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Number One, you served with Burnham aboard the Shenzhou. What is your assessment of her abilities?


Harvey Dent on Gotham Tonight (TDK Special Features)

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Did Usopp write this post




this is the first time arthur talks about his mother, the first time merlin mentions his father and the first of many conversations between them near a campfire

Listen, Stan Uris 100% dances around his bedroom dramatically singing along to Video Killed The Radio Star. You can all fight me on it.

people villianizing yousef for talking to noora in the last clip……you, along with sana, dont have any idea what they were talking about, for all you know he was gushing about sana smh chill

Am I the only person that loves the way Elias says Sana’s name?? I weird for going through each clip he’s in just to hear him say ‘Sana’ (with a slight questioning tone)??
I can’t tell if it’s the way he says it or just his voice???? Idk ignore me

i love how much amazing art of loki is going around, makin him look like a stud or somethin, but have u considered, silly “ill do anything to make someone laugh” loki

@konzendoji #literally how is this done#ardyn did the same shit and he fucked himself over bc of it?#so how is it different when the ORACLE is healing starscourge afflictions#i need answers square enix#I NEED ANSWERS ANYONE#HOW DOES THIS WORK#W H Y DOES IT WORK

The origin of Ardyn’s magic is unclear, whether he was born with it or gifted. Since a gift is never once mentioned on this but is in matters of the Oracle and the Crystal, I assume he was born with it. (But this is certainly debatable, especially since Ardyn was wiped out from history records. He could’ve been a prototype or something for the Oracle’s magic.) But his magic worked differently where he took the Starscourge into himself.

Meanwhile, the Oracle’s magic was gifted by Bahamut, along with his trident, and gives her the ability to purge Starscourge on a small scale. So rather than taking it into herself as with Ardyn, she eliminates it entirely.

((But I’m inclined to believe Ardyn was born with his magic cause the Oracle was gifted BEFORE the Crystal!))

As for how Ardyn is still alive like this… My personal theory based off the info we have, is that within the Crystal live the spirits of the passed Lucian royalty, and Ardyn isn’t able to join them because of how tainted his soul is. Noct has to kill him twice, first in body and then again within the Crystal before he revives again. It’s by killing him within the Crystal that his soul is fully destroyed as well, and he stops getting pushed back into Eos and rejected by the lifestream (lol)

And then with him gone at last, no longer able to keep tainting the planet, the Crystal releases all of the energy it has saved up in order to purge the world completely of the scourge, like a huge burst of Oracle magic.

…Anyways, there was no way Ardyn was ever supposed to be the King of Light like he claims, cause the Crystal didn’t have enough magic to purge Eos without deaths of Lucian royalty to power it. …Which has nothing to do with the original question, really, but honestly, Ardyn was just a glory hound who felt jilted he didn’t get to be a legend and I really had to get that off my chest and it’s at least related XD

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Man... if my sister ever called me up just to diss me and then hang up I'd be really mad at her... I know Sans doesn't mind but like... RUDE.

Truly, Papyrus was really up to something for doing something like that. How could he indeed…