thats its all he did

Did Usopp write this post


“Where did you learn moves like that?? Thank you but, damn!”

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after all this time, he’s finally learned to love

For those who find this sort of thing interesting– Charles Bae worked on Dishonored 1 and 2, and is actually the person who created The Outsider’s mark.

You can find a really informative visual exploration of that design work over on his site!


Adam Ruzek & Kim Burgess 
↳ Chicago P.D. ~ “The Price We Pay” III

listen, listen, there’s this fanfic called My Fault by Keelynoelle, and it’s by far the best Babybones fic I’ve read so far and there’s this one part where they all sleep together in the small living area Grillby has behind the bar all in one big bed and it’s so FLippINg cute it warms my entire heart

but seriously it is sad and happy and painful and long and regularly updated all sorts of other good things, so go read it!!! (and follow them! @keelynoelleart)

so here’s a hope for a FromSoft Game,,that i discussed in depth with @ragtiming this morning
its called

Patch Souls

  • Spin-off game with obvious dark souls influences, but strays in numerous ways
  • Takes place in the Hub of the Patchii, where all Patches’s’s’s come from before being sent to their respective destinies
  • you play as Patches the Newborn and journey to gain your title and get the big cash money goods
  • Your Journey is narrated, as events seen might be difficult to comprehend, even for seasoned Souls fans

“This young patches is nervous, but as all Patchii are at his age, eager to earn his first coin. He approaches the hoard’s leader, knife in hand.”

  • Defeat your troupe’s leader and gain the white soapstone allowing you to enter a world of multiplayer. Invade and Summon (invade) other patchii.

“Here we see the Patchii fighting to earn their Unbreakable/Trusty titles”

  • Form alliances. Betray alliances. Stab + Kick Patchii into holes. Gain titles. The longer you hold an alliance, and feign trustworthiness, the more powerful a title you can claim. 

“Such is the Harsh way of the Patchii.”

  • when you’ve toppled the forces and gained the riches and made the friends, the end game faces you off against a final enemy, some knight errant probably

also here is my patches

he’s colorblind, he has really tiny claw hands and