thats just what harry was saying as he did that

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: why did louis tweet that? why did louis sit down and type out with his tiny little thumbs, a tweet letting harry know that he is always in harrys heart? specifically always? and why did he say 'yours sincerely'? why was that necessary? 'sincerely' by itself is just formal, but adding the 'yours' makes it intimate. on top of this, the fact that eleanor was introduced to us literally the next day? something does not add up there. well actually it does add up and thats the problem. something happened and louis felt the need to let the world know that harry was in his heart. AND ANOTHER THING! what the fuck was harrys "so kiss him again to prove to me that you can" tweet about

Me: *Wrapping Louis in multiple blankets bc I just want him to be safe and warm so he can take a nap for once in his life*

Harry: What the hell are you doing in my house? Did you break in?

Me: Umm no…?

Louis: *voice muffled by layers of blankets* I’m taking a nap!

Harry: Oh! Why didn’t you just say so? *climbs under pile of blankets to be with his boy*

Me: *flees*



-Harry was so upset that he could not force himself to smile. Liam asked him to smile but he could not

-Lou was not happy too but he was pretending like he is. We can get that just with looking his eyes. Liam shaked him to say c’mon be happy before he asked Harry to smile. (look at that) bc he knew that  he is not happy too. He could not bear and left then.

-Niall was normal

-Liam was normal himself but stressful and upset about Harry and Louis

Guys, what i write is obvious. Louis and Harry is not happy. Why? I think, thats because of M!M. 

-They did not let them sitting together

-Harry went to LA after show, Louis was out again with Niall. 

-Probably what they did after the show was staged too. I think, they got bored to be seperate, like us. That seperation is more than obvious