schwartz be with you!"
  • "No, no, no. Go past this. Pass this part. In fact, never play this again."
  • "So the combination is... one, two, three, four, five? That's the stupidest combination I've ever heard in my life! That's the kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage!"
  • "Listen! We're not just doing this for money! We're doing it for a SHIT LOAD of money!"
  • "Out of order? Fuck! Even in the future nothing works!"
  • "Say goodbye to your two best friends, and I don't mean your pals in the Winnebago."
  • "Excuse me! I'm trying to conduct a wedding here which has nothing to do with love, so please be quiet!"
  • "Are we being too literal?"
  • "Well, I hope it's a long ceremony, 'cause it's gonna be a short honeymoon."
  • "Hey! I don't have to put up with this! I'm rich!"
  • "Hey, you can't park here!"
  • "Yeah, can't you read? No parking!"

Yeah, of course! You found the web fluid on the floor and Aunt May taught you how to make a camera trap. It’s not that you are Spidey, NOPE!

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Archie pictures from the Mega Pokemon Center!
So apparently Archie was very popular, and kept asking everyone to call him big bro?!??
And like my mom said that “he kept calling everyone like dude and bro basically. Is he supposed to be saying that?” And I was like “Yep, thats kind of his thing.”
They even made an A for Aogiri (or probably) Aqua dan!
So unfortunately this is the second to last villain week that will be happening, the last one at mega pokemon center is Matsubusa sama (which is gonna be fun i can already tell.)