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Shiro was on ponytail duty and a certain Red Paladin was very very pleased.

I legit dreamt of Shiro tying Keith’s hair into a ponytail after sparring at night, and he apologized for doing such a messy job but Keith would have none of it because SHUT UP SHIRO I LOVE IT. I just really really love Keith omg orz

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oh ok thanks for answering so fast :) even it's fake that's still nice for my namjin imagination lol can you tell me what was written after daddy please... i can't read it :( Oh by the way what do you think about namjin since the beginning of 2017?, do you also feel that they interact less compared to their early debut where they looked so close to me, always standing next to each other, rapmon always touching jin hand when talking etc... i'm a bit sad, do you also feel it or is it just me?

I think it says “bby sin” - which ??? I have no idea what that means.

Beginning of 2017? We’re only 3 months in so I dont think we can make a general statement and say that “ there werent much namjin moments this year”. But I feel like, with the whole Wings comeback last year, NamJin has just been everywhere and more in your face then it has ever before- 

Exhibit A - when Namjoon and Jin had no chill and were openly flirting at a fan-signing 

Exhibit B - when they gave us this christmas gift and defined the word married

Exhibit C - when they actually got married in Japan and did a whole photoshoot on it

Exhibit D - when they couldnt contain their joy at winning at the AAAs

(lol im Yoongi in the back admiring them)

Exhibit D  - when Jin had some words of encouragement (?? sure) for Namjoon and vkook were all of us

Exhibit E - when they ended all ships with this one v live

And lets not forget:

And when it comes to holding hands and standing next to each other, well…

So anon dont be sad! Namjin is here and to me, 2016 was THEIR YEAR and fingers crossed that 2017 will be too! 

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but it wasn't dark anymore when alec searched for magnus. simon looked into the sun (through the window) a second before alec came in and asked for magnus?

alec found out magnus was in danger way before sunrise; it was before jace and clary even confronted valentine. so definitely pretty early on; he must have looked for at least 3 or so hours if not more, like. it went from night time to bright morning.

If the only person who sees your progress is you, then thats just as valid as anyone else noticing it.

You’re a person and if you’re fighting every day against something like art block, depression or anything else, and no one notices but you? Good job!! You’re doing great and should feel proud of yourself, because you are the one whose fighting this, and everyone goes at a different pace.

Things will ease soon, and your progress will be out on display in time, keep going!

I’ve been having a lot of deep conversations with friends, coworkers, and loved ones about the stuff thats been going on recently. Even after a few hours or even days I’ll still be lost in thought thinking about and running through things that have been said, both in the news and person-to-person. Over the past weekend I had all of this pent up inside me and I needed to put this down somewhere. So after a few frustrating scribbles on my lunch break, this drawing manifested from that.

I’m planning on making a limited run of colorful risograph prints of this and donating all the proceeds to the ACLU. I’ll let you all know when thats up on my etsy.

Stay kind and open minded, my friends.

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do you have any advice for overcoming your apprehension and posting your work? I write a lot of non-smut stuff and I have so many nasty ideas that I know I should write about just to get out of my system, but I get so shy when I start typing I get really flustered and then I just stop but I feel like if I don't post about them I'll just be even more sexually frustrated I'm so close to just making a separate blog, writing under a fake name and being as nasty as I want but I'm still kinda hesitant

Honestly, the first time you write smut or anything explicit, unless you’re one of the lucky ones who have somehow escaped the ingrained shame of mentioning or writing about sex, this is the only way it’s gonna get done. You won’t get over the embarrassment immediately (and you may have to always deal with some semblance of it). I still find myself feeling apprehensive when writing sex scenes; I just got used to writing through internally screaming, LOL!

Hitting post is the next hardest part, but once you do… well, if you’re like me, you only stay long enough to tag the work nsfw and run for the damn hills.

You’re right though, if you keep it repressed then it’s likely that your muse will tear you apart like an alien erupting from your stomach just like the movie, HAHA! And we can’t have that. Look at how thirsty this fandom is! And if what you’re writing isn’t for FFXV, trust me that there are a lot of people ghosting about that will thank all the gods ever that you had the courage to write stuff that they have yet to put to paper but will eagerly consume as if they found an oasis in the desert of thirst. A lot of them may be too shy to come forward, but they will be reading.

I definitely encourage creating a side blog for your writings and the freedom that comes with operating under a pseudonym when foraying into smut. It works very well for people who feel they cannot fully let their hair down otherwise. And there are so many actual published authors who do the same thing, so it’s not shameful or abnormal!

I always encourage more filth in fandoms. I will always be supportive of people getting out there, making their debut, eventually getting their own following no matter how small, and spreading their thotty wings. So… I shall now leave you with this wise parting gif.

ok i know its 4 in the morning but sherlock literally said to john “dont worry, i’ll be with you again soon” just, in a video to him, when they would have only been apart for a few hours- a day at most…thats