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Last Patater for the night!! CP needs to update soon because I’m shipping two characters who’ve never met in the comics yet…. This one is probably from the same AU as this post

Tater, being the gross romantic he is, is really really into old jazz songs (he watched a lot of old films prior to coming to the US to try and pick up phrases here and there) and I’ve read headcanons where Tater full-on courts Kent with the flowers and wining+dining like in the movies. And even after a year together, he still tries to surprise Kent in incredibly cheesy ways, whether it be his birthday, their anniversary, or just for no reason at all because Tater has a heart of certified gold and he just loves his angry, determined Ace a lot. I imagine Kent acts really aloof upon seeing the surprises because he’s not really used to having someone showing so much open affection, so he says things that sound kind of dickish like “You are honestly really embarrassing,” but on the inside he’s totally bugging and going !!!!!!!

So let’s say Kent is in some rink, not in full gear since he’s just kind of practicing by himself. Tater had canceled on him earlier because he has some last-minute whatever to do even though they had planned to meet up for Kent’s birthday, so Kent stopped listening after he realized Tater wasn’t coming. He turned down offers to go club hopping, for the first time in his birthday history, and right now he’s just whacking the pucks with more force than necessarily, wondering if he’s finally scared Tater off for good. The thought of that depresses and infuriates him at the same time, and he’s lowkey going into some sort of weird shame-anger spiral when he hears faint music from somewhere, the old timey Sinatra that Tater was also partial to. Kent holds his hockey stick up defensively only to see the side door open, and Alexei appearing with a bouquet, trying to navigate the rink with dress shoes with a fair amount of difficulty like a giraffe. The sight of Tater is so sudden and ridiculous, but Kent can’t find it in him to chirp. He skates over immediately, slams into Tater, who finally looses his footing and lands on his ass with Kent on top, the flowers going everywhere.

“Like in the movies, Kenny,” he says, running his fingers through blond hair. “Happy birthday.”

“Shut up,” Kent says, in between kisses and burying his face in Alexei’s shoulder. “How did you even do this? How did you know where I was?”

“Oh. I didn’t,” Alexei says, and points to the far left counter. “I ask your teammate.”

Kent lifts his head and, from afar, he sees his roommate/teammate holding up a boombox and a camera phone in the other hand. “Hi Parser!”

Kent flops his head back on Tater. The video is played at their wedding three years later, and it’s just as embarrassing as it was the first time.

The difference between Mom and Dad’s house.

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