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The Crystal Gems, a summary
  • Pearl:Devoted her entire life to a person who's no longer around, and is trying to find a purpose to her life that doesn't revolve around Rose Quartz or unintentionally harming others because of her own flaws
  • Amethyst:Feels like she was only created to fight and doubts her abilities to actually be a good person, generally works out her anger through violence and humor.
  • Steven:Doesn't know if he should consider himself a gem, or a human, which probably makes him feel alienated on his own planet. He feels like the other gems blame him for his mother's death, and so doesn't talk to them as much as he could. Has more traumas then mothers.
  • Garnet:Is Garnet.
  • <p><b>rooster teeth/achievement hunter people:</b> this is Gavin Free, he's 27 years old, born in Oxfordshire, England. He's a member of the RT Podcast team, and works on both RT and AH productions, all the while managing his own channel, The Slow Mo Guys, with his friend Dan Gruchy. His net worth is $5 million. He currently lives in Austin, Texas, with his model girlfriend Meg Turney, their dog Penny, and their cat, Smee.<p/><b>funhaus people:</b> this is spoole we love him he has a hat<p/></p>

what i support:
-ruby rose as representation for gender fluidity
-ruby rose as representation for the lgbtqa+ community as a whole
-ruby rose as a person
-people who simply find her attractive

what i am actually upset about:
-randomly giving hype to only ruby rose for solely her appearance on oitnb when there are other equally beautiful cast members who should deserve recognition as well
-“id go lesbian for her” as if 1. gay is a choice and 2. you can be specifically gay for only one person and then be done afterwards (perhaps use bi-curious instead?)
-ruby rose as the ONLY representation for the lgbtqa+ community and ignoring everyone else (especially woc)
-the character she played on oitnb being flat and pointless

Seventeen’s leaked album tracklist!

1. Adore U (Original Vers.)

2. Adore U (Hip Hop Vers.)

3. Adore U (Acoustic Vers.)

4. Adore U (Remix Vers.)

5. Adore U (Switched Vers.)

6. Adore U ($.coups Vers.)

7. Adore U (Jeonghan Vers.)

8. Adore U (Joshua Vers.)

9. Adore U (Jun Vers.)

10. Adore U (Hoshi Vers.)

11. Adore U (Wonwoo Vers.)

12. Adore U (Woozi Vers.)

13. Adore U (DK Vers.)

14. Adore U (Mingyu Vers.)

15. Adore U (The8 Vers.)

16. Adore U (Seungkwan Vers.)

17. Adore U (Vernon Vers.)

18. Adore U (Dino Vers.)

Every kids show ever
  • Gravity Falls season 1:Twins that take a summer vaca in their grand uncle's town, sees some scary things and its funny af.
  • Gravity Falls season 2:Oh, and those kids are also facing a demon dorito and the end of the world, and they realize so many lies revolve around them.
  • Adventure Time season 1:Two heroes that protect the land of Oo.
  • Adventure Time season 2 and up:The foreshadowing is so real that you dont even think its a foreshadowing but a joke, and also everyone you love is connected in some way.
  • And the only calming thing is that there are lesbians in it.
  • Steven Universe season 1:A cute chubby kid trying to find out more about his gem powers and he has 3 gem moms.
  • Steven Universe season 2:everything falls apart, and the beautiful cinnamon roll starts to realize the truth about everything and just how painful it's going to be.