thats how white i am

The one where chloe tries to teach beca to flirt
  • Chloe: okay first you gotta have confidence, now come on look at me and pretend like i'm the girl you like.
  • Beca: chlo, we don't really have to do this.
  • Chloe: go on, tell me how you feel
  • Beca: okay're very beautiful...well it's not just cause you're hot i mean you know you're hot, everyone knows you're hot but what uhm..what everyone doesn't know, what you don't even know is the way that i think that you're..beautiful and uhm..the way you make me feel inside..that's why I'm glad i got in the group because.. i love seeing you work hard on these makes me feel like i'm working with you...and i love working with you...cause the way that i feel when you're around is so much better than the way that i feel, when you're not.
  • Chloe: ...i mean..i'm sorry...i uhm..i have to go.

Deforest Kelley + Hats in Steve Canyon: Operation Jettison


Okay yeah Maps gets the most into it but Damian styles his hair just a little differently and I think that says something

2/ song and lyric inspired edits of my biases

I thought I could fly
        so why did I drown?
Jason Walker - Down

Weekend Selfies! On Saturday I discovered you can prop your phone up and use your toes to press the camera button.