thats how i would look too tbh

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i put the beads from my old lip rings on where the eyebrow piercing would show and it looked fine, i'm not sure about septum because i would only use a horseshoe and there's not really any way to figure that out without just editing a picture and tbh i'm too lazy for that, and with tongue it's also easily hidden so i'm not too worried about that one honestly since i don't talk too much as it is

apparently a tongue piercing can get easily infected so thats crossed off the list. Maybe if u like how the eyebrow looks, go for it!

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Tbh it seems like bioware looked at the many cultures of earth and were like nope thats too hard to put in the game lets just drop it and you know its kinda shitty of them since a lot of people take pride in their culture like me for example I would of loved to see how latin america would have been in the future and how our culture evolved but then again all of that diversity would be seen through a western perspective and they could have gotten a lot things wrong regarding culture

That’s interesting. I mean, it’s a very intense debate to be had: should people try even if they might get it wrong or should they not try at all? 

The answer is probably complicated, I read different opinions from different people in different groups. I still don’t know what should be done in those situations. I think there is something to be said about trying but it’s easy for me to say that when it’s not my culture that they can get completely wrong. 

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Hello Yuuba-Senpai ^U^! Could you possibly make a little tutorial how you usually start to draw?

Hello there ^^ alright :> usally i start with a sketch

the next step would be linienartig and clean the sketch!…. ಠ_ಠ   

but tbh i hate this part and its too much trouble for me so I actually  start to add the basic colors, and erase some parts which looks way too sketchy 

and the im going to add details 

and more details

and more 

more  (ノ ಠ_ಠ  )ノ*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧

and when im not too much lazyass i even erase some messy lines 

thats all :D, hope its helpful

here is another one btw