thats how i relate it

People actually expect me to believe that if you throw a group of only one sex inside a fucking maze with no memories, no social, cultural or religious discourses forced upon them, no outside influences of any kind for years and years with only each other to grow close too, trust, survive with, protect, build with, bond with etc. 



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Why do i feel like Jungkook has a thing with Hoseoks ears?????? There are photo of him going to licks it, there this on fanmeeting he bothers Hoseoks ears, he blows to it too?? N he picking his ears. Like boii.,, whats wrong?? Im sorry for the english.

My guy my dude that speaks exceptional english

you are on the right track and i AM SO GLAD you’ve noticed THE TREND to touch hoseoks ears. And it’s not only jungkook? I’ve seen all three maknaes do it

you won’t believe it, but i actually had a folder on my laptop already

your ask was really, really up my alley, thank you very much

let us start with visual evidence i’ve collected (which is like 5 gifs, 1 picture and one video and i literally own none of those)

if you have more than these - you are more than welcome to add them to this post in a reblog

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Listen, I wasn’t going to say anything but this has been sitting on my chest for a while and with the whole dibs situation going on I need to say my peace.

Y'all do know that not everything is about race, right? Sometimes there’s a situation going on with a particular character that sparks an influx of head canons for them. Or sometimes someone just feels a personal connection to one of the characters which is why a lot of their content is geared towards them.

Personally, I don’t wake up each day thinking “What new content can I come up with today?” I read the comic and then things pop into my brain. Or I’ll come across something in my own life and think “This is something this character would do or say.” It’s all by chance. Some days there’s a lot of Nursey and/or Dex. Some days there’s a lot of Ransom and/or Holster. Some days there’s a lot of Chowder or Kent or Lardo or Shitty. Some days there’s absolutely nothing. That’s how it goes.

If someone is creating content for a character that is racist, obviously that’s an issue that needs to be addressed. But claiming that an influx of content for one character who’s white means that the people creating it are racist is a stretch. You can not force anyone to make content for any particular character. Unless you are paying them, that is not a right that you have. If you’re unhappy with the content that is available for one character, create it yourself. Or pay someone to create it for you.

Also… I think it’s interesting how y'all want to complain about content for the white side characters like Dex and Holster and Kent but you don’t say a word about how much content there is for Jack and Bitty, a fully white couple. The overwhelming majority of the content created in this fandom is Zimbits but the only time I ever see any racism claims is when there’s something going on with a side character. Is your problem actually because of racism or is it just because your favorite character doesn’t get as much content as you want them to?

me: hey look at this picture i took today

friend: nice [swipes right]

me: [smiles while reading fan fiction]

parent: [leans over shoulder] who are you talking to

me: [writing headcanons for my otp on tumblr]

teacher: [squints] is that your essay

cocsa is truly a fucking experience. to have someone who you grew up with and hung out with and trusted hurt you like that is fucking heartbreaking. and i feel like i cant blame you because you were only a year older than me. we were both just kids and you had a shitty home life so its not really your fault, is it? i had to hang out with you after it happened and none of our other friends knew.

sometimes i wonder if you even remember what you did. i cant properly trust any of my friends now, i hate being alone with people, i dont trust anybody because if someone like you that i trusted so much could hurt me like that then no one is really safe, are they

one big homestuck family

Shadowhunters according to the show writers:

That’s Clary with her boyfriend Jace and her good friend Izzy with her boyfriend Simon and her brother Alec with his boyfriend Magnus and then there are also Raphael and Lydia somewhere

Shadowhunters according to the fandom:

That’s Clary with her boyfriend Jace and her girlfriend Izzy with her boyfriend Simon who’s also dating Raphael, but occasionally Jace. And then there’s Alec with Magnus, the presidents of their shipping club are Clary and Izzy. Oh… and Lydia is like the queen of the lesbians.