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you ruined me

“If something were to happen to you, what would I do?”
Tsukiyama after kaneki dissappeared.

Cover Art (used with permission) by jyua!


i.- under your spell | desire 
ii.- your name | chelsea wolfe
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iv.- my only friend | phantogram
v.- i’m not human at all | sleep party people
vi.- hair lockets | nicole dollanganger
vii.- the only thing | sufjan stevens
viii.- sweetest kill | broken social scene
ix.- new love grows on trees | pete doherty
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So I stayed overnight at the hospital to see why my chest feels tight and I can’t breathe properly and the doctor said it’s my low blood pressure. They didn’t even do any scans on my chest to see if something is wrong with my lungs , like ??? They checked my heart and said everything is fine and it’s just my blood pressure being low and there isn’t enough oxygen in my blood to fuel my lungs. 

idk I don’t feel much better and I still experience shortness of breath even though I stayed all night with an oxygen mask on that was supposed to help me breathe better

Either this guy is a huge fan or I found The Human Fist’s secret identity. :oc

oh, autumn sunsets u///u

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i’ve always thought i was just bad at identifying different celebrities??? like mainstream pop culture White Cis celebrities. i just thought i was bad with names???? but nah it turns out i cant tell white celebrities apart because all white people just fucking look exactly the same


“A work of art.”
[battery day]

a special shoutout to @victoriel, a kind soul who has given so sooo much to a lot of fandoms, including daiya. Happy belated bday vic!!

The Oyster Major 
“~*named after Halley himself*~”
“… Bucephalus … shh …”

I haven’t done anything visually artsy in months so forgive my sloppiness, and instead, entertain the idea of a wide-eyed Edmund Hewlett staring up at a starry night sky while in uniform. 

Whoever it was that coined “SAVE HEWLETT 2K15,″ bless you. The phrase has been a mantra every time I write down the date.

  • A Castlevania fan, playing a LoS game for the first time: Hey this is actually pretty fun, I like the-
  • Half of the Castlevania fandom, breaking into their home: Lords of Shadow MURDERED my children, BURNED my crops, and CANCELED silent hills
Elsewhere (after Magi 315).....

“Let’s see now… Energetic and somewhat feisty? Check. (Fine, fine… GO-GETTER. Okay, Sheba?)”

“Happy and bubbly? Check.”

“Easily flustered? BIG CHECK (yes, you so are. Quiet, Sheba)….. And what’s this??? Long hair too? With a color falling under a type of pink (-ish red)???”

“She also happens to be supportive and loyal to those she loves… And excluding her rather enthusiastic facial expressions in battle …… I’d say she CERTAINLY reminds me of someone (you can stop grinning now, Sheba).”

“And oh look, messy first impressions. They have those too, how convenient.”

“You’ve imprinted a type of girl to our son somehow, I just know it. I may not have a way to prove it, but damn it, Sheba! I’m blaming you anyway. ”

-A random soliloquy by Solomon, but not really, as he watches over Aladdin

I also like to think that he got used to talking to himself quite a bit after he became God. Besides, I feel like Wahid and Falan, and a bunch of other people, were still too salty to talk to Solomon for a long time (after they died).

Except Sheba, she’d keep Solomon company. I pictured her cackling in the background after listening to Solomon ranting about Magi 315. “Well, if you’re comparing Kougyku to me then our son has EXCELLENT TASTE. Now, pass the popcorn, DEAR.” is what I think she’d say.