thats is not a taco

The best (non-spoiler) thing about Voltron Season 2

… was my child (4 years old) watching it with me and being unable to pronounce “Shiro”. Her names for him were as follows: - Zero - Chiro - Chiko - Cheeto And then when I had her slowly sound it out with me: “Shi… Shiiii-ro…(short pause) That’s too hard… Let’s just call him Taco!”

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—  My Mom, bursting into my room without knocking at 1:55AM
Thats all forever folks

A few months ago I made a post talking about how I was trying to slowly but surely get off of tumblr… Well slowly but surely doesnt seem to be working for me so im just gonna dive into this head first and just stop using tumblr. 

I’ve had a great run on this website but right now I need to use my time in a way that is going to help me. Tumblr is amazing and Ive met so many wonderful people on this website and wow I cant even believe it. I love you all so much and that why this is so hard. 

In the future I hope that I can become a casual tumblr user but I dont see that happening for a long time. 

If you wanna stay in touch or even just talk to me for the first time then add me on snapchat or Instagram. My snapchat is @idooryou and my Insta is @m.w.4018_ 

Good luck to anyone still on here 

@mystoryfortheaudienceoftheworld and @danielleruns you are both welcome to join me for lunch. Taco salad???
Thanks, @imakeyoulookfast! I’m doing my best to reduce food costs this year because, good grief, 3 boys in the house make food disappear fast!

And, Miss @somethingwendythiswaycomes you win “best comment of the day”! For real. Unless you’re making a crap load of soup or a bunch of Ants-on-a-log, who uses all of the celery????

18- well,idk,theres a lot of people,maybe some people from my school that dont respect any rules and of course,Trump

22- my talent for art is not a secret anymore sorry,no i dont have any secret talent xD

25- woah,its 100 DOLARS,thats a lot of reals,am i in america?,if yes,i wanna taste tacos from taco bell or something from starbucks for the first time :00

30- my computer bag! >:00

48- it depends,what happen?,i used to like this person?

@biacrazy67 thanks for this xD,u r so cute,10/10 person 

my visit to the doctor today cost me a total of $35. 

thats including the consultation, 5 prescribed medicines, + vaccine and vaccine administration, the 10 tacos i had and the fare for crossing the border.

if i had gone to the doctor in the US, my total cost would have been minimum 10x that. so dont you dare fucking tell me there isn’t something wrong with the american health care system