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more fun taz animations! still getting the hang of looping them in just 24 frames

It’s all me! / (more)


Context: Our normal DM wasn’t able to be there so I was DMing our alternate campaign (We call these Chaos days because I purposely let silly things happen. its funny and leads to things like this) we had 2 Rouges, a wizard, and a fighter, they were exploring a goblin hideout. they had just come out of taming some wolves. this is what happened (Note: I am laughing my butt off the entire time and we purposely consumed many sugary things :3):

DM(Me): you are in a cave there is a stream two side passages and one main passage.
Rouge1(ooc): I’m going to roll perception *rolls* 21
DM: You hear rustling from the first side passage and snoring from the second side passage.
Rouge1: I’m going to walk up so Im level with the first side passage. Do I see anything?
DM: roll perception
rouge1(ooc): *rolls* 17
DM: you see a Taco.
Rouge1(ooc): how would my character know what a taco is?
DM: I just saying taco so I’m not describing a taco.
Rouge1: Ok i’m going to throw a dagger at it *rolls* 23
DM: it hits the taco the taco is now almost broken and has a dagger sticking out of it.
DM: its a really old taco.
Wizard: I roll to see if its possed *rolls* 17
DM: its not possed it looks tasty tho.
Rouge1(is suspicious): i’m throwing my other dagger at it. *rolls* 19
DM: The taco breaks
Rouge2: Thats it just the taco breaks?
DM: thats it the taco breaks.
Fighter: welp Im going to go get that taco and feed it to my wolves.
Everyone else: Were coming too!
*they wade through the stream*
Rouge1: I stealthly walk up to the taco. *rolls* 24
DM: roll perception
Rouge1: *rolls* 25
DM: you see a pile of tacos
Everyone: WHAT?
DM: if you want to blame someone for this blame my brother he gave me the idea.
Rouge1: I shoot the pile of tacos with my crossbow. *rolls* 15
DM: you hit and A Black and Taco colored thing Streaks out of the pile. Roll perception.
Rouge1: *rolls* 26
DM: you see a Feline that looks to be wearing a taco
Fighter and Rouge2: *Walk into the cave*
Rouge1: I’m going to throw a Knife in front of it *rolls* 16
DM: you startle the cat and it runs over to [fighter’s name]
Fighter: I crouch and coo the kitty. *rolls* 19
DM: the cat instantly seems to take to you. roll cat knowlege
Fighter: *rolls* 17
DM: You know basic cat knowlege such as things like you should let a cat sniff your hand so its not hostile. also roll perception
Fighter: *rolls a 12*
DM: you see a sign over the pile of tacos that says tacos.
Fighter: (is not going to tell the others about teh sign) PEOPLE COME LET THE CAT SNIFF YOUR HAND
*Everyone Rolls well*
*They roll well except for the wizard*
DM: you everyone except fur the wizard sees the sign that says tacos!
Wizard: IM GONNA EAT THE PILE OF TACOS *Rolls* nat20
DM: You eat all the tacos then feel sleepy. [fighter’s name] roll perception.
*Fighter rolls decently*
DM: you notice a cord around the cat’s neck. will you inspect it?
Fighter: HECK YEAH! *rolls a 18 for perception*
DM: you see the words taco cat on the tag.
Rouge2(ooc): So its a taco cat called taco cat?
DM: yes! because paradoxes! btw you all feel safe in this room. :3


i spent 5 hours on this. you’re welcome.

The best (non-spoiler) thing about Voltron Season 2

… was my child (4 years old) watching it with me and being unable to pronounce “Shiro”. Her names for him were as follows: - Zero - Chiro - Chiko - Cheeto And then when I had her slowly sound it out with me: “Shi… Shiiii-ro…(short pause) That’s too hard… Let’s just call him Taco!”

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Roasted a chicken on Sunday and have been enjoying leftovers all week. Taco salad is not really a thing in Japan, but all you really need is some Family Mart-brand tortilla chips, pickled jalapeños, and avocado. Of course, the problem is that what I meant to eat was chicken, lettuce, and a handful of chips, but what I ended up eating was chicken, lettuce, and a whole bag of chips…

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Helo! Not really a fact about myself but I reckon it's kinda interesting. I'm Welsh and on Valentine's Day in Wales we give each other special spoons!

Wow that’s really neat! Thank you for sharing!! This is kind of a fact about me i guess (maybe??), but for the holidays last year my Ma put taco shells stuffed with chocolate coal in me and my sister’s stockings lmao. The taco shells broke when we pulled them out, but it was still really funny. My younger sister was pissed for some reason and I was just laughing my ass off. My 4 yr old sister though, she just, didn’t move a muscle. She stared and stared at the taco remains, like she was trying her best to comprehend why there was even a taco in her stocking in the first place. So i guess in my family we give each other taco shells for the holidays lol  

shit people at my school have said that guys in the gang would probably say #8
  • *from the back of the class in the middle of a test*
  • Steve: *whispering loudly* Soda, that's racist!
  • Sodapop: I only said it because I like tacos...

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Me and my friends were playing a very intense game of air hockey pretending to be Inanimate Insanity characters in the finale The people playing were OJ and Taco and for some reason, Taco kept winning by one Everybody except one would go over to OJ's side, and that one would be with Taco Yeah that's Pickle And I stood in the middle being Bow messing up the game

ooh neat! 

just realized i have more friends who are dogs than i have friends who are people….