i think my main issue with the “maya turning into riley” storyline is that none of you would’ve said anything about it if riley hadn’t said it. literally all maya did was wear the clothes shawn bought her (which happened BEFORE the triangle thing started) a and get good grades ??? if riley had never said maya wa turning into her you would’ve been like “aww, she’s getting good grades” “aww, character development”. and i think it’s just very hypocritical of the writers to make an entire episode about riley “behaving bad” and wearing the same hairstyle maya did ike two episods ago (which i’m aware is just a ridiculous reason but it’s the same the writers used against maya so) + made riley literally said she wanted to be like maya in the pilot without that making riley turn into maya. and no, i don’t think neither of them turned into the other, but it just bugs me so much how these reasons are valid for maya being riley, but if they are used against riley it just “makes no sense”. the “maya hart became riley matthews” storyline was just lazy writing.

basically, they let riley grow as a character, but if maya tries to, she’s “not being herself”

The Crystal Gems, a summary
  • Pearl:Devoted her entire life to a person who's no longer around, and is trying to find a purpose to her life that doesn't revolve around Rose Quartz or unintentionally harming others because of her own flaws
  • Amethyst:Feels like she was only created to fight and doubts her abilities to actually be a good person, generally works out her anger through violence and humor.
  • Steven:Doesn't know if he should consider himself a gem, or a human, which probably makes him feel alienated on his own planet. He feels like the other gems blame him for his mother's death, and so doesn't talk to them as much as he could. Has more traumas then mothers.
  • Garnet:Is Garnet.
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