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Are you 20-21 living in the Midwest? Because I feel like we talk the same and you and I were both 12 ish when nardo was a hot commodity on cartoon Network.

I just turned 21 but I live in the South, not the Midwest. Also I feel like everyone alive was 12 when Naruto was a hot commodity, like it exists on some different plane of reality where everyones preteen years were spent watching Lee head-kick Gaara.  



trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

I’m more of a Callie kind of guy to be honest but Marie in the new trailer got my mind going crazy. Here’s my little idea about what she’ll look like. 

I just want to apologize to my future kids/pets in advance for most likely naming them after one of my MANY favorite Fictional characters with either cool or very weird names.


So in other news my headcanon about Papyrus not sleeping is actually confirmed in canon

As is my headcanon that the reason he doesn’t sleep is because he doesn’t want to lose time being productive

So…that’s pretty cool

Also, I hope it’s okay to tag @papyrus-knows in this? I know this blog hasn’t interacted with you but I follow you on my main and I feel like if you haven’t seen this it might be interesting to you?

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How would Rin, Yukio, Amaimon, and Mephisto react to finding out their female s/o from England was actually a princess and heir to the throne. So she was at True Cross learning to be an exorcist just to become stronger and be capable of defending their people.

I love stuff like this because it reminds me sm of Reign, and also I’ve always been interested in monarchs and love researching them (despite the fact the current royal family fucking annoy me lmao)


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  • Would instantly believe you
  • Ask you a million and one questions in 0.5 seconds
  • Would find it so cool 
  • Would want to know absolutely everything about your royal life
  • Dumb shit forgets he's actually a prince himself
  • Tells Rin stories about her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth 2nd, and Rin looses his shit and insists your a celebrity 
  • Asks you how many butlers you have
  • “Thats so cool! Er..hey, how many Sebastian’s do you have?”
  • “Do you mean how many butlers I have?”
  • “Er…yeah, whatever!”
  • Would want to aid you in anyway he can to become stronger
  • Would become really respectful all of a sudden 
  • Bowing whenever you walk into a room
  • Calling you “your majesty” or “Princess y/n”
  • You tell him not to treaty any differently 
  • He still calls you those things but now its more in a joking manner


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  • Wouldn’t believe you at all
  • You got to prove it to him
  • You don’t blame him for not believing you
  • Once he realises its the truth he's beyond surprised 
  • He is incredibly interested in your situation and wants to help every way he can
  • Incredibly supportive and amazed of your bravery and love for your people
  • Would ask if he should address you differently 
  • Respects when you say your name is fine


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  • Doesn’t really understand
  • He understands your royalty 
  • But was surprised by it 
  • But ofc he doesn’t show it
  • He’s just like ‘oh, i didn’t know that.’
  • He doesn’t know what England is
  • When he’s told its your country, he wants to visit
  • He actually really enjoys listening to you talk about your kingdom and your childhood memories of growing up in Windsor castle and Buckingham palace
  • He understands the pressures it can have to be a royal so he is actually supportive in this 
  • He remembers you enjoying his tails of growing up in his fathers palace in Gehenna and thinking it must remind you of your home
  • He’s actually respectful to all of the royalty he meets when he visits England with you
  • He even bows to the ones who are really important 


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  • He already knew 
  • He pretended he didn’t because he figured you wanted to tell him when you felt was right
  • And because you didn’t want anyone to treat you differently 
  • He did enrol you into the school and although your background wa hidden he of course has his ways
  • Plus he recognises you 
  • Your an English Princess, and third in line to the throne, although with your fathers illness he most likely won’t outlive the Queen, and your grandma is old, so your the heir 
  • But your so young and don’t know much about ruling a kingdom
  • You never assumed you would have to rule so soon, you thought your father would do it
  • He is thrilled to help you with your royal duties
  • He reassures you that you’ll be a great Queen
  • Can’t wait to see you dressed in the finest dress, crown on your head, sitting upon your throne
  • He respects that your the highest authority in England, and are very influential worldwide 

Another dislike I have re: the tumblr kin community is that everyone is so focused on being ‘valid’ and whether it’s problematic to identify as X if you haven’t experienced Y that there is little to no exploration of what being otherkin (therians + fictionkin included) actually is like. 

I rarely, if ever, see people comparing their experiences (not even in a judging way - just 'oh that’s cool!’) whilst on most places outside tumblr this is a big part of the 'kin experience’. Understanding not only how you came to identify as your kintype, but also why, and what that entails for you, is such an interesting topic and I wish it was more commonplace here.

Anyway feelings machine is broken

I’d like to add, in light of recent conversations going around Tumblr, that is it perfectly all right to blog about what you don’t like. If you don’t understand a ship, or a character, or a show, and you want to post about it, feel free. Because in the end, it’s your blog and you can post whatever you want. 


Don’t tag it. Don’t tag your anti-ship stuff with the ship name. Don’t tag your character hate with the character name. Tag it anti ~ship~ or ~character~ hate. Let people who like the thing like it. 

And people who like something–as long as those who don’t aren’t being mean about it, leave them alone. This goes for morally grey characters, too. If you’re fascinated by their complexity, that’s cool. But if other fans of the show or movie or book find them less redeemable than you do… that doesn’t mean they don’t understand the character, or that they need to read the books again. It means they view the character differently than you do, and that needs to be okay. 

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see this what the other anon is talking about like do you not like him anymore just because he doesn't have a glow to him anymore or because he apparently always looks tired because if so thats not cool and you should have such expectation/standards of how luke should act or look

You know when Luke was 18 and he was touring the world and he just exuded happiness, contentment, excitement and he was on the top of the world??? I miss that. It’s not about his fucking appearance it’s the fact he’s a different person now bc he’s grown up and I get that, but I miss the person that he was. And I can’t help that I’m not attracted to the person he’s become. It’s not bc of his fucking looks, I’m not attracted to the personality anymore. Sure there’s parts that are still the same, but he’s different and it just doesn’t sit well with me. You’re the ones talking about his appearance whereas I’m just talking about his personality and how he’s changed. (I do miss his frat boy clothes tho for sure) I’m not saying anything bad about Luke. Bc he’s not a bad person and him changing isn’t bad, but it’s just something I don’t like… I’m sorry if that upsets people or I’m a “fake fan” but it’s just how I feel. So to answer your question, no it’s not about how he looks.

also I can’t fucking stand some of his stans bc some of you are the nastiest, fucking rudest ppl I’ve ever come across. And if ppl don’t agree with you, you attack them. It’s not okay.